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As we know, he is the president, founder, and CEO of 5WPR, and he is the top 20 independent and award-winning US PR agency. He has many years of experience in marketing, all aspects of public relations, and reputation management. He is the two-time winner of public relations of the year. Nationally, he could be recognized as a well-respected public relations professional across the world. He is providing his insights into media through appearances on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News, and the today show. 5WPR goal is to work as the seamless extension of their client team, so they are developing an excellent PR program. 

Everything to know about Ronn Torossian 

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  • Chairman of American friends of Duvdevan
  • Member of YPO like young presidents organization
  • Chief marketing officer of Jetsmarter Inc
  • CEO or founder of 5W public relations

Ronn Torossian

Torossian was born and brought up in New York City, and he lives in Manhattan. At the beginning of his career, he worked for the Likud Party like work with multiple prime ministers and the Mayor of Jerusalem. As we know, PR is an excellent combination of psychology, journalism, and lawyering. When he was working for the Likud party, he got a taste for advocacy, so he discovered PR. This is part of he wants to become PR because he loves politics. In the year 2003, he started 5w pubic relation and initially he is working for three clients. After starting his business, he had noticed in the industry like newsjacking. It is using the currency news that is injecting your views as well as product information. 

Massive information about Ronn Torossian  

Ronn Torossian is always combining his creativity and dedication to his business, so he has become an award-winning top 20 PR agency in the US. Now, he is known for the needle-moving novel approach, game-changing results, and innovative people who can deliver measurable and excellent public relations programs. In the past year, he had tremendous growth and opened an office in Colorado. He and his team are focusing on the future, so they are constantly changing their approach as well as adapting to changes among them. He has an aggressive agency in the passive industry, and he is working with media to build their brand.