Sharon Deflorio- Staying Happy and Motivated as a Business Development Professional

Business development professionals must be agile, creative, and flexible in their work and build ever-lasting client relationships. At the same time, they are their companies’ representatives and should pay attention to their corporate image and grooming. There are lots of meetings, networking, and retention of existing clients involved in their work, involving a lot of stress, deadlines, and traveling. To stay motivated, they should take frequent breaks, and do what they like, for example, pursue a hobby or an interest close to their heart.

Sharon Deflorioan expert in business development 

Sharon Deflorio is from Norwalk, CT. She is an expert in business development known for her fantastic track record in generating qualified leads, building long-lasting client relationships, and being innovative with new ideas to boost the revenue of the organizations she has worked with. She creates strategies for lead generation and ensures they bring positive company results with a focus on exceeding performance targets and increasing revenue. Regarding relationship building, she invokes trust and builds a strong rapport with all her clients to form a value-added bond. Thanks to her experience in the industry for several years, she is an agile, creative, and highly flexible professional. She adapts to the dynamic changes in the industry without any inhibitions.


Pursuing other personal interests in life

Just like her professional life, she also gives equal importance to her personal life. She is actively involved in charitable causes and fundraising for programs that create awareness and puts an end to the social evil of child abuse and neglect. She supports causes linked to research in cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The key to happiness is good and sound health

Professional success alone will not make you happy in life. Besides your professional life, you also have your personal life to take care of. You only spend some time at work, and the remaining time you have on your hands should be devoted to yourself.

Happiness is the state of mind, and when you invest in yourself, you can pamper yourself with the things you love. Besides happiness, you should also focus on your health. Stress and work pressure take a toll on your physical health, and this is where you must invest at least 30 minutes a day in exercise.

Exercise helps you keep the body fit and active round the clock. You can embrace any activity you like, for instance, jogging, swimming, walking, joining a gym, and working out with a personal trainer. If you are not fond of exercise, you can indulge in a sport you love like Sharon Deflorio.

She is a multi-sport athlete who loves swimming, playing tennis, and running at half-marathons. Besides exercise, you should also focus on a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Hydration is essential, so drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Ensure you rest and sleep well to keep the stress hormone cortisol at bay daily!

DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise Supplements andThe Need to Stay Hydrated During Summer

Health is wealth, and the adage is very important in the post-pandemic era today. When it comes to good health, you should focus on the right sleep, diet, and exercise. However, some essential vitamins and minerals need to be taken inside the body with dietary supplements. They ensure that you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals without hassles at all.

DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise supplements for good health

DavidPaul Doyle is the founder of the company NatureWise and the co-founder of The Voice for Love, a non-profit organization for spiritual development. He has carefully researched his line of DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise supplements for good health so that men and women can overcome their nutritional deficiencies to lead an active life.

The importance of staying hydrated during the summers

Hydration is indispensable, especially during the summers when the weather starts to become warm. The amount of water that the body loses needs to be replenished. Now, the question here is- how much water do you need to drink? Some experts state that you need to drink eight glasses daily, while others state that you need to consume half of your body weight in ounces.

What does the consensus say?

The question of any consensus stays elusive because every person loses water at different rates. In warm temperatures, both stress and physical activity trigger the production of sweat. The body loses water fast as the moisture evaporates off the skin into the atmosphere. This is why you must drink enough water during the summers to stay hydrated.

The term dehydration does not mean that a person is stumbling about in a desert or fainting because of exhaustion from the heat. Both of the above cases are extreme, and these signs are alarming that they should never be neglected.

Health experts state mild dehydration has negative effects on your body. It reduces your metabolism and interferes with the digestion system. It also triggers headaches and makes your skin look droopy. It aggravates acne if you are prone to oily skin and pimples.

How can you avoid the negative effects of dehydration?

When it comes to staying hydrated, keep the following tips in mind-

  1. Drink water when you are thirsty.
  2. Stop drinking water when you are not thirsty anymore.
  3. During intense exercise and high heat, ensure you drink sufficient water to compensate for the fluids lost.

When it comes to drinking water, always carry a water bottle with you. Refill the bottle when the water is finished. Both vegetables and fruits also contain a very high- water content.

Avoid drinking carbonated drinks for hydrated like Coke. Eat whole fruits, and if you have any sort of nutritional deficiency, taking quality products like DavidPaul Doyle Naturewise supplements will help you gain the stamina needed for an active life. Make sure to exercise daily and eat a balanced diet. Along with physical health, your mental health is also important, so ensure you spend some time with yourself to connect inside and feel peace and calm with success.

