Is It Beneficial To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney? How Can They Help You?

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Accidents tend to happen at work. A back injury as a result of lifting heavy items, or broken arm from falling off the ladder, these are some of the common examples of work related injuries.

Workplaces of Bellevue are not an exception as well. The workers there can seek professional help of workers compensation attorney in Bellevue in such situations. The laws concerning workers’ compensation permit workers who are hurt on job to receive numerous benefits on the basis of their injury. These benefits include the following.

  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • Wage reimbursement benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Permanent complete disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits

If you too have suffered from a work related injury and are in dispute with the insurance company, then you must hire a professional lawyer to represent your case. After all, you need collecting proper evidence to challenge insurance company that can include requesting independent medical examination, taking depositions, hiring expert witnesses, etc. All these need legal skills as well as knowledge. The following are the top scenarios when you can best be served by opting for a lawyer.

You are having problem in getting the needed treatment

Insurance companies usually delay or even deny approving costly medical treatments like surgery. However, an experienced attorney can put the required pressure on insurance company for approving needed medical treatments in timely manner.

You no longer have the ability to work properly

If you cannot work again, then you will likely require maximizing your workers’ compensation benefits and structure them in such a way that can last properly into your future. In case you ever require changing careers, then you will require secure training in new line of the work. In any case, a lawyer will be able to help you.

Your claim has been denied

There are many reasons why insurance companies can deny the workers’ compensation claims. For instance, they might claim that the injury isn’t related to work or you filed the claim rather too late. You can appeal this denial through the system of workers’ compensation. The process of appeals can vary from one state to other, it needs filing a formal paperwork and using legal tools to collect evidence and present the case at hearing.

Is hiring a lawyer worth it?

Workers’ compensation lawyers usually charge contingency fee rather than charging in typically hourly fashion. Moreover, many of the states place caps on the contingency fees in the workers’ compensation cases. While generally the percentage is between 15 and 25, it may still vary from one state to other. However, these fees can be even low to 10% and as high as around 33% in some of the states. You are much likely to get higher settlement when an expert lawyer is involved.

Overall, lawyers have a deep understanding of the law and they know the ways to negotiate. So, you are ensured to get more benefits out of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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