A Comprehensive Guide Before Purchasing Desks And Toys For Kids

You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to know a couple of things about kids, desks, and toys before buying something for your child.

Buying a kids craft table at Step2 Direct is a wise decision since their desks are durable and interesting to kids. But, what desk is perfect for your child? How to choose one? We have a piece of advice or two for you.

Size of your child

As we all know, kids grow up quickly. A desk you’ve bought this year might be perfect, but it can be too small the next year. You need to keep the future in mind when you’re buying something for your kid. After all, you want your child to be happy, but you don’t want to waste your money unnecessarily.

Desk Height

According to experts in ergonomics, a top of a table or desk should be 8 to 10 inches above the seat of the chair. This distance will allow your child to sit naturally, and it also provides good posture.

Your little one will be able to sit comfortably and to focus on the task at hand. Finding a desk that has adjustable legs would be perfect, and if you can find one – buy it. Having a desk that can grow with your child is something that will save you a lot of money.

Chair Height

There is a way to determine the best height of the chair, and it’s really simple. Measure your child’s leg length. The distance from the floor to the knee is the height of the chair you want to buy.

The size of the room your child will be in is also important. Don’t buy a big and bulky desk if their room is small.

Buying toy sets such as toy kitchen sets can also be a big problem. How big should toy set be? Will your child love it?

Let us tell you outright; toy kitchen sets are extremely interesting to kids. You simply cannot go wrong with buying a toy kitchen set for your little one.

Your mini-chefs will have a lot of fun, and you’ll get to sample some savory ‘’dishes’’. As you can see, toy kitchen sets are perfect for keeping your child occupied, but they can also be a source of fun for adults.

Toy kitchen sets come in all sizes, and as with desks, you just need to find the one that will fit your child’s needs.

If you really want to get your child something exciting, buy a spacious walk-in kitchen set. Who knows, maybe your kid will be next Gordon Ramsey because of that.


Always think about the future. Your little ones grow up fast, even when you’re not looking. Buying something for your kid can be exhausting, but it can be done.

Fortunately, desks and pretend play sets are not fragile. Even if your kid outgrows them, you will be able to gift them to someone.

Finding a desk with adjustable legs is what you should be doing. Your kid will grow up with the desk and will love it. However, don’t forget to let your child play. The best toys for kids at https://www.step2direct.com.au/kids-riding-toys/ might be a perfect gift for your precious child.

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