Anavar: The Anabolic Booster

Anavar is an oral steroid that has a mild nature, that is, it has no immediate or extreme influence on the body upon consumption and so it is also amongst the safest supplements available for purchase in the market. It is a moderately effective oral supplement for the athletes who want to enhance and boost the speed of gaining muscle mass. As it is a mild supplement,it is amongst the rare steroids that can be easily consumed and worked upon with female athletes and that they can use with a greater frequency. A proper dosage with a proper fitness regimen can give the results you can expect from a cycle.

How it works?

Anavar, called Oxandrolone by the scientists, is a structurally modified version of the dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone, which has an ascending impact on the anabolic activity of the hormone and also prevents the compound from being metabolically broken down, making its influence on the body to be stronger and makes it an effective anabolic steroid that has a natural source. The therapeutic properties of the compound make it effective in the below mentioned ways –

  • It makes the body retain lesser water almost making it negligible, which helps the body in gaining strong lean muscle tissues. So, most of the weight gained is muscle mass during a training.
  • While in the dieting phase of the body it helps the body preserve the lean tissues in the body during an exercise period. Although during dieting some muscle tissues are also lost along with the fat cells in the body and not all of them can be preserved. This steroid prevents the loss of a considerable amount resulting in minimum loss of lean muscle tissues.
  • This supplement helps in greatly increasing the muscular mass of the body, thus increasing the strength of the body along with an appropriate gain in weight; all the results you can expect from a cycle.
  • Pertaining to its properties, Anavar is very effective in terms of increasing the repair and recovery speed of the body and also improving its muscular endurance. For the purpose of gaining weight if there has been severe weight loss due to surgery or infection this is given as a prescription supplement for quicker weight gain.

As it is derived from a male hormone, it shows lower effect on men and more on women, thus it is more efficient for female athletes, though being fairly effective on men as well. But this makes it easier for men to use it more frequently over their fitness cycle. It has a few side effects that include some increase in LDL cholesterol while depression of the HDL cholesterol and mild depression in natural testosterone production in the body.

In the end

Anavar, though not being extremely influential, produces enough impact on the body. It is not very much effective forgaining muscle mass but effectively preserved the gained weight. But it helps in improving performance by increasing strength and reducing fat in the body. This is a very safe supplement for training purposes that has considerable influence on the user. But the use of this steroid has a prerequisite of a healthy lifestyle in order to cope with the mild side effects of it.Anavar is an excellent choice for training purposes as an anabolic supplement.


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