Bruce Weber Photographer Tips for Capturing Better Fashion Photographs

Bruce Weber is an ace fashion photographer, author, and filmmaker from the USA. He is widely popular for his fashion campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Revlon, Gianni Versace, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch, and his print advertisement work for the Rolling Stone magazines Vanity Fair, GQ, and Vogue. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, and is known for his iconic depiction of the male body in his photographs in the 1980s that redefined the conception of masculinity.

Bruce Weber photographer tips on making fashion photographs stand out

Fashion photography focuses not only on the clothes of the fashion designer but also on the model. The photography can convey a significant message, tell a story or simply express the mood of the model at that moment. When it comes to taking the best fashion photographs, he suggests you avoid mixing lights.

A tip from Bruce Weber Photographer is to not mix daylight and strobe light during the shoot. In case you require extra light, you should rely on a strobe or constant artificial lights if the shoot is inside a closed space. If it is possible for you to shoot in the daylight, you should go ahead with it and if you really want to enhance the light of the photograph, use a reflector instead. In case you need extra light, you should use a strobe or constant artificial lights. Always use one kind of light source but never mix the two of them.

Make the studio dark first before shooting photographs

 If you want to create an environment in the studio, you should make the space dark first. Make it as dark as you can. The daylight should not interfere with the shoot. You should use a strobe light to focus on the model and ensure you use a pilot lamp to check shadows and highlights.

Ring lights and softboxes

You can also use a ring light if you are shooting for beauty products in a fashion shoot. They can highlight the model’s makeup or the product being used better. Softboxes, light reflectors, and photograph umbrellas can be used. They are a very helpful technique to play with the light’s direction as well as the distance between the light and the model. For soft lights, position softboxes close to your model.

Standard reflectors should be used for harder lights so that harsh shadows are not cast on the model. If the softbox is too big, the light emitted from the box should be softer. If the area is small, the light that comes out of the reflector will appear harsh.

This is another Bruce Weber Photographer tip you should keep in mind during fashion shoots. If you deploy this technique, the colors you get in real life are the same as the ones you get on screen and in print. The white balance is important when you are moving to a new location.

The above are just some simple tips for you to remember during fashion shoots. They make the photographs stand out and help you to outstanding images for your campaigns.

The Corporate Video Production HK

The video production helps a lot in projecting the whole organization for its welfare and growth. The corporate video production hk will help the corporate to showcase their products and services to attract the clients towards them. The company do this to enhance the sale of their brands and products.

Reasons to get corporate video production

  • Grow business: Video production will help the corporate to grow its reach among the people. They help to advertise it. By advertising the video on other social media platforms, the company will grow tremendously.
  • Viral videos: The company and the production should use the power of Google and other platforms to viral their video and promote their products. They should focus on the target audience.
  • Short: The videos should be short and entertaining at the same time. Nowadays, people are busy with their work and don’t have the time to watch long commercial ads.
  • Crucial information: The videos are made to provide the customer with information about the company and the products. They should showcase the certificates received by the company.

The video production uses 24 Frames to make the videos. The video production promotes the growth of the company and helps them to sell the products widely to interested customers. They help to viral the videos and make short and attractive one. The company should showcase all their certificates so that the customers can trust them easily. The production has a range of services to create a unique video. They should focus on the content.

Evan Dombroski- Essential Photography Tips for Autumn

Autumn gives you an extensive range of photographic opportunities, especially for those who love colorful scenery pictures. The landscape has many hues, which is why it is regarded as one of the most favorite seasons of several photographs.

Evan Dombroski- how can you capture beautiful images of Autumn

Evan Dombroski is a nature photographer from New York who is fond of capturing wildlife, landscapes, and urban green spaces. According to him, when it comes to autumn photography, the days are often dull, so it is here that you should take advantage of the sunrise and sunset to capture great pictures.

Autumn is the ideal time to capture pictures as the colors are very vibrant. The following are some tips to help you make the best photographs during this season-

Plan the trip: The journey starts when the leaves on the trees begin to shed their leaves. The landscape will always light up when the sun stays low during sunrise and sunset. This gives rise to a picturesque glow and enhances the atmosphere. So, you can plan to go on a trail where you have plenty of trees that give you the scope to capture several colors of the season.

nature photography in black and white?

