9 Must Know Facts about Brahmi (Bacopamonnieri)

9 Must Know Facts about Brahmi (Bacopamonnieri)

Bacopamonnieri is a plant very commonly used in Ayurveda and medicine. It is known for its age-old reputation for its capability to combat stress effectively and also helpful in enhancing memory. This surely is a powerful herb. This herb is known to most of the people as Brahmi, and it acts as an adaptogen. It means that it actually enables the body to adapt to stressful and new circumstances. The following facts display the versatility and power of this therapeutic plant – Bacopa.


  1. Supports the Brain – It is a fact that when people begin to age, they go through a process of brain degradation as well. Certain active compounds in Bacopa which are called as Bacosides are known to have a positive influence on the brain cells and they promote the revival of tissues of the brain. The degeneration of the brain cells can lead to a number of problems such as Alzheimer’s.
  2. Helpful for the liver – Brahmi is known to have certain health-promoting compounds and the brain is not the only organ which derives the benefit from Brahmi. Other body parts such as liver which detoxifies the body is also one of the organ which gets the benefit from this powerful ayurvedic herb. It encourages liver so detoxify the body. As these days the environment is not that clean we need to keep our bodies clean and it can only be done if the natural compounds safeguard the liver for the proper functioning of the same.
  3. Protects against the low blood sugar of the newly born infants – Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is the serious concern when it comes to newly born babies. It can cause immediate damage to the brain which would impair their cognitive and motor abilities in future. Therefore the mothers should consume these supplements which are helpful for the protection of babies against the hypoglycemia-induced brain damage.
  4. Abundance of anti-oxidants – Brahmi is a great source of antioxidants. It also safeguards the body against the damage caused by oxidative or cellular activities. This herb has proven to be excellent source to enhance the antioxidant activity in kidneys and other organs. Therefore this is a great herb and its advantages cannot be denied at all.
  5. Combats swelling and redness – Sometimes, the illness can cause a certain irritation or swelling or redness in the body and if that occurs in the brain it couldn’t be more dangerous. Therefore Brahmi plays a very important role in combating this issue. The reason for this kind of issue is that response of the autoimmune system of the body. Though there are many new therapies which are offering treatment to cure this redness or discomfort but brahmi is hands down the most effective therapy to combat the discomfort.
  6. Encourages normal blood pressure – Brahmi is known to be very effective in managing the blood pressure levels. For those who are seeking relief from this issue would be able to get the benefit from this natural and valuable approach.

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