Visit The Website Of Tapshare Now

As the holiday season is up, families and friends will be gathering for great annual exchange, not the gifts but also for some great memories. For taking the photos, the smartphones are the best blessing as they all include easy to use and excellent cameras which people can carry everywhere. Now you can easily upload media from PC or phone to the tapshare vault. You just need to visit the website and can learn more about them. It helps in creating the public or private albums which allows to share private album with many or just one friend. You can also share the precious moments with the one whom you trust and not the strangers.

Hide pictures in vault

Fortunately, you can visit the website of tap share and you can learn about it as how it offers the tools for efficient and quick sharing of pictures without any hassle. This has been around since years and improving rapidly by getting updated timely. It works on all the phones and is compatible with the tablets too. It is available on android, iOs and others. If you are tired of the people snooping your videos or photos when you give them your phone? Then also this site can help which allows all for importing photos in vault and can hide them because a password is needed for logging in.

Protect album or few photos

This also allows all for taking the photos directly. This is best for keeping the photos which you don’t anyone else to see. This is known as photo safe which keeps all private videos and pictures hidden. Have any videos or photos that you don’t want anyone else to see? Then, simply visit the website and learn how can you hide the private videos or photos securely with this. It keeps them safe and allows the user for protecting few photos or even an album. All the secret photos are protected within it and hidden from the potential intruders view.

Locking them is easier now with it. You just need to setup account and login. You can go in first photo album which is created by default and can hit on add button for hiding the photos. All these photos get removed from gallery and then locked in vault. Now you can have your own private photo gallery where you can keep your photos a secret.