Top 2019 Popular Haircuts for Men that are Hassle Free

There are about a billion options to choose from when it comes to haircuts for men. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which looks best on you. There are a multitude of styles that will suit your face and draw out your best features.

From long hair to short hair and everything in between, the styles are practically endless. You shouldn’t pick a haircut just because it is trendy. You should pick a cut that highlights your face in a positive way. Find haircuts for men on

The Infamous Man Bun

Guys with long hair can have a stylish show them how to create the perfect man bun. This look is popular, trendy, and looks great with any type of beard. This look requires maintenance because having long hair can be a hassle.


The Legendary Fade Cut

Fades are extremely popular right now and most of them require very little upkeep. There are many different types of fades like the temple fade or the low cut fade. This look is good for men who are looking for a simple style that does not require a lot of product. Fade haircuts for men help create a strong jawline and forehead.

The Ever Popular Quiff Haircut

The quiff haircut for men requires longer hair on top and shorter in the back. The hair up front is pulled back over the fade. This look is great for guys who have facial hair. This cut looks good with a taper as well. The quiff haircut does require some product to be styled correctly. Ask your barber what they suggest to use and ask tips on how to keep the style up.

The Comb Over

The comb over haircut was once made fun of as a fashion no no. Now, the look is making a comeback with a fade comb over combination.  The comb over pulls the longer hair to one side while having the fade on the side of the head. Once again, product will be needed to keep your look intact. The comb over haircut is good for all types and lengths of hair.

Slicked Back and Stylish

Other popular haircuts for men include the slicked back look. The hair is shaved in the back and sides, but left long on the top. Men simply need to brush back the longer hair and apply product to keep it in place. This is a classy look that can be worn to work or out to play.

The Undercut

The undercut is a popular cut that works with all kinds of different hair styles. The undercut requires routine visits to your barber to keep it looking sharp. This is a good cut for men with high cheekbones. Guys also have the option of an undercut fade or a disconnected undercut. Each look provides their own set of unique benefits. All in all, these cuts for men are all good options that can leave you looking your best.

Metal Posters To Add A little Zing To Your Space

The idea of decorating your own house can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The need to be different and unique can often make us seek out interesting and unconventional styles of home decor. If you enjoy something unconventional in your house, incorporating metal posters could be one way of doing it.

Here are some of the quirky metal posters that you can check out and use in your home decor.

Home Sweet Home

For those who love it simple and sweet. This metal poster by Make Vana with a beautiful cursive wording of Home Sweet Home creates that perfect homely feeling that one seeks out in a house. Hang it in your living area or better still at your porch, and let the passersby know that the residents of this house enjoy domestic bliss!

Uncle Sam Poster

If you are a fan of the defence services or ever had the dream to enrol, keep that dream alive by bringing in the vintage US Army recruitment poster of the world war era with Uncle Sam pointing his finger at you in the iconic pose. Apart from adding the old world charm to the house, it is sure to add a load of patriotism too.

Kitchen Poster

Every space has its own importance and should express its own unique message. Lucky for us Make Vana has us covered on that front too. The Coffee theme retro wall hanging with a cheeky message for anyone who thought coffee making was a woman’s job, is the perfect piece to possess. Hang it in your kitchen and let everyone know that it is self service in the kitchen and the rules change for no one!

Motorcycle Lovers

For those who love their mean machine, the vintage bike tin poster is the thing to have. Hang it in your room or your garage. Wherever you put it, this beauty is going to scream your love for vintage bikes and all things classy!

The “I Heart” Series

It may be clichéd but it never gets out of fashion. The I Heart series by Make Vana is perfect for those who do not mince words about what they love. Be it Beer, Bed or fun on the bed! Make Vana has got you covered on all fronts. Get yourself one of these metal I Heart posters to scream out loud your intentions to anyone who cares to see or anyone you wish should see.

Whether it is for your home, your garage or your restaurant. Metal wall hangings by Make Vana come in so many different varieties that you will be sure to find one for your every need. So go ahead and check out some of the most amazing handcrafted decorative collection like ned kelly at Make Vana and make your pick!

Attract Him with your Love through Special Valentine’s Day Gift for Him

It is really exciting to search and pick the best gifts for the boyfriend. When it comes to gifting to boyfriend, ladies take more time to choose as they want to attract their boyfriend with gifts.  The truth is the boyfriend is already attracted towards the girl. Needless to say, most of the boys don’t expect much about gifts.

Online is the Best and Easiest Way

Attractive valentine gifts for boyfriend online are the easy and best ways for ladies to pick the best and special items. Gifts such as personalized T shirts, perfumes, caps, shoes, gaming gadgets, accessories and much more are gifts suitable for men. Personalized coffee mug with words or photo also can be the best choice of gift for your boyfriend if you want to surprise him with your love.

