How COVID-19 Led to High Spike in Gun Stores Sales in the US

With death tolls climbing every hour, and most of the United States under lockdown, a lot of Americans seem to look at guns are the best response to the situation. And according to experts, it is not just about fears over public disorder.

What do the numbers show?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted at least three million background checks in March last year, their highest total since instant background check programs started in 1998. These numbers represent a one million increase from March 2019.

How do these background checks work? Visit this site for details.

At least 200,000 background checks were done in the mid-last year, the most extensive single-day record background checks ever. According to the United States media, the Federal Bureau of Investigation data indicates that at least two million firearms were bought in March of last year alone. Illinois has the most number of bought firearms with nearly 500,000 sales, followed by Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and California.

Gun stores across the United States reported that they could not restock their shelves quickly enough to cope with the demand. The latest statistics also show a previous high of three million, which was set in 2015 after Obama raised the possibility of restricting long firearms like assault rifles after the mass shooting in California.

Why are gun sales increasing?

According to experts in the United States gun industry, a lot of new firearm deals are being motivated by two elements that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred on.

The first reason is the concern that the society – health, police, and fire services – could be eroded someday. It can lead to breakdowns in law and order. In these cases, firearms can be viewed as a self-service survival tool.

To find out more about the Gun Control Act, click for more info.

The second reason is people’s concerns over big governments breaching American freedoms like gun ownership, which is incorporated in the United States constitution. A lot of the public health measures like shelter-in-place, restricting the public’s movements and restricting what the public can purchase raise a lot of fears among many individuals of the possibility of government tyranny and take over.

In some ways, these reasons are in opposition to each other. Some individuals are worried about the fact that their government is falling apart and will not protect them. Other individuals are concerned that their government is getting too strong and limiting the public’s freedom.


Why do people buy guns?

One firearm owner told a news agency that he bought his first firearm in March 2020, one day after the National Basketball Association announced that they were suspending their games. Another owner says he views his decision as his extension of the guidance he had seed from government officials, who told the American public to consider having a couple of day’s supply of water, food, and other essential commodities in case of disruptions to supply chains.

 It is hard to discount the little chances of temporary civil unrest where people cannot rely on law enforcement agencies. And firearms are cheap insurance against these unrests. It is all well and good to have stockpiles of supplies and food, but there is no use having all these stockpiles without a means of defending the property.

What is the reaction been?

Some areas in the country have allowed gun stores to continue to operate as an essential business despite the government’s mandatory lockdown order affecting at least 90% of the United States. New Mexico, Massachusetts, and New York have forced stores to close but have continued their operations through the Internet. The state of Washington ordered stores to close, but some continued to operate despite the government’s ban on gun sales.


Other factors that can influence gun sales

United States domestic politics usually influences firearm sales, as Democratic politicians are viewed as likely to crack down on firearm rights compared to Republican politicians like Donald Trump. Sales spiked after Barrack Obama’s two terms and rose in 2016 as presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rose in polls and was expected to win against Donald Trump. Sales dropped off after Donald Trump won the election. Mass shootings also trigger a lot of concerns among gun owners of crackdowns on private ownership. It also causes sales of ammo and guns to increase drastically.

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Taste Royalty With Men Silk Robes

Luxury is a choice. It is not comparable to money or class. Sometimes, even a mere piece of clothing can render one royal and classy. Silk robes have a better say in such a class of dresses. Besides comfort, it has a lot to offer. Now imagine men wearing silk robes. Sounds hot, right? Such is the elegance of mens silk robe that no one would deny purchasing it. So here is a discussion on how to make a wise choice.

Why silk robes?

Unlike other clothing items, silk robes have a different kind of royalty associated with them. It has an associated history that drives everyone towards wearing it. People often consider it as a sign of richness and luxury. It is why only a few can afford it. The smoothness and shine related to silk add glory to the robe and the one wearing it. All these statements are not just to boast of the versatility of silk robes but to honor the comfort they provide. An interesting fact about robes is that they suit men more than women and give them a classy look. Hence, mens silk robe are more popular compared to others. So every man out there must surely try it at least once and bring home comfort and royalty.

