Wedding Oval Toe nail Designs for Your Perfect Bridal Look

Wedding Oval toenail designs if chosen correctly can turn you into a princess. On your wedding day, you are noticed from head to toe, and that is why the toenail design is also very important. Take a look at these nail art ideas and get influenced by your wedding.

Oval nails are in vogue now. Lots of people consider this toenail shape to be classic. This style is actually timeless and it will always be popular. This nail shape has many benefits. It is very practical and it is not easily broken. If your nails are rather weak, this nail shape is ideal for you. Such nails always look great and charming. That’s why so many women choose it.

Cute Nail Designs for Short Oval Nails

Nail designs for short nails are as attractive as for long ones. Short nails look gorgeous and tiny with an oval nail shape.

Beautiful Pink Oval Nails

If you paint your nails pink, this color will make you look girlish and glamorous. Such nails are best with plain, traditional polishes.


First, you need to file the sides of your nails straight. The document from the advantage of the finger, up against the free advantage of the toenail. Ensure that the edges are even measures.


Once you’ve straight edges, start processing the sides in even arching movements. Working from the exterior of the toenail in, execute a little at the same time on each part. Do not get too document happy, as you could finish up an uneven form.


Finally, finish the free edge by rounding it somewhat. The best form for your fingernails is to imitate the shape of your cuticle line. So the top of your nail should look the same as the bottom.


Give your look an edge by painting your nails in a hot red hue!

Choosing your wedding day nail colour

Neutral, nude or blush tones on a bride always look clean and elegant and they do not distract from your bouquet or ring.

“When choosing the perfect shade, it’s important to look at your skin’s undertones”, Harris-Greenslade continues, “as certain colours brighten skin tones while others can clash or make skin look washed out. Cool skin tones are typically fair and also have blue or red undertones, which often suit pinky nude tones.

“It’s about feeling more comfortable with the space of your fingernails on your big day”, “You do not want to visit and get incredibly long extensions your day before if you are not used to them as you’ll feel clumsy and uncomfortable… and you don’t want to rip your dress! Shoot for medium-length almond-shaped fingernails, elongate the fingertips and which look elegant.”

Poole agrees, suggesting that, in general, “shorter nail beds look better with a shorter, less rounded and more square tip, while longer nail beds can pull off many shapes but look excellent with a rounded or oval tip.”

What to do in a nail emergency

MsMee Experts suggest carrying a “wedding day emergency kit” with you, or in the bag of one of your bridesmaid, to fix any nail-related accidents. It should include the varnish colour you have chosen, a small amount of polish remover and a nail file.

If you do smudge your varnish, they recommend “picking right up a few of the toenail polish remover on the end of your finger and lightly tapping the smudge to even it out. Then, apply a slim coat of color to balance out your toe nail, before applying a slim layer of the top layer; it will look as effective as new.

Remember your handcare

Caring for your fingernails before your wedding shouldn’t just visit your manicure. Harris-Greenslade suggests “getting back in the habit of moisturizing the hands with a good quality hands cream and a cuticle essential oil. Do not forget to cream the hands on the wedding day too, for young looking glowing hands especially for ring and bouquet picture close-ups.”

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