Homemade chocolate truffles and cakes

The fact is that no one can deny having chocolates. They are the hot favourites of almost every age, be it the children or the adults. Chocolate truffles and cakes are considered to be quite delicious. It can be prepared at the home with minimum effort. According to some, it is termed to be a dish invented exclusively for those not knowing how to cook. It is not necessary for the person to be a specialist in the kitchen for preparing it. The reason is that, with some basic culinary skills, knowledge and having some ingredients, it can be prepared with great ease. Be it the cake or the chocolate, they are sure to be found delicious when carefully prepared. The balls will simply enrich the mouth and offer the taste of chocolate and cream. But to ensure getting the best results, it will be useful to make use of top quality chocolates.

Ingredients required

There are some ingredients that will be required for preparing this tasty dessert. One can also opt for chocolate truffle cake online order if they do not have sufficient time to spend in the kitchen. Chocolate that has 60%+ cocoa is likely to offer great taste. Good quality chocolate of 8ounces will be required. Depending upon individual taste, it can be semi-sweet or bittersweet. It needs to be chopped since big solid piece will not be used. For this chocolate amount, whipped cream of just half a cup will be necessary. The cream needs to be heavy since it will affect the taste of chocolate truffle.

The other important ingredient is vanilla extract, which will offer an essence to the truffles to make it delicious and lovable. Further flavouring options are present that can be experimented like almond, cinnamon, mint, etc. Two cardamom pods and Cinnamon stick can be used for making the truffles all the more appealing. Almond extract of one tsp will be enough for almond flavour. Mind leaves can also be used as alternatives. For chocolate of 8 ounces, mint leaves of one cup will be required.


To begin with preparing the sweet balls, the cream is to be cooked in a saucepan. In case, any flavour is used, then they are to be added in the cream at the time of cooking. The chocolate pieces are to be placed in a bowl. As soon as the cream gets to the boiling point, the cream is to be poured over the chocolate. The mixture is to be allowed for few minutes to stand. The chocolate mixture is called ‘Ganche’. After cooling down naturally, it needs to be placed for about two hours in the refrigerator. Then balls are to be created from this thick mixture. Furthermore, the balls are to be rolled in chopped nuts or cocoa for coating. There will be about 30 to 40 chocolate truffles. It is possible to have the recipe altered proportionately for making less or more of this dessert.

Preparing this recipe at home or ordering chocolate truffle cake online is sure to surprise everyone in the family.