What to consider before buying silk robes?

  • Classic design: class is what matters the most in robes. So before making a purchase, one must undoubtedly consider the design constraints. One may opt for custom design features on online stores to modify the robe as per their choice and preferences. Also, design may differ according to the different purposes robes serve. So, whether it is a bathing robe, weekend pajamas, or sleeping gown, design matters everywhere.
  • Elegant colors: after design, color defines the elegance of silk robes. Most people prefer blue as a sign of class and royalty. But then everyone has diverse choices. Talking about men, they usually select colors different from women. So it is best to find a shop that offers a wide variety of colors matching various purposes.
  • Perfect fit: a size that fits one the best is the size one must grab as soon as possible. Silk robes are so flexible that they adjust all body shapes and sizes. Also, people usually prefer an oversized gown for bed. So, one must select a size that provides endless comfort no matter what purpose it serves.

Following the above points, one can find the best silk robes for men and enjoy a luxurious and royal sleep.

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About Motorcycle Helmet Ride Safely

When buying a motorbike helmet, you must first identify your suitable size. Measure one inch above your brows around your head, taking note of the diameter. The standard motorcycle helmet sizing tables will have the correct size for you. But two people with the same head size may not be able to wear the same helmet. Because everyone’s head is different, different models have varied interior shapes.

The DOT must authorize street-legal motorcycle helmets. These are generally molded polycarbonate. A significant impact and force are required to penetrate them. Also, a motorcycle helmet may be Snell-certified. This means the helmets can take more punishment. The shell is usually constructed of carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass.

motorcycle helmets

Safety is paramount, but so is comfort. Fit snugly around ears, head, and sides of jaw with a chin strap in place but not too tight. It should rest flat on the head. Wear the motorbike helmet you choose for 30 to 45 minutes while picking it. Try on the helmet for a day and return it if it doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t work for you. If your motorcycle helmet is uncomfortable, it can cause you to lose focus and thus risk your safety.

Several easy tests can establish a motorbike helmet’s proper fit. Secure the chin strap snugly. The helmet’s interior should lay firmly on your head, and the cheek pads should be snug. Check all angles and make sure your view is unobstructed. The inner lining should snugly suit the brow. Between the motorbike helmet and your forehead, a finger should not fit. Move the helmet left to right and up and down while keeping your head stationary. It shouldn’t sag. Try to move the helmet forward on your head by pushing hard from the back of the helmet. Push from the front of the helmet to move the helmet backward. The helmet should not shift forward or backward. The interior of the motorbike helmet can be padded to make it more comfortable.

To be safe, you must follow motorcycle rules. About 25% of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle accidents, most caused by rider mistakes. Developing the necessary abilities for this mode of transport takes time and effort. Most motorcycle riders struggle to corner, swerve, and brake. You can learn these abilities on your own, but motorcycle safety courses are encouraged. You can also study motorbike riding tactics in books.

Basic motorcycle riding rules mean that you should keep a stationary focal point when you turn, travel slowly enough to prevent sliding when you go around a curve, and be aware of road conditions and other vehicles on the road. It takes great focus to ride a motorcycle, as well as special riding skills and excellent concentration. Learn and practice safe motorcycle riding methods. Remember always to wear a helmet.

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What You Need to Know about Scented Candles

Candles have evolved in terms of usage. They used to be the main source of light before electricity was discovered. Today it has gained a decorative purpose as well. Candles today signify celebrations and romance, soothe one’s senses, accentuate any ceremony, and decorate any home interior. That soft and flickering flames on scented candles can be relaxing, and they lend a particular sense of warmth.

