Perfect Home Relocation with Packers and Movers Delhi NCR

Moving is always most difficult job to achieve amongst all things, particularly when you are relocating in a distant city or some new area. But that’s not an end, as there are multiple tasks to be accomplished even after a successful move. If you have recently shifted to the new place, where you have absolutely no clue what so ever about things to do after a move, below mentioned important guidelines will assist you to choose priorities after relocation.

  1. Check Kitchen Appliances First

The moment boxes start getting unpacked by the team of Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR, you should first check if your daily use kitchen appliances like stove, mixer grinder, refrigerator, juicer and others are in perfect working condition like before. There is chance of some damage and on time attentiveness will make you illegible to claim for any damage or scratch.

  1. Check Furniture Along with Other Luggage

You are also advised to individually check each moved item, if everything is in perfect shape. Check thoroughly if no scratch or damage has taken place while moving them. You should also compare moved items with the inventory list if nothing has lost or left behind. You need to do it on first priority, otherwise later claims on insurance company may not be reimbursed.

  1. Installing All Utilities Properly

You should check if all necessary utilities are reinstated properly by your moving company. Even if they confirmit, there is no harm to check personally once. You will need them on daily basis, so it is advisable to be absolutely sure. You should also check if shower tabs, water and electricity supply are in proper course. You would never expect your first day in a new home without basic needs like electricity or water supply. Check if all the doors and windows are having easy movements and are having proper lock systems, especially main door locks, as you have shifted with all your treasures.

  1. Check Your New Territory

If you have shifted to a far distance or a new city, then you may not be conscious about the territory around. Check if daily using paraphernalia is available nearby. You would need things like fruits, vegetables, groceries, milk products etc. on daily basis. If you have small kids and pets, then properly check about compound boundaries, if everything is properly fenced without any loop hole. This is necessary for safety measurements.

  1. Contact Insurance Company

You need to get your new home insured from any damage or natural disaster with immediate effect. This is very important as you have invested your life savings to buy this home, so just can’t compromise when it comes to the safety of it. Check online the best available option and call them to get best deal.

  1. Find a school for Children

Two basic provisionsat the new home is a new job and a school for children. These two requirements should have been checked well in advanced before even planning a move. However, if you missed it by chance, then do it as first priority. Get your kids registered in a good school and coaching classes around the area.

  1. Get Friendly with Neighbours

Even if you have recently shifted, try to maintain fix schedule for going to a garden around for a daily walk. This way you will get connected to new people around. This will also help in get to know them better way. Start taking part in social activities like some Yoga camp or Community seminars.

Neighbours are considered as the best relatives in every good and bad, as they are the first one to come forward to help.You will be dealing with them every day so develop loving relationship with them. Try to know them by having interactive dialogues. Take informative help from them to get yourself settled better way. Try to go for walk with them daily and such healthy neighbourhood is always helpful to established happy relations.

Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR

  1. Keep Emergency Contact List Handy

It is crucial to have a list of local numbers, which one always require in emergency situations. It is something which is needed at the time when you are in urgent requirement and cannot afford to find them.

  1. Get a Proper Receipt of Move

If you have hired a professional moving solutions , then after completion of the moving contract, they would offer you a receipt, if not then you should ask for one. Keep all documents and receipts of the move in a proper file at some safe place.

  1. Manage Your Bank

Once you settle in the new home, find a good bank around and open an account. If you already have accounts in the same bank but in different branch, then better you apply for transfer. It is always beneficial to have bank account in nearby branch. You should also update your new postal address in old bank for better postal transactions.

  1. Change the Postal Address

You need to change postal address at some important places like licence, insurance claim, office, telephone diary etc. Whether you are moving within city or outside, your postal address will always be different, which requires to be updated as a priority.

  1. Doctor for You and Your Pet

No one likes to change family doctor, however, if you moved far from your old location, then you are left with no option but to switch to some expert doctor for your family and pets around new location. You may also take help from your neighbours in this matter. This is one of the most crucial need which cannot be negotiated at any cost.