Simple tricks to play bully anniversary edition games

People of all ages love to play games. Action games are real fun to play as you are the hero of the game. Bully game is one such most interesting action game that will make you feel like you are into the game and the game is completely for you. Bully anniversary edition is the android version of the bully game that is created in the year 2006. Many features have to been added to the previous version of this game.

In this game you will have to navigate through the life of a school student. There are many tough and imbalanced situations occur that has to be handled by the player. Bully is a mini version or sample version of grand theft auto game. So practising a bully game can help you in playing the grand theft auto games successfully. You can win the game by following the tips and tricks to handle the situations in the school in the best possible ways.

bully anniversary edition

  • Make a plan to stay away from trouble. Check at your trouble meter levels such that you will be able to know the strength of your enemies.
  • Try not to commit any trouble, crime, fight or stealing. These reasons might increase the risk and shoots your trouble meter up.
  • To get out of bad situations, just run faster or jump up high to cover long distance. This will help you to get away from the place quicker and handle the situation better.
  • Attend the classes and hit the books early. Making words, finding the missing letters, puzzle solving and other such interesting games are called the books. You need to complete these books.
  • Remember that you are under clock and such that you have to notice the time and act accordingly. Attend the classes as per the schedule. Go to dorm once your classes get over.
  • When some group or gangs bully you, the pick your fights well. The bully anniversary edition is made of excellent graphics such that you will feel like a real fight. Never give up. If its hard try escape moves in fight.