Boys use to be expressive in love and they like to enjoy the love of their girlfriend. The gift given to the boy may not attract him but he will surely get attracted to the love and affection of his girlfriend.

Find Best Gifts for your Man Online

Love is an experience and each person in love want to feel it often. Some people are good in expressing their love and they experience it and some are not. Love can be experienced only if it is shared. That is why expressing or sharing is more important in love. It does not mean that expressing love verbally but making it in action. Of course, verbal expression is more important in love whereas the love in action takes the love to next level.

Experience the Warmth of Love

The greatest fact of love is that the person in love will try all the possibilities to make his partner happy. And the person feels the immense pleasure in making the partner happy and experiencing the love. There are different forms of love and the love that is expressed and shared on Valentine’s Day is purely romantic. You can surprise your loved ones with best and fabulous gifts. Whatever the form of love it is, it should be experienced between each other and understanding so that it all matters to your future life. Trying each other to make one another to experience the warmth of love is beautiful. This is what happens on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is not only special for youngsters but also for people of any age group because it is a day for celebrating love so everyone can celebrate this day because this day is simple of love. The act of celebrating the love is more important to feel the joy of love of being in the relationship. It is a day in which people take time to value the romantic relationship between each other. Everyone has their own way to spend this day. The special feeling of love can be expressed through gifts. Valentine’s Day is the day of gifts and people in love share special gifts.

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Unimaginable Ways for This Valentine’s Day?

Boys too love surprises but the only thing is they don’t show it outside. There is a kid hidden inside every man without no doubts expecting for simple and cute gifts from his girl. It is very important to surprise your man with gifts on the Valentine’s Day and here are some of the tips to shock your man with stunning surprises without disappointments.

Collar Straps

The collar straps are the cutest ways for expressing your love for him. There are collar straps available at online shops. You can buy the ones with love message or even you can make a one with a cute love message which you wanted to tell him or just the simple three words magic.

Hide the Gift

Don’t give the gift directly to your man because he would be little embarrassed or not feel anything about getting gifts. Just hide down the gifts under some place where he can’t find. Leave clues for him in his routine places. Make him find the gift desperately and this is the best way you can share your love with him.

Anonymous Gifting


Share your lovable gift to another person and ask them to deliver on time. Your guy will be confused about the gift and will be shocked that somebody is gifting him on the special day of your love.

These are some of the ways which you can really try out to shock him without any issues. There are so many valentine gifts for him online from Zoganto and it is your choice to pick the heart pillow or coffee mug with your picture. The online gifts are classic and they genuinely express your love to him without leaving him in questions.

His Favorite

Girls are good absorbers and surely you could have found by now what he is in need of and try to present that gift to him without delay. The online platform is one of the best ways to present anonymous gifts. Express your love for him in various ways without spoiling the real love and affection because it is your special day.You must better know the choice of your lover and you can only make him happy with the best gift what he needs and expects from you. This is really one of the best ways to delight your beloved. Just browse the net also for some different kind of present for him on this special day and try to find out something unique which he may use in his daily life. It could be apparel, stationery, shoes, watch or bike also if you can little bit stretch your pocket.Here you will find plenty of choices where you can choose your lovely gift for your lover. This is extremely necessary for a true relationship to make each other happy and take care of his or her needs.

Throw the Biggest Party in Your Lifetime Organize by Way2flowers

Is that true? Are you getting married soon? Then you must give a huge party to everybody. You must concentrate on the giving the best foods, best cakes, and best drinks to your wife. Marriage is the most important part of life when you are really into a real time bonding of love and care. You must really celebrate it because you have found your better half.

Things to do

If you are getting married in months here are some of the tips which you have to concentrate on serving the guests.


The cake was first made by Egyptians and the first cake was made in the cup and the ingredients were also added to it using the cup and so named as the cupcake. The rise up of the cake is mainly due to the natural ingredient yeast which is added to it. In the ancient time, the cakes were made in the round shape by default and most of the cakes are round shaped in these days too. The baking soda was added to the cake in order to maintain the softness of the cake. Since 1840, no baking soda was added to the cake.

After your “I do” vows, people will be waiting for cake cutting session. You can simply see lots of cakes in online shops and get cake delivery in Noida without any disturbances. Decorate your cake with many stairs or even you can choose some of the customized cakes with your photos on it. The wedding is yours so concentrate on making the best cakes.

