3 reasons to buy a prepaid SIM online

Posted On By Leen Bakker

Are you about to buy a prepaid SIM card? We tell you why you should do it online.

Most people today own a mobile phone, powered by a postpaid or a prepaid SIM card. There are several options in terms of buying prepaid packs, offered by different telecom operators in India.

However, you normally have to go to the mobile company’s store to look at the array of prepaid plans that they have. You can then make your selection and proceed to buy it after making a formal application, submitting address and personal ID proof, and undergoing Aadhaar biometric verification.

This is a cumbersome process, though it does get you the prepaid SIM card you were looking for. Why not do the same thing online, in just a few steps? You can buy a prepaid SIM card online quite easily. Consider the following 3 reasons why you should:

#1 It’s convenient.

There’s nothing more convenient than buying the things you need from the comfort of your home. From your weekly groceries to a new pair of shoes, whatever you need can be purchased online with the flick of a few keys on your smartphone or laptop. The same applies to buying a prepaid SIM card online. Not many telecom operators offer customers the opportunity to do so, but leading brands allow you to buy the prepaid SIM card online after choosing the pack you want. Plus, the entire purchase can be handled online, including the subsequent pack recharges that you do.

#2 It’s fast.

The journey from buying a prepaid SIM card online to actually using it, is a short and hassle-free one online than offline. You don’t need to go to the mobile provider’s nearest store to book your prepaid SIM, fill out an application form, undergo the Aadhaar verification process and wait for the address verification. When you buy your prepaid SIM online, you can place your order for it from your home or place of work, any time you want. You can choose the most suitable pack based on your needs, and have the mobile service provider contact you for the further steps. You will get your new SIM card in about 24 hours and you can start using it the moment it is activated.

#3 The SIM card is delivered to your doorstep.       

Leading telecom operators offer customers the advantage of doorstep delivery of their new SIM card. This means that once you buy the prepaid SIM card online, the company gets in touch with you and delivers the SIM card to your house. The KYC process and other particulars are completed at your residence, and the SIM card is activated soon thereafter.

Always team up with a leading mobile service provider so that you get a choice of competitively-priced packs for Delhi. You will be helped to choose the right plan for your needs, and the SIM card is sent to your home. It is activated within 24 hours of the KYC process being conducted.

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