Why Hiring Proper Wedding Transportation is Necessary

In addition to providing all of your guests with good means of transportation, you should also arrange luxury transportation for you and your bride on your wedding day. This is important for multiple reasons.

In this article, we will tell you why hiring proper wedding transportation is necessary whether you are looking for good Denver Wedding Transportation for your guests, or for yourself and your bride.

Proper Arrival at The Wedding Venue

Since wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, you should choose a proper transportation vehicle to transport you to the wedding venue. This is true both for your arrival at the wedding venue, and for your transportation needs after the wedding ceremony.

So, proper arrival at the wedding venue is one of the main reasons why you should hire a proper transportation vehicle like a limousine or a party bus.

You Might Have Other People With You As Well

If you will have to accommodate your close friends or family members in your vehicle as well, you cannot use a regular car for this purpose. In this case, it is obvious that you hire a limousine or a party bus depending on your needs and preferences.

Hiring a large vehicle will help you travel in comfort and luxury even when you might have lots of other people with you as well.

After-Wedding Party

Another valid reason to why you should hire a proper wedding transportation vehicle for your wedding day is for the after wedding party. You might have a bunch of your friends and your bride with you after your wedding ceremony.

So, if you want to party hard after your wedding ends, you can hire a luxury vehicle like a Limousine or party bus. Vehicles like these have enough empty space to allow you to party inside them.

Learn How Significant Are Wedding Photographs?

When planning a wedding, there are several variables to consider, decisions to make, and expenditures to budget for. Even though the list appears to be endless and you may not know where to begin, there are a few things that should be your starting point and priority when it comes to wedding planning. If you need some advice, have a look at what Photography has to offer in terms of wedding photography packages and services. You can even visit https://annakyi.com/wedding/

You deserve to have memories preserved that you’ll want to cling onto forever after spending so much time, energy, and money organizing and executing the perfect wedding for you and your loved one in front of your friends and family. This is critical if you intend to stare at the photos for a lengthy amount of time.

Why is it critical to choose a professional wedding photographer?

Is your wedding photography going to be the most important aspect of your wedding? Absolutely not; yet, when it comes to wedding preparation, it should be towards the top of the list of things to think about, budget for, and make reservations for. Try to visit https://annakyi.com/wedding/

Wedding photography is essential because it will chronicle the events of the day, preserve your memories, and tell a narrative on a deeper level than any other medium. It will imply a great narrative about your unique day, a day you will never forget due to the relevance of the story. A story you may share with your closest friends and family, as well as your children and grandchildren. So, here are a few things to think about:

 Wedding Photography

Make the most of your budget

Do you believe your visitors will notice if you don’t have a five-tiered cake or the most costly flowers? After all expenditures are deducted, your photographic budget is all that remains therefore stretch it as far as possible.

Discover your personal style

There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers out there, and the great majority of them will go to your location, whether locally or internationally. You don’t want just one or two fantastic photographs; you want a beautiful story that is of high quality from start to finish, so make sure to look at more of their work and whole albums.

Book as soon as possible

Given that the most in-demand wedding photographers may be booked up to two years in advance, it’s critical to start looking for the appropriate photographer as soon as you know the wedding date.


Personalized Gifts for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are special days for couples where they celebrate their years of togetherness. These are even more special when you are newly married or are extremely old and want to look back on all the beautiful years you have spent together. These days, you can customize almost anything that you own from your clothing to your electronics however, it can get a little pricey. If you want to customize things for your first wedding anniversary, there are tons of budget friendly options available for you. Here are a few things you can get customized for your first wedding anniversary –

Beddings and pillow covers
A lot of companies do personalized writings and quotes or names on beddings and pillow covers. You can get these printed or even embroidered based on what you like and prefer. These are generally a bit expensive considering the amount of work and time that goes into creating these templates on their beddings. A lot of couples do this prior to their weddings or even on their anniversaries to keep the romance flowing through their marriage. This is a super adorable idea for young couples who are newly married.

Bathroom accessories
Let’s not forget the beautiful yet cheesy ‘his & hers’ bathroom accessories that a lot of couples which they had! Now, you can have it too. You can easily customize these bathroom accessories or directly buy them off any website that sells gift items for couples and anniversary gifts. A lot of websites that do online flower delivery in Ajmer also do anniversary gift sets which are generally quite affordable. You can also customize your hand towels, bath towels, bath robs and even your accessory cases such as toothbrush holders, shaving items etc.

Couples’ t-shirts
These are great for first anniversary parties for couple who like to get too cheesy and fun. Couples’ t-shirts have cute messages like ‘he’s mine’ ‘she’s mine’ and so on. You can either get these ready made online at any gifting store or get them custom made at apparel stores across the cities. It’s best to buy ready to wear clothes when it comes to such accessories rather than starting from scratch with the entire message and the printing. You can also get these customized in hoodies, dresses, caps, shoes etc. so you can literally go all the way with the apparel!

A lot of gifting websites do customized gifting and online flower delivery in Ajmer, Raipur and other areas across India for affordable shipping rates, so you don’t have to worry about the extra costs. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on all your personalized couple’s accessories that you will use for years to come and think of your first wedding anniversary! Don’t forget to surprise your partner with a bunch of fresh roses, a box of chocolates and an anniversary cake along with all these gifts. No special day is complete without a good cake, gifts, chocolates and a lot of smile! Enjoy your anniversary!