Cheese cakes are becoming popular these days and these cakes can be definitely delicious and you can easily get the new invention. The new invention of the cake was really difficult and you can easily know about the regular cakes using the cake shops that are found online. The free home delivery is possible while using the online cake shops and also the delivery of these cakes can be made easier. The cheese cakes have been popular since the last era and it is said that it has been given to the players of first Olympics so it has got a special place in the history.

A Perfect Toast

It is a culture to prepare a toast for the wedding couple. Make sure the drink for the toast is a quality one. The drink which you are serving must be more than enough and it is not inadequate. Keep watch of how many people you are inviting for your wedding party.


Dining is very important to exchange your friendship and love with all the people who have gathered happily for your wedding party. You must give them delicious food. Don’t get compromised in the taste. Make sure you taste all the foods before you are delivering them. Keep some of the backup plans for the decrease in food levels.

These are just some of the things which you have to do, hope you have already called all your friends and families. Make sure your head count matches the number of seating arrangements and better luck with serving the foods and cakes in a lovely manner. Welcome, all your guests with a simple flower which you can make bulk orders in online for cheaper costs than rushing up to flower markets at last minute by Have fun because you are really getting married! Cheers!!

The most colourful and innovative Rangoli design ideas

This native art form of South Asia is used for decorating homes during festivals or any holidays. Previously natural materials like dry flour, Vermillion, turmeric, and flower petals, coloured sand or coloured rice was used, but nowadays there are artificial colours available as well. Rangoli is considered very auspicious in Hindu households and people pass it to their next generation because they want to preserve this art form. It is mainly done by the woman of the family and even the girl children as well. Rarely men join them. There are various rangoli designs that are done by the women of South Asia. However, if you have been newly introduced to this art form, then you will need help to decorate your house in a perfect way possible. Take a look at this article to learn more Rangoli designs that you can implement in your house and help to make your home look good.

  • Rangoli design with dots looks great during festive seasons. Make a geometric design with dots and design with flower petals after that. It will look great and simple. Make simple designs and at times you can even make white rangoli and make the dots with coloured powder. This is one great example and this will look good when you will decorate them on your household.
  • Draw simple floral patterns and at the beginner level you will feel problems making them, but with practice, you will get used to it. Floral motifs look the best and are easiest to make. Take help from online sites where you will get ideas for various designs.

  • Alpana Rangoli originated in Bengal and it looks very simple yet elegant. These designs look the best during any puja or even during weddings. There are several designs you will get online and you can even get designs out of your mi9nd. Just unleash your whole creativity and try to make as unique designs as possible.
  • During any puja make a square Rangoli and keep a lampstand in between the rangoli. Light the oil lamp and make sure you surround the rangoli with small lamps. This will look very gorgeous during any puja or even during Diwali.
  • Make a rangoli pattern with flower petals. Decorate the whole rangoli with flowers and see how beautiful it looks. It will surely transform the whole decor of the house. Keep a glass bowl with floating candles on it. Keep it beside the Rangoli and then you will see how gorgeous your whole house will become.

These are the best Rangoli designs and it can change the way your home looks and your view of your home will change as well. If you are unable to make these designs, then the best idea is to use some rangoli powder and make simple rangoli designs with dots that will look good on your home and people will surely praise you for your sense of aesthetics. So, next time any festive season comes or there is any festival in your home or even if there is any party, then make a rangoli on one side of your guest room and wow your guests with your creativity.

Go through these incredible Teddy Day gift ideas to make them cuddle you like never before!

Now that the Valentine season is just around the corner, a lot of the couples are busy deciding the perfect gift for their partner. Although there are certain universal options of gifts to be given around this time of the year, opting for something surprising and unconventional, would only add on to the fun and excitement of the whole season. So before you begin planning on valentine’s gift, you need to know about other gifts that are given in the week before the valentine’s. We will help you with some of the best Teddy day gifts ideas that will make your partner cuddle you more than the teddy itself.

