What To Do Legally When Involved In An Accident With A Reckless Driver

Numbers from the World Health Organization indicate that road traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of fatalities among people worldwide. In fact, there’s an estimated 1.25 million people dying every year due to these crashes, meaning that there are at least 4,300 people dying from these accidents everyday. Of these numbers, half of them actually come from what the WHO calls “vulnerable road users,” or road users such as pedestrians, and motorcycle and bicycle riders. These fatalities are often the result of these vulnerable road users colliding with vehicles such as cars, buses, and trucks that are often larger and sturdier. Outside these numbers, 20 to 50 million people around the world either suffer various kinds of injuries or gain a disability as result of these accidents.

While a vehicle accident itself can seem hassling enough, it seems it’s a bit more stressful than usual if you have to deal with an accident with a reckless driver. Dealing with such a driver can make things a bit more complicated depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident in itself, but a few reminders can help:

Get Information, Documentation

After the accident, if you’re safe, immediately try to get as much information as you can about the people and circumstances around you. Whenever you talk to people, always remember to maintain politeness and respect. However, don’t you ever apologize for anything in the accident as they may think of it as admission of fault.

  • Get the names and contact information of everyone in the scene, including passengers, witnesses, pedestrians, and other drivers. Get their license numbers, contact numbers, and other relevant information that may help you get in touch with them.
  • Ask responding officers if you can get a copy of the police report that they file. Ask for their name, badge number and contact information for easier reference.
  • Try to take pictures of what’s happened in the scene. Take pictures of damages in vehicles and other property, as well as injuries that happened to you. This helps you get a better idea on what to show your lawyer and how these can help establish a case.

Consult Legal Counsel

When you have the time, try your best to get in touch with your lawyer immediately. They are the best people to consult when it comes to matters of vehicle accidents, especially if your lawyer in particular has a background on traffic law. They may be able to be the ones capable of knowing just what is best for your particular needs.

  • Always remember that laws differ from one state to the next, which means certain traffic laws that may have particular variations that don’t exist in your particular state. As such, a lawyer can give you a better background on how to proceed with consideration of your state‚Äôs laws.
  • Always remember as well that different accidents have different situations surrounding them, which means no two accidents can be dealt with the same manner. If you have the necessary documentation, a lawyer can help you with the kind of outcome you want.

Your Intention Is Important

Remember that part of the most important legal things to do is to notify your lawyer of your intention and what you want to get out of these circumstances. You can either settle or take the case to trial, and you may have a reason to prefer either option. Explain your decision to your lawyer carefully so they can give you advice on whether or not that choice is good or if there’s a better alternative. Your decision will ultimately influence your other legal actions in the future related to this accident, so be careful with your choice. Click here for further legal assistance.

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