Capture the elements of water-Remember water elements during Fall have a unique appeal of their own. The most significant advantage of water is its ability to reflect light on the surroundings that you capture. So, do not forget to capture these elements when it comes to your photography collection for the season.

Fog and overcast: Autumn is a season where you do not have sunlight every day. This does not mean that you cannot have good photographs. The light here is ideal, especially during the hours of sunrise and sunset. You can take pictures on fog and overcast days as well. When it comes to nature photography, capturing woods, streams and rivers are the best subjects for autumn photography on foggy and cloudy days.

Look out for natural frames: You should look for trees, branches, leaves, and other natural elements that can be a frame for your key subject. In this way, you can emphasize the critical matter of the photograph while having a beautiful frame of nature around it.

Avoid direct sunlight: You should never shoot the subject under direct sunlight when you take photographs during autumn. This will hamper capturing a good image as many hard shadows will spoil the final picture.

According to Evan Dombroski, the final tip for autumn photography is to look out for details. It would help if you took the time to scout for even the tiny details that will enhance the appeal of your image. When it comes to the camera you use, you don’t need to have a sophisticated device to capture the image you want. Remember the basics of photography and in case you are new, take time to learn them from an experienced professional. This knowledge will help you enhance the subject even if you are shooting with your Smartphone camera.

Wedding day – Record beautiful memories

Wedding is the most important and exciting event in everyone’s life. The couple dresses with the best design and looks gorgeous on the day of the event. But photographs and video films are the only things that going to last forever. It is essential to record your beautiful memories so that you can enjoy after seeing it later. You can’t remember all thing that happened on your wedding day, wedding videography helps to get your memories back. But you have to choose the right wedding day videographer singapore who don’t even a miss a single thing to record. Before hiring a videographer to keep the below things in mind.


  • Research for the reputable and professional wedding day videographer singapore who specialize in producing wedding day films. When you look for the professionals, they know how to record the event and will not miss the important thing at your weddings.
  • Choosing a videographer can be a daunting task, as you have a wide variety of options. Get suggestions from your family members and read the reviews on the internet to find the right one.
  • You have to choose the wedding videographer who have the required skills, and you are comfortable to work with. As you need to give different poses working with comfortable one helps to get the best outcomes.
  • Before selecting them to ask their previous video films and check the quality. If you have any style of wedding in mind then ask your videographer whether he will work for them. So you have to choose the videographer who is flexible to work with your style.

5 Amazing Photography Applications for the Photographer in You

9 apps provide a great platform for downloading free apps which are otherwise premium and paid for higher amounts of money. 9apps fast download enables the users to get those apps very fast and thereby increasing the efficiency of whole process. Photography is the talent everyone has. Nowadays, phones are equipped with such beautiful lenses and cameras that one can click great pictures on phone. Various editing apps are also available here on 9 apps. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Video Maker – With Photo And Music:

This enables to create a slideshow and to have a gap of few seconds between 2 photos. This also involves slide timings, music and overall background effects. One can click photo as well as select from the gallery to add effects of animations and detailing there. One can arrange things in a beautiful order and can have amazing backgrounds. Different frames can be added and editing can be done and various music and songs can be added to the unlimited amount of photos selected.

  1. Police Photo Suit 2019- Women And Men Police Suit:

This is a complete package of editing and has Hdquality police backgrounds, images and stickers like caps, weapons, bikes, etc. This is termed as best app to provide handsome and beautiful uniforms and images of policemen and women. This is a user friendly app and helps to have a large number of effects like police face filters, colour schemes, hairstyles, etc.

  1. PicsartPhoto- Collage Maker And Photo Editor:

This gives access to a number of frames, images, stickers, etc.  The collage maker provides a large number of templates, frames etc. This also helps to make grid images. The photo editor helps to make out cut outs, crop, stretch, etc. of photos and helps to have an adjustable efficiency. The app also provides access to stickers and remixing various own photos as well. There is another feature called draw and camera which provides access to tools like brushes, stickers and other effects. Various contests are also undertaken on the app, winners of which are provided with new tricks about editing.

