Why you cannot book a seat of your own choice in train?

When ticket booking is brought up, it is for booking a place in some location which can hold only a limited number of people. With this, it is usually expected that the person availing these seats gets to choose the seat or position. Train tickets are different in the sense that it doesn’t allow for this. Why would this be the case? Well, it could simply be summed up as ‘because physics’.

Trains are large, heavy and massive objects that move at extreme speeds, given their weight. This means that stability while in motion is of the utmost importance. If people were allowed to book wherever they wanted, the weight distribution within coaches would now be random every time the train moves. Because of this uneven distribution,the train could meet with a major accident and be extremely unsafe.

So, in practical day-to-day activities, train seats are assigned, not chosen. There is a feature built into train ticket distributing software which considers the train design that would be used in some particular journeys and then assigns seats such that there is even weight distribution to maximise safety.Now how exactly would one assign these seats? Well to understand this, we must first understand how exactly berths are distributed in trains.

The coach has a rectangular pipe structure and berths are assigned perpendicular to the longer walls, three for each wall. One is at the bottom, another in the middle and the last, on the top. If we fill up the seats at the bottom, that would be alright and desirable. Likewise, if we fill up any of the other two sections only, then it would be safe. This is because the weight is evenly distributed. As we fill up the higher berths, however, the centre of mass of the coach goes up and up. If this continues, the train becomes easier to topple over to one side if it experiences a sideways force.

Now sideways forces that would actually topple the train isnon-existent as the tracks and speed of the train are chosen such that it is mitigated. This is true only if the weights are evenly distributed since then it is possible to predict a safe speed for any curve on a track. This theory falls flat as soon as there is an imbalance as it would be impossible to predict a safe speed. This is because the coach would now tend to lean on one side. Now the picture looks bad since sideways forces on train journeys can be enough to topple it over.

By allowing a random distribution of tickets by allowing people to choose their seats, the chance that the trains are stable drops as humans wouldn’t naturally choose a ticket seat that would make weight sharing uniform.

The solution to make trains safe would be to allow software to give out seats. The software chooses seats such that the average distribution of coaches is uniform. This does affect the train ticket availability;however, since now people would not be assigned an empty seat if the program concludes that it would be unsafe to book that seat. Thus, an individual wouldn’t get to choose a seat in trains. They would be only assigned seats.

What’s brewing this Summer? Find Fresh Craft Beer at these 7 Microbreweries in Delhi/NCR!

The taste of freshly brewed mug of chilled beer on a hot, dreary day is something you would not want to miss. Every note of the freshly brewed beer is enhanced with barley and a distinct oaky aroma. The impeccable taste of the hops as you chug down your choice of ale is a high only beer lover can experience. If you are a beer aficionado, a lager lover in Delhi or NCR, then there’s some good news for you.

The below-listed microbreweries in Delhi/NCR will not only quench your thirst with their freshly brewed beers, but also give you something to look forward to after a long day at work.

7 Degree Brauhaus

Located in the South Point Mall of Gurgaon, 7 Degree Brauhaus takes you on an incredible journey of Bavaria, Germany through its freshly brewed beers. Their specialties are the 7 Degree Lager, 7 Degree Wheat, 7 Degrees Special and 7 Degrees Master’s Brew, all of which have a great depth of flavour.

Vapour Pub and Brewery

A brewery chain in India, Vapour Pub and Brewery is located in Mega Mall, Gurgaon. They specialise in blonde, dark, lite and wheat beer. This place is a favourite among discerning beer drinkers, and rightfully so. If you are not in Delhi/NCR, there are many flights to Delhi from all major cities in India, so make some plans with your local friends and make a visit before the end of summer. If you want to stay for a longer time, you can opt for cheap hotels in New Delhi for a comfortable stay.

Torgauer Brewpub

Torgauer Brewpub is located at Raheja Mall in Gurgaon and is a huge hit with office-goers who like to chug down freshly brewed chilled beer after long, hard day at work. It offers a vibrant varieties of Lager Bier, Weizen Bier, Dark Knight Bier and Land Bier.

