Sharon Deflorio- Staying Happy and Motivated as a Business Development Professional

Business development professionals must be agile, creative, and flexible in their work and build ever-lasting client relationships. At the same time, they are their companies’ representatives and should pay attention to their corporate image and grooming. There are lots of meetings, networking, and retention of existing clients involved in their work, involving a lot of stress, deadlines, and traveling. To stay motivated, they should take frequent breaks, and do what they like, for example, pursue a hobby or an interest close to their heart.

Sharon Deflorioan expert in business development 

Sharon Deflorio is from Norwalk, CT. She is an expert in business development known for her fantastic track record in generating qualified leads, building long-lasting client relationships, and being innovative with new ideas to boost the revenue of the organizations she has worked with. She creates strategies for lead generation and ensures they bring positive company results with a focus on exceeding performance targets and increasing revenue. Regarding relationship building, she invokes trust and builds a strong rapport with all her clients to form a value-added bond. Thanks to her experience in the industry for several years, she is an agile, creative, and highly flexible professional. She adapts to the dynamic changes in the industry without any inhibitions.


Pursuing other personal interests in life

Just like her professional life, she also gives equal importance to her personal life. She is actively involved in charitable causes and fundraising for programs that create awareness and puts an end to the social evil of child abuse and neglect. She supports causes linked to research in cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The key to happiness is good and sound health

Professional success alone will not make you happy in life. Besides your professional life, you also have your personal life to take care of. You only spend some time at work, and the remaining time you have on your hands should be devoted to yourself.

Happiness is the state of mind, and when you invest in yourself, you can pamper yourself with the things you love. Besides happiness, you should also focus on your health. Stress and work pressure take a toll on your physical health, and this is where you must invest at least 30 minutes a day in exercise.

Exercise helps you keep the body fit and active round the clock. You can embrace any activity you like, for instance, jogging, swimming, walking, joining a gym, and working out with a personal trainer. If you are not fond of exercise, you can indulge in a sport you love like Sharon Deflorio.

She is a multi-sport athlete who loves swimming, playing tennis, and running at half-marathons. Besides exercise, you should also focus on a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Hydration is essential, so drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Ensure you rest and sleep well to keep the stress hormone cortisol at bay daily!