5 Types Of Men’s Jeans You Can’t Miss Out To Have

Every Man has a pair of jeans that he just can’t get enough of. When we think about men’s fashion we usually see jeans, trousers, shirts or T-shirts. Females’ likes to think that there is no complexity to men’s fashion as if we don’t put any input in the way we dress. Contrary to this popular belief, men too have a variety of fashion options to get confused with. And now the dawn of fashion seems to take it up a notch higher, as the fashion industry is putting its focus on men’s fashion. Surprisingly there are 5 different types of jeans that the fashion world can’t stop talking about; these should most certainly be in your wardrobe. Or the chances are that the fashion police might arrest you. You can buy them from anywhere, from you local mall or you can choose any brand and buy Buffalo jeans online.

Given below are different jeans styles for you to explore and decide whether you would skip or like to keep this style in your wardrobe.

  1. Skinny Jeans

Well, these skinny jeans will deliver you the perfect fit, sticking tight to your body. Choose a stretchy fabric and you will feel comfortable and stylish the whole day, without any effort. You can wear them with a formal shirt or a Hoodie or T-Shirt, there is no restriction, on pairing anything with these jeans. Skinny jeans have become a staple of modern day fashion in today’s men’s wardrobe. Caution: avoid wearing it if you have large body frame, as it can make you look even taller, intimidating everyone around you.

This has been in fashion since its invention and it doesn’t seem like it will be going out of style anytime soon. Even the formal trousers have started adapting the skinny fit design. These Jeans were like the ultimate revolution of the denim industry which completely erased belly bottom and flared looks from the fashion world.

We assume that you already have at least two pairs of these jeans in your closet, if not, then we guess you don’t like the skinny fit of these Jeans.

  1. Slim Jeans

If you are a fashion addict then you already love the pair of slim jeans in your wardrobe. Unlike skinny jeans, they completely cling to your legs, without leaving any space for the skin. They are amongst the most popular style which is being followed all around the world. You will see everyone in Hollywood to Korean to French Film industry following this trend.  It delivers a more casual look and if you choose the right fabric, you might end up liking it more than your skinny jeans. Anyone from a short to a larger framed guy can experiment with this style.

Club you shirt or your t-shirt with these jeans and you have a perfect look for a boy’s night out.

  1. Straight Jeans

This Jeans was probably invented for the guys who refused to wear skinning or skin jeans. These jeans are like the perfect comfort outfit. Nobody can go wrong with a pair of straight fit jeans. They can be considered as a lazy outfit for the guys apart from their Boxers and Pajamas. The flattering cut of straight jeans looks good on almost every guy. Even men with larger frames look good in this denim.

Wear them with a shirt, and redefine your look by rolling up your cuffs, to get the classic sexy look.

  1. Ripped Jeans

This Jean style literally screams comfort. Distressed or ripped jeans are the staple fashion in the market currently. This is a must have, especially for this summer season. They will help deliver you an airy feel while also giving an edgy fashionable look without much effort.

Wear them with a solid colored T-Shirt and accessorize your look with shades, and you will be ready to go on a date. This is a perfect outfit if you are a college student. However, just ensure to choose decently distressed denim as too much skin might just take its magic away. You can wear them with a pair of boots with a button down and we guarantee you will be getting some glances.

  1. Bleach Out or Acid Washed Jeans

80’s Fashion is slowly coming back in