  1. Waterfall Editor- Waterfall Frames:

This has amazing waterfall frames, stickers and layouts. These are natural beauty and are located on hilly areas. First of all picture is selected and then unwanted area is cropped, then background is removed so that the waterfall background may be added in place of that. Drag and zoom in zoom out features can be used in order to have easy access and increased efficiency. Also various colour effects can be added to make the image much more beautiful.

  1. Age Face- Make Me Old

The app helps to have a look at the old age face of a person just by uploading a present picture. This is released in 2019 only and is quite trending as more people are curious to know about their old age faces and it is a quite addictive app. The app is just 23.8 M.

If one wants to edit pictures professionally, then one needs to download such apps from 9apps official website that too free of cost.

Canon Rebel T6 Comes With Improvements

Canon Rebel T6 is an updated version of its predecessor, the Rebel XS. This new product is equipped with improvements so you can take better photos. Compared to previous models, this camera offers more benefits. However, Canon still maintains a compact style that is comfortable and easy to use, for beginners as well as professionals. For women with small hands, it would be easy for them to press the trigger button when firing.

The camera is equipped with a Function Guide, which gives beginners advice on how to take beautiful and creative photos. Another advantage of this product is its affordable price. Canon Rebel T6case is made of plastic, therefore, lower price. But the price does not compromise the appearance of the camera. Canon rebel t6 bundle still looks quite reliable and elegant for its price.

Key feature

· Sensor and processor

Compared with Rebel XS, this product offers a higher resolution; Rebel T6is equipped with a 12.6 megapixel sensor. The camera is also equipped with a DIGIC 4 processor, which creates perfect images. This modern processor reduces noise and improves the color of images.

· Creative automatic mode
canon rebel t6 bundle

This mode allows users to easily customize the image style, flash, motion mode and resolution.

· Video mode

The ability to burn Rebel T6is better than Rebel XS. It is capable of recording video with a resolution of 1280 x 720 HD, up to 30 frames per second.

· Flash

Canon Rebel T6has a built-in pop-up flash. It is also equipped with a shoe so you can connect an external flash to your camera and produce images with better lighting. The best way to adjust the flash exposure is to press the quick menu button. This allows you to quickly find the right lighting. If you want to obtain adequate lighting when taking pictures, we recommend that you use an external flash. You can use the flash Canon 270EX II or Canon 320EX.

· Basic function +

This easy-to-use feature allows you to take more creative pictures. Basic + allows you to add an artistic touch to your images with some simple settings. If you want to make a lighter or darker image, this function allows you to make adjustments.

Rebel T6is a good entry-level model. It offers a high quality image, an improved processor and an affordable price. For beginners who want to capture beautiful images every day, this camera is an excellent choice.

Tips to learn outdoor photography

Photography is the best way to capturing the moments on your life and it helps you more when you look back into your memory lane. Plenty of the people around the world are spending their time on the photography as their hobbies. but photography is not a simple thing even the experts on the markets often finds hard to capture the perfect moments with the perfect lightings and the other factors. Learning the photography is not a simple thing but by shedding the efforts on learning them anyone can become a master on the photography.  The photographer must increase the ability to capture the emotions, feelings and try to convey the message in the photographs. If you are one of the people who are waiting to learn more things about the outdoor photography, click here for more details.

 The outdoor photography is very different and the photographer has wide options to take the pictures but it is entirely different from the indoor photography. Before involving in the outdoor photography as a professional, the proper education is what more important for the people.   In this decade, learning anything is not a big deal. Anyone can learn anything.  There are many blogs and the tutorial are available on the internet in which you can learn everything in the photography. The experts on the markets are who write those blogs and the video tutorials. Make use of them to learn something new in your life.  In the tutorials you can learn majority of things on the photography. Preferring those types of the tutorials is one of the better choices for the people.

 Once you finished the entire lesson on learning the photography testing your limits is something more important. It is practically not possible to reach the better place on the life without the good practice. The experience will helps you to acquire more knowledge and lets you to act creative. Keep testing your limits and learn the new things everyday which is will helpful for you act according the latest trend on the society. Make use of those tutorials and learn new things for your life.