Soi 7 Pub and Brewery

One of the few microbreweries in DLF Cyber Hub, the centre of all things hip and happening, Soi 7 serves not only a wide range of craft beers, but also hosts entertainment events all through the week. Its outdoor seating area is another reason why it’s a fan-favourite destination.

Adda by Striker

With a terrace seating, Adda by Striker is another popular pub in Gurgaon that also has a microbrewery of its own. It brews its very own ‘Adda Craft Brew’ in three flavours : Premium, Wheat and Dark and specialises in authentic and astounding Mexican food.

The Brewmaster

Located in Kirti Nagar, The Brewmaster offers a wide range of options, the best of which are Amber Beer (premium beer), Blonde’e Beer (smooth light wheat beer), Brunette Beer (dark ale beer), Cheetah Beer (dry stout ale with coffee flavor) and their signature style Brew Master Brew which changes every week. These come in many sizes; you can choose from British Pint (0.5 litres), Beer Bazooka (3 litres), Pitcher (1.5 litres) and Triton (5 litres).

Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange

Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange is more than just beers, there’s gaming, electrifying live music, and a bar exchange where prices of alcohol dip and increase just like the stock market. They specialise in Belgian wheat beer and it’s absolutely amazing.

Don’t wait for the weekend, give your weeknights a reason to be happy, ‘beery’ happy!

Lexis Suites Penang – The Luxurious Resort By The Beach

When visiting Malaysia, you should never miss visiting the best family hotel in Bayan Lepas Penang. One of the most luxurious hotel on the beachfront is Lexis Suites Penang. Penang Island is a very popular island city in Malaysia. This is why many locals and tourists are spending their family time on the best hotels in town.

Lexis Suites Penang is very famous on the island because of its private pool and a steam room on every 222 suites available for their guests. This is located in Teluk Kumbar which is just a short drive from the Penang International Airport. So here are the amenities and facilities that you can take advantage of when booked at Lexis Suites Penang.

family hotel in Bayan Lepas Penang

Luxurious Accommodation

For the accommodation, you can choose from the Executive Pool Suite or the Premium Pool Suite. Each room was exquisitely designed by a world-class team of talented and award-winning architects. The hotel has a total of 222 suites where each is well-decorated with a floor to ceiling glass door. This is the only seaside hotel on the island where you can enjoy a private dip pool as well as a steam room in each of their units.

Extravagant Facilities For The Whole Family

Indoor Facilities.

  • O2 Gym. If you don’t want to miss your regular workout even when on vacation, visit the O2 gym at the hotel which is located just beside the main swimming pool for adults. The gym is complete with cardiovascular and stamina building exercise machines. Remember that like any gym, appropriate workout clothes must be worn within the gym premises.
  • Vacation is not complete when the kids do not enjoy. The Kidzworld at the Lexis Suites Penang is for the young ones who want to have a time away. This is an enclosed room where the toddlers will have fun with the activities available for them while meeting new friends their age.
  • Lex Spa. Vacation is all about relaxation. It will not be complete when you do not experience the best spa in the hotel. The Lex Spa is the best place to relax and choose from their menu of massage and beauty treatments.

Outdoor Facilities.

If you want to have fun under the sun, Lexis Suites Penang offers a wide range of activities that are perfect for every family and group of friends. They have beach volleyball as well as kite flying.

Lexis Suites Penang Promotions

Lexis Suites Penang always have promotions for their customers. From accommodation to dining, and facilities. The hotel has the best accommodation promos and packages. If you want to enjoy a luxurious meal with your family, you can choose from their dining promos. They have the Roselle Coffee House, the Umi Japanese Restaurant, as well as the Sky Lite Bar.

Lexis Suites Penang is definitely an experience that you should not miss. You will be able to enjoy the beachfront while having some quality time with the best facilities of the hotel. They have the best services offered for family and corporate events.