Why FMCG Companies Need Social Listening

Fast Moving Consumer Goods that those goods that are sold quickly over the counter. These products usually spend a very low time on the shelf, as they have a high demand and low cost. The general people public “consumes” FMCG products on a regular basis, as they are often considered cheap goods. Most cheap medicines, drugs and instant consumable food beverages are some of the FMCG goods.

Social Listening in FMCG is extremely important for companies. Since the companies that manufacture these types of good already spend a heavy amount on an advertisement, they value customer feedback very highly. Using social listening tools, these companies can get very accurate customer feedback through reliable sources.

Reasons why FMCG companies require Social Listening:

1. It can be used as an effective online form of customer care. Many companies use social media platforms like Google and Face book as an effective tool for solving customer grievances. Interestingly, this trend has grown rapidly in the industry. This not only helps the companies a clean image but allows them to solve customer problems faster.

FMCG Companies

2. A detailed study of the market will help them get better research and feedback. If used correctly, social listening will help FMCG companies get exact customer requirements and demands. This would, in turn, lead to better sales- and hence a better ROI. Many companies often never ask their customers for feedback. This is where companies should improve and start listening to their customers.

3. Social Listening also allows you to control the crisis. Any big or small company can make a mistake. However, a smart company often uses social media to solve a crisis situation. Often, when a company makes a mistake, or is often put in a bad light, the smartest way is to use social media to clear the air with its customers. By effectively communicating their sentiments and desires, the company can help clear the air, thus making their customers believe in them.

4. Social media can also help you gain new customers and users. By effectively using social media, FMCG companies can also gain new customers. Since the internet has a global reach, companies can use it not only to gain new customers but also important feedback from current customers. Companies often run this process through engaging posts, one which prompts the user to do something upon reading the post. Often a common practice is to ask users to upload their selfies of their friends with the said product. This not only gives the brand social media exposure but would also bring new customers through the friend selfie system.

5. Using Social media to engage with the customers is a great way to get brand exposure while spending minimum money on advertisement. Companies often use their social media accounts as an effective way to greet and thank clients and customers. If a company decides to put the product on sale, they can convey this to their customers by social media. They also use these platforms to engage with their customer base- by asking those questions or thanking them for review.