Recording Videos From Games with Gecata by Movavi

Would you like to record the best moments straight from one of your games so that you could save them and watch later, or share them with your friends or on social media? Maybe you’d like to create gameplay video content of your own to publish on YouTube, such as ‘Speed Run’ or ‘Let’s Play’ videos?

If you want to do any of that – first you need to know how to record video footage from your games, and that is where Gecata by Movavi comes in. It is a lightweight screen recorder that is designed specifically to make it easy to record videos from games, and its features will give you everything you need to create the kind of videos that you want.

All you need to do is launch Gecata by Movavi before you play your game, and set up the recording parameters in any way that you want. Seeing as you want to use it as a game screen recorder, in the ‘Capture’ tab you should first set the ‘Capture mode’ to ‘Game’. After that you can click on the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ icons to enable or disable them depending on whether you want to record audio from the speakers or microphone (or both).

Similarly the icon for ‘Webcam’ will let you capture video footage from a webcam while recording your game too. In the ‘Settings’ you can head to the ‘Webcam’ tab to adjust its recording parameters, and Gecata by Movavi will let you overlay the webcam video on the gameplay footage and control its position, size, frame rate and resolution. If you prefer you could opt to record the microphone audio and webcam video in separate streams, to make it easier to edit both.

Back in the main interface of Gecata by Movavi you can then open the ‘Video’ tab and adjust the parameters of the video itself – namely its resolution and frame rate. Keep in mind that setting a high frame rate will let you record smooth and high quality videos, but the file size will be larger too.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can start to play your game and should see a green caption that lets you know the version of DirectX that is being used as well as the game’s frame rate. At any time you can press ‘F10’ to start recording, and that caption will turn red to let you know that the recording is ongoing. When you want to stop you need only press ‘F10’ again and Gecata by Movavi will automatically save the video that you recorded on your hard drive.

As you can see Gecata by Movavi makes it easy to set up and start recording videos from games while at the same time providing you with the features you need to record in-game commentary and overlay a webcam frame onto your videos. Regardless of the type of videos you’re hoping to record – it will be more than up to the task.

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