teddy day gifts

  1. Kissing Teddies – Don’t keep your teddy day gifts to simple teddy bears; choose one with a hint of romance or naughtiness. These kissing teddies will surely impress your partner and make them feel that you truly care for them. By giving such sweet and meaningful gifts, you will only make your love more obvious and make them fall for you even harder.
  2. Hugging Teddies – If you do not want to go for kissing teddies, which make your feelings too obvious, you also have the option of hugging teddies. These are as cute as all other teddies you will come across, to be considered as teddy day gifts. These teddies can make your partner feel the warmth of your hug, every time they see these hugging teddies you so thoughtfully gave them. So go give these teddies, and steal a warm hug as well.
  3. Cycling Teddies – Two very cute teddies riding a bicycle is truly one of the cutest teddy day gifts you can give to your partner. If you are the one who gets to spend a lot of time with your partner, you can give this teddy to act as a reminder for all those moments you have spent together. Every time they miss you, one look at these teddy bear will make them feel closer to you.
  4. Cute Red Teddy Bear – Red is the color of this season, so a simple red teddy would be one of the best teddy day gifts to be given on this teddy day to make your partner feel loved. These cute teddies will make them melt in your arms and cuddle you like never before. Make the most of this day to cuddle them all you want. So hurry u and order one right now!
  5. Teddy Bouquet – If there is one gift that is made particularly for this occasion and works best as teddy day gifts, it is the teddy bouquet. This is too cute to not be liked by anyone. If you want your partner to cuddle you like never before, this should be your choice for the perfect gift. You can find this online, packed in a royal blue cardboard box, and is made with artificial flowers. This will most definitely be one of the best and most relevant things you can gift them on the occasion of Teddy day.
  6. Multicolored Teddy Bear – You can opt for giving your partner two simple multi colored teddy bears, you can also pair them with a greeting a card or a cute key chain. One of such package is available is online, with pink and brown teddy bear, along with a greeting card as well as a key chain. This can be the greatest teddy day gifts for your partner especially if you are too busy to go and look for a gift offline.
  7. Heart Chocolate Teddy Bear – This is one of the best 2 in 1 gifts for teddy day. This one is a teddy bear with a special holder for a heart shaped chocolate. So this teddy along with a heart shaped chocolate can form the best teddy day gifts for your partner. And since it is available in red color, it would make your love all the more obvious. So buy this one without much delay, and make sure you accompany it with a heart shaped chocolate.
  8. Pen Stand Teddy Bear with Sandwich Greeting card – This is definitely one of the most innovative and unconventional gifts to be given this teddy day. The highlight of this gift package is not just the teddy bear, but also the greeting card which has been created in the style of a sandwich. If this is your choice for teddy day gifts, you are certainly going to win over to your partner. Make sure you hold them tightly in your arms to get the best cuddle ever.

Teddy day gifts do not have to be very basic and reduced to just teddy bears. You can always opt for pairing them with something else, like a greeting card. And even if you do opt for giving just a teddy bear, opt for something that is not very basic and mundane. There are lots of interesting options available today, which one can choose from. Make the most of these options and select something that is not only loved by your partner, but you as well. A gift should be the one which not only the recipient, but the sender can also be proud of. So make use of the suggestions above and select the best gift for your partner.

What You Must Have to Be a Successful Commercial Photographer

All artists want appreciation for the work he or she is doing. Photographers also want to deliver the best of their work and make their name in the industry. However, it is not a one-man show when you are working as a commercial photographer. The continuous availability of the projects makes it pretty difficult for the photographer to work alone and deliver the best work. Hence, the professional requires other professionals’ help to keep the work going smoothly.

Here are all the necessary things you need to be a successful commercial photographer

  1. Right tools and equipment

If you are in the photography field, you know the importance of the right equipment. It the equipment and devices that help you get the maximum advantage of your skills and provide the best work. Hence, the first thing you need is the availability of the right devices for the job. The websites, advertising agencies, modelling agencies are very particular about their needs. So, you need to have the correct devices that can provide the desired results.

  1. Your creative approach

Though commercial photography runs mostly according to the client’s requirement. You can add your own creativity to bring out the uniqueness without crossing the requirements of the client. This requires exposure to the various cultural aspects of the society. You need to make the real world your practice background and work constantly to reach the optimum level of creativity. The more time you give to shape your creative approach, the better it gets. You don’t even have to work separately from your work. Just keep doing small experiments during your commercial projects and you will reach new levels of excellence.


  1. Professional editors

The continuous projects make it difficult for you to do all of the tasks alone. Hence, having reliable Professional Photo Editing Services would be a wise idea. You can focus solely on your photography job and deliver more work within a small period of time. The professionals do the editing work for you.

Adding to that, it is really important to ensure that the editors have the capacity and skills to complete the tasks properly. Plus, they should be able to provide the pictures on time. After all, your professional career relies on the services they provide. Hence, getting a reliable professional approach is highly important to become a successful name in the industry.

  1. Determination

Finally, it is important to have the determination to keep working in the stressful situations. Your love for the photography drives you for a long time in the field. Without the passion, no skill can make you successful.

All in all, the field of commercial photography requires the right approach, equipment, skills, determination and a little help from the professional editors. When you have these things, all you need to do is keep working and soon you reach the desired level of success.

So, that’s a wrap on this topic. Now, you know about the things you need to be a successful commercial photographer in the industry.