Kanat Sultanbekov- Four Tips For New Construction Managers To Be Successful In Their Careers

Every construction project manager is responsible for supervising and overseeing the project from start to its end. The professional must ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. When it comes to the duties of the construction manager differ from one company to another. However, their everyday duties entail controlling the budget, team management, and communication with the engineers, architects, and owners. They are accountable for scheduling the work and hiring subcontractors. A manager must ensure the equipment and the materials are delivered to the site in time.

Kanat Sultanbekov– communication and team management skills

Kanat Sultanbekov is an experienced and widely respected construction manager from New York, known for his successful track record of completing his projects in time. He leads proactive teams and effectively aligns strategic planning, operational processes, and project risk assessments. Every project he undertakes is supervised with the optimal safety standards, ensuring tasks are done correctly for the first time without errors.

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According to him, if you are a new construction project manager, you should successfully focus on communication and team management. You must have strong organizational skills and a problem-solving attitude to overcome challenges as and when they might surface.

The following are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Planning and scheduling– The construction project can only be completed on time and within a budget. If you plan and schedule time in advance—review plans and the work specifications to understand the scope of the work on-site. Ensure you have sufficient resources to support your project, including tools, workforce, equipment, etc. In case of problems surface, be flexible and make the necessary adjustments to your schedule as needed to suit the project’s demands.

Communication– Every good construction project manager is excellent at the touch, including oral and written. Being proactive is the key; sometimes, a quick text or email is needed to convey your message. There are some instances where you need to communicate to the concerned person face-to-face as well. Your project should have a communication plan as to how information should be shared along with a hierarchy chain so that the right people get the message and no miscommunication occurs in the project.

Tackle one issue at a time– Every construction project will face challenges, and tackling one issue at a time will help you manage conflict and delays. It would help if you exercised discretion to decide which problem needs to be resolved first. Involve your project team when it comes to solving more significant issues as this reduces the downtime in the project.

Time management– Successful project managers have excellent time management skills, so start by writing down the tasks for the day and list them as per their priority. Delegating specific tasks also helps you get the work done in time. Learn to trust and delegate the proper position to competent workers.

According to Kanat Sultanbekovpracticing these four tips go the extra mile in making you a successful project manager. Practice makes you perfect, and always learn from your mistakes to improve the next project!