Benefits of Candles

The following are some ways for people to benefit from burning candles:

For Health

Burning candles has health benefits. It provides an atmosphere that is calm and exudes a sense of well-being. If you are overwhelmed by fear or anxiety, burning candles can truly help a lot. The health benefits of candles may be more direct too. Ear candling is used for removing a buildup of earwax. However, you have to be cautious in using other candles like soy wax or paraffin wax which can be harmful to health.

scented candles

For Romance

Make sure that you keep the romance alive with the help of candlelight. You can make your dinner a romantic affair by adding candles to the occasion. Always make sure that you have candles on your nightstand. Whenever you are in for some intimate moments light the candle and turn up the heat. Moments like this can be enhanced with soft lighting coming from candles.

For Meditation and Prayer

Lighting candles during your meditation is a great support to your practice. You can easily follow the visualization and manifestation techniques that include focusing on the candle flame as you send your intentions to the entire universe. Candles are also used when praying.

For Decors

Candles provide a stylish means to add finishing touches to your home. You can choose some candles with subtle colors to add a soft touch to any particular space. You may also go with bright and bold colors if you want to have a strong impact. You can have a spa-like treat by using bathroom candles. Kitchen candles can kill odors in the kitchen where you can gather with friends.

Aside from choosing the type of candle to use, you may also consider the types of wax used for the candles. These include beeswax, paraffin, and soy wax candles. Beeswax candles are natural candles that give off a honey-like fragrance and a warm glow when they are lit. Beeswax candles can be enjoyed in their pure form.

Wicks are also a consideration. Larger candles are known to have multiple wicks. They also have visual and fragrant benefits. A single wick, on the other hand, allows for a simple but equally wonderful appearance. The wick is often made of quality materials like cotton or linen. This is known to emit a strong smell.

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What You Need to Know about Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers have been dominating the market in recent years. But still many people are confused about how this is used. A mattress topper is a removable layer that is placed on top of the mattress to provide the right comfort and cushioning. A mattress topper is a great element to add to your bed for your old mattress or even a new one to have more life. There are two main purposes to buy mattress toppers online. These are to make a firm mattress softer and more comfortable for all users.

What is a mattress topper for?

The mattress topper is not the same as the mattress pad. Mattress pads are thin layers of material that are designed to protect the mattress from dust mites, bacteria, and moisture. The main purpose of the mattress pad is not to provide cushioning, it is inevitably one of its main benefits: to provide added comfort. A mattress topper is a kind of thick mattress pad that can offer both protection and comfort to those who sleep on it.

What are the types of materials used for mattress toppers?

buy mattress toppers online

A mattress topper can be designed using various types of materials. For those who are allergic to some mattress materials like feathers and latex, you can check on other types of mattress toppers. Try looking into the memory foam toppers and the cotton and polyester blend types.

What should you consider when shopping for the best mattress topper?

When you are planning to buy mattress toppers online, one of the major considerations is whether you want a plusher sleep experience every night or you want the mattress to be firmer. For those who suffer from back and joint pains, it’s more beneficial to buy a mattress topper that offers more cushioning.

Another factor you must consider is your sleep position. This is similar to buying a new bed. You have to consider if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. Choose the mattress topper according to this particular sleep requirement.

You also have to consider the size of the topper. It is measured the same way as the beds. So figure out the size of your bed and mattress before you buy a mattress topper. A king size bed requires a king size mattress and a king size topper too.

The thickness of the mattress topper depends on the filling used. This has an impact on the type of evening rest you want to have. You may have to be flexible with the type of material for your mattress topper.

You may also have to choose between the skirt or straps, in making sure that the mattress topper stays secured on the mattress under the sheets. Don’t forget to read the online reviews of the mattress you are planning to buy.

