Steel Vs. Fiberglass Doors: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?

Your entry door carries a lot of meaning than anything in your home. It is the main thing your visitors see after the landscaping and the exterior paint of your home. It sets the first impression people get about your home, and that is why it is such an essential element in your home. Another thing is that your front door enhances the safety of your home. The would-be criminals would be motivated to break through a front door that appears outdated and wrecked. Your brand new steel or fiberglass doors send a message that criminals should stay away from your home. Anyway, who doesn’t want to keep his family safe and protected?

So, to choose the best front door, there are various options you need to consider. For instance, what will make you choose exterior fiberglass doors over steel doors? It will all revolve on the following aspects. Let’s take a peek.

  1. Steel Doors.

Some decades ago, if you dared ask someone concerning the best exterior door to use in homes, they will tell you wood without a second thought. Fiberglass and steel was not something that many people thought would be common at one time. However, over the years, we have witnessed fading of wood as the main entry door, and steel and fiberglass doors are slowly replacing it.

Steel Vs. Fiberglass Doors

There are some similarities that steel share with fiberglass;

  • The two materials are resistant to weather and external elements.
  • They require little upkeep after the installation.
  • They offer enhanced energy efficiency, and that implies you would be able to save more with time.
  • They are also less expensive when compared to wood.

Though both door styles are mostly used for commercial purposes, the recent studies show that steel doors tales almost half of the market share. Some of the main reasons why people choose steel doors over exterior doors include;

  • Inexpensive- when compared to fiberglass and wood exterior doors, steel doors are pretty cheaper.
  • When installed, they don’t need regular maintenance.
  • They are strong and hence more secure since they are built with robust material that can last for decades, and that is why it is preferred for commercial purposes.
  • They are also weather resistant. They don’t need to be stained now and then like wood doors, and the weather elements have little impact on them.

However, steel doors have some drawbacks. For instance, if they are damaged, they are hard to repair. If they get scratched and the owner doesn’t notice they may get rust.

One thing that is making steel windows quite popular in residential properties is that manufacturers are starting to manufacture them in wood grain. These windows come in various textures and can be painted in any colour you need, and finishes. So, when you overserve them from far, you may think that they are made of wood.

  1. Fiberglass

There are justifications why many homeowners opt for exterior doors as their top choice when it comes to entry doors. These doors have all the advantage of steel doors and go an extra notch to limit the disadvantages that come with steel.

They closely resemble real wood. Steel doors have tried to use wood grain to mimic would, but they have not managed to resemble it as fiberglass does. Nowadays, you can mistake fiberglass with would even with closer observation.

Some benefits that come with exterior fiberglass doors include;

  • The doors are stained to appear like the actual wood. It is an excellent choice in case you are planning to repaint the exterior of your home.
  • It is rust free- the problem of rusting is quite a common scenario with steel doors. With fiberglass, you are guaranteed 100% rust-free. It is also low maintenance.
  • Lightweight and quiet- compared with the steel doors, fiberglass is quite lightweight. This is one aspect you should think about if you are installing the window for a senior, or someone with a disability. Steel doesn’t produce noise when opening or when being closed.
  • Doesn’t warp, crack or peel off- this is a common problem with wood. Fiberglass is quite resistant to weather elements.
  • Offers enhanced curb appeal.