Jurassic World Mobile Game

We are going to take a look at just why Jurassic World has become so popular. Online gamer are flocking to this mobile game in their thousands allowing people to build their own Jurassic theme park, breed dinosaurs, and arrange fights versus people that have also built their own park.

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Jurassic World Game Play:

The Jurassic world game is one of the biggest mobile games I have seen on a mobile phone or rather a smartphone. The game is actually not overly intensive on your phone either despite its size. One of the most impressive aspects of this game is that it almost mimics games like SIM City, but in the sense that you are building a whole new theme park based on dinosaurs.

Now I am sure there are a lot of theme park building games out there, but I am not very familiar with them, so maybe you would like to leave some comments if you do happen to know any games people would like to know about that are also similar to SIM City but based on a theme park.

Jurassic World Mobile Game

Jurassic World is just that – a game where you are building a world of dinosaurs. What is even more impressive about this game is that you are not stuck in a world on your won. You actually breed dinosaurs and use them to fight against other players in the game that have also built their own Jurassic World complete with dinosaurs of their own.

Once you feel your dinosaurs are ready to fight, you can simply go out there and challenge. The Jurassic World mobile application and game will then connect you to another player on the game, so you can both enter your dinosaurs into an arena and fight it out for bragging rights.

In the arena players take it in turns to take potshots at each other. Players will have the option of attack or defense and they have to outsmart each other. For example, if you have already caused a lot of damage, then on your next attack, you probably want to go for force rather than any shield or defense options. However, if you are badly damaged, you will need to go for more defense or go all out and try to cause as much damage as possible in order to win the fight.

To enter a fight, players must use coins. The coins are clubbed together into a prize pool. The winner will walk away with the prize pool money. The gold coins are used to increase the strength of the dinosaurs in the park and extend the park further by breeding new dinosaurs.

For the most part, you can play this game for free as the game gives away daily gold coins for free. However, if you are really serious about the game and want to unlock some of the game features or if you feel confident enough to fight for big money, then you can top up on gold coins by using your mobile phone bill to pay for more.

This is certainly one of the most impressive free mobile games available right now. The size that the parks can grow to and the fact that it does not take up too much space on your phone means you can have hours of fun for free without hindering your phone performance.

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