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Why do people have lockers:

People usually have important documents and valuable items with them. They would want to ensure to keep it safely without it being robbed or without it being misused. Hence to keep things carefully and to protect it for future it is always advised to keep it in locker. There are many types of lockers available. Earlier lockers with keys were commonly used. Now a days with the improved technology digital lockers are gaining popularity. There are digital deposit safe box singapore is very famous for. They ensure that the quality of the safe is good. The safe can be opened only with a secured pin which only the owner of the locker would know. There are different models of lockers available. People also have the option of choosing the colour of their choice. It also would depend on the need of the buyer to opt for the locker of the size as per their requirement. In case there are many items which they would like to protect and keep they will need to choose the size of the locker accordingly. While purchasing the lockers people will have to see the quality of the product. They should ensure that the whole purpose of buying the item should be met. The locker should be of good quality so that it cannot be opened by anyone easily. It should be safe and secured to keep all valuable items in it. People should check out if there is any warranty available for the product. They should also check if they are certified and if they can with stand fire in case of any fire accidents.


People would like to keep their valuable items safely. They would opt to keep the items in a locker so that they can be protected from accidents and thefts. There are many varieties of safes which are available in the market. People can check out for the product as per their requirement and buy them accordingly.

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Go For The Best Stove Top Cleaner Now

Can you live without food? Can you live a healthy life without being cleaned regularly? The answer is a big “No”. Everyone wants food and a healthy environment to be in to have a life with dignity. Here the role of the kitchen is inevitable. The kitchen is the way to the heart and to keep it healthy one needs to get some quality clean food. All these can only be accessed when space is cleaned with the best stove top cleaner, so why not have the best one?

Kitchen And Cooking

For any kitchen, some essentials are always important such as some basic cooking stuff and stove, and in modern lifestyle, the designs of kitchen and stoves are in verity. Recently the trend of sleek design has made a huge impact on the décor of a kitchen. Everyone needs a good stove, storage space, and an essential chimney at their space to get all the feels of a rich lifestyle. These modern-day designs are not only elegant but bring a luxurious feel to the space and the individual using the space. In the present world, a stove presents huge relief of not having any burner which requires time and is often expensive. In modern-day stoves, cleaning is quick and simple with the best stove top cleaner that can do things at its best, giving it an unforgettable shine and all-time new look.

Get the best cleaner and get the best stove at your place as it is the need to go hand in hand with the modern-day trend. Go and get it to yourself. Best Of Luck!

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Parenting is a big responsibility and parents are always worried about their child’s safety, health, and every other aspect of their lives. Children nowadays, don’t just metaphorically carry the weight of their futures on their shoulders, but actually carry a lot of weight in their school backpack.

Education is something everybody pays a lot of attention on, but the books that your child carries in their school backpack do not just provide an education to them. If you do not take this matter seriously, it can also give them a lifetime full of back, neck, and shoulder problems.

It is about time you look seriously at the fact that is your child using the right backpack. How would you determine this? Well, that can be done through a simple question, is your child still using a conventional school bag?

If yes, then it is very important that you read this article. A conventional bag is not the right choice for you. It pressurizes and stains the back of your child and the instability of the bag can be really harmful to their health.

Then what is the right choice?

The best, and supposedly the right choice with regards to your child’s health, comfort, and convenience is an ergonomic backpack.

An ergonomic bag is specially designed to stabilize the gravity and the pressure applied on one’s back, which makes it an extremely comfortable and healthier option. It is very lightweight and that is why considered a good option to carry heavy things around.

If you are worried about your child’s health and want them to adopt habits that would be good for them, a switch from a normal backpack to an ergonomic backpack seems like a must. Do not let them suffer under heavyweights.

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Order Flowers Online And Add Essence To Your Life

Flowers are the best means to express yourself, whether you are cross, happy or in love all emotions can be expressed through flowers of different hues spread all over the surface of the earth, enhancing the beauty of the world and making the dull colorful. Flowers are the integral part of the decoration of all functions around the world and are in huge demand for their exceptional importance. They are God’s finest creations after human beings who teach us the lesson to smile in all situations and provide us the reason to rejoice with their innocent countenance. We need flowers for mundane uses like decorating flower vase to special uses like proposing your sweetheart.  Well to make your sweetheart’s heart sweet for you, choosing the right flowers are as necessary as selecting the best lines and you order flowers online.

Benefits of buying from florist in Singapore:

No two occasions are same and same is true for decoration as every occasion has a special purpose and the decoration should be done accordingly, contrasting the situation, highlighting its purpose an making it more special for the celebrator. You yourself can’t decide what will be the best untilyou are an expert yourself but it will be better to take assistance. So here are some points which will make it clear why you need a florist-

  • They are masters of this trade and know what will suit what and arrange duly. They know a hell lot about flowers and use their knowledge for the success of your purpose.
  • Being a florist is not easy as the profession craves more prowess than any other job. So, if you are engaging a florist you will surely get the best of service.

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Benefits of Dates for the Human Health

The palm tree of the dates has grown the dates in the tropical regions. Dates are a prominent thing and eaten by people because of their health benefits. Send the gifts of dates through send gifts to Pakistan and make your loved one healthy.

Dates are mostly sold in western countries. Muslims go for Hajj and Umrah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. They buy dates from Makkah and Madina. Then they distribute it to their friends and relatives after reaching their country. This is the custom of the Muslims for centuries.

The dried dates have wrinkles on the skin whereas; the fresh dates reflect the smooth skin through which you become aware that this is fresh. Through the skin of the dates, you will become aware that this is fresh or not. The flavor of the dates is sweet. They have the essential nutrients.

The benefits of the dates are briefly discussed below so read it to get the knowledge regarding the health benefits of the dates.

Presence of Nutrition 

The dates are full of nutrition. The calories become higher when the dates are dried as compare to the fresh dates and fruits. The dates also contain antioxidants that have various health benefits. The dates contain also other nutrition that is listed below:

• Vitamin B6.
• Copper.
• Magnesium.
• Fiber.
• Calories.
• Carbs.
• Potassium.
• Manganese.
• Copper.
• Iron.

Rich in Fiber

The fibers are essential for the human body. If you will eat the specific quantity of dates regularly, so your body gets enough fibers that are required by the body. The fibers are essential for the improvement of the digestive system. It enhances bowel movement by forming the stool. According to the research study, people who consume dates regularly through which their bowel movement has enhanced. By getting enough fibers from the dates, the sugar system in the blood has been controlled and the person will not face diabetes in his future life.

Rich in Antioxidants 

Dates reduce the risk of severe diseases because of the presence of antioxidants in them. It gives protection to the cells of the body through which the harmful reactions will not occur in the body that leads to diseases. The amount of antioxidants in the dates is higher as compared to other fruits. Following are the three antioxidants that are present in the dates such as:

  • Phenolic acid.

The flavonoids are helpful to protect the human body from diabetes. The carotenoid is essential for the health of the heart and the eye. Through the presence of it, eye disorders will not occur and the function of the heart has become proper through which the person will not face any heart disease such as heart attack and others. As you know, that cancer is a severe disease that requires various chemotherapies. Their pains are difficult to endure by those people who are facing this disease. But through eating dates cancer will not occur in the body. So start eating dates regularly so your body gets rid easily of the bacteria of any disease.

Promoting the Health of the Brain 

By eating the dates regularly, the remembrance power and the learning ability of the person have enhanced. As you know that the person becomes anxious and depressed after facing continuous problems in life. Their behavior of the person has changed due to which he becomes anxious from the little things as well and has started to cry continuously while facing the small issues of life. But through eating dates regularly, mental disorders will not occur.

I prefer to eat dates regularly in the breakfast, so the health of the person will not weak when he will go into old age. He will not face any severe disease in his life if the person has started to eat dates regularly from an early age.

Send the dates to your loved ones through the gift delivery in Pakistan. If your friend or relative has become ill and can’t endure the pain of the disease so dates are the perfect gift for him. Send it by placing an online order.

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