5 Wedding Rituals a Candid Photographer in Chandigarh Must Capture

The big fat Punjabi weddings are usually full of fun and frolic. As a wedding photographer, you are expected to shoot all the important rituals of a marriage function along with light candid backstage moments, which the busy couple may miss. Think about that voluptuous aunt dancing on ‘Baby doll’ or the secret eye-contact between future couples – you must not miss any of these gems.

While your eye for candid photography will always hunt for casual moments, you need to be equally sharp in capturing the details of important rituals. Hence, it will be wise to note down the ceremonies beforehand so that you don’t miss anything. Here is a list of those all important ceremonies which your Chandigarh client would insist you to shoot:

Roka: This is the unofficial engagement ceremony in Punjabi weddings which happen at the bride’s place. ‘Roka’ literally means to stop and signifies that the search of a prospective groom for this girl is over. During Roka, a group of relatives, including the elderly of the family, come to the bride’s house to bless her along with a variety of goodies like clothing, jewelry, sweets, and cash. This ceremony, however, doesn’t require the groom to be present.

Sagai: Sagai is the official engagement which usually happens a week before the wedding. In a traditional arranged marriage setup, this is the first instance when the couple meets each other. The groom-to-be is greeted by the bride’s father who applies a ‘tilak’ on his forehead. The groom also gets cash and other valuables from his would-be father-in-law.  On the other hand, the bride experiences ‘chunni’ ceremony where her future mother-in-law drapes her with a red/pink decorative veil. Often, she is given precious jewelry as a token of blessings along with. These rituals are followed by the formal exchange of rings. However, in some cases, a ring ceremony never happens at all.

Chura: Chura is the traditional red and cream bangles worn by newly married women in most of the north Indian states. In Punjab, the set of chura is given to the bride by her maternal uncle after the same are touched by the well-wishers present. The bride is not allowed to even see her chura until her wedding day and can wear them once she is fully ready to embark on a new beginning. Once she is adorned with the churas, a traditional ornament called kalira is tied to one of her bangles in each hand by her near ones.

candid wedding photographer

Jago: Apart from sangeet, ‘Jago’ is another occasion which gives the relatives of the couple plenty of chances to sing, dance and make merry. This happens on the night before the wedding day. Copper and brass pitchers are beautifully decorated with earthen lamps and carried over the head by the couple’s maternal aunt. The couple’s folks, along with the vessel, go to their neighbors’ houses and invite them to the festivities.

Pani bharna: While all the previous rituals are solemnized before the wedding, this last one happens once the newlyweds return to the groom’s house. This is essentially a welcome ritual for the bride in her new house. The groom’s mother puts mustard oil on both sides of the entrance before the newlyweds arrive. Once the bride comes out of the vehicle, her mother-in-law does seven cycles of aarti with a pitcher full of water and pretends to drink from the same after each round. The new bride stops her every time and only allows her to drink after the completion of the seventh round. After this, the bride enters the house by overturning a rice filled pitcher with her right toe and leaves her footmarks behind as she walks with her lac-dyed feet – a precious moment a candid wedding photographer in Chandigarh must capture.

So, if you are going to shoot a wedding in Chandigarh, do not miss any of these above rituals. While these may not be as important as the main wedding, they surely add to the emotional quotient of the entire do.

Choose the best wedding photographer for capturing your beautiful moments

Wedding is a grand occasion and the memories of a glorious event are to be etched forever. Since the issue of people having poor memory with passage of time is inevitable, having those wonderful moments captured through photos can help them during their older days. There is a wide range of photographers who are present in this domain, and hence couples must choose professional wedding photographers during their ceremony. There are different such professionals who are usually specialized in a particular area. Thus customers and future partners can unite together for the first time in their lives to hunt down for such specialists who can capture some different and impressive photos as per their requirements.

Reasons for the popularity of these expert photographers

A couple with their location neatly specified are the only things that they need for capturing some stunning photographs during their wedding. These professionals ensure that they visit the site in advance to find out the best location for their outdoor photo session. While they also offer indoor photography services at any place that their customers hold their wedding, they have a photo session with the pretty couples post their wedding ceremony. Once the event is over, they take them to the place that looks pretty. They usually prefer the calm and serene places that are close with atmosphere, such as mountains, waterfalls, lakes and other such places found in these locations. They ensure that the couple are fresh post their wedding celebrations to snap the best photos of the couple in varied poses.

Benefits for customers in opting for their services

People can find different kinds of services provided by them for their benefits. There are a lot of advantages that customers can find by choosing for these expert photographers for their wedding. They are specialists in knowing the culture of different religions, and hence know that every special moment of their customer’s ceremony is perfectly captured at the precise time. They can also weave their magic with their camera and also with the couple’s expressions. They also make even the sober looks on the couple’s face into an energetic one by snapping pictures of them in different poses, where the love between the couple oozes out easily making the photos even more appealing. They give equal preference and respect for all their customers, and hence one can find that all the locations and poses by the couples are unique from one another. Since they know about the privacy that the newlywed couple would require, they ensure that the photo shoot at some of the breathtaking locations in that region is done in a very short period of time. Customers can also be happy in choosing these joyful wedding photographer in Toronto to bring the much liven the moment during the entire event. They also offer the best competitive prices for their tireless and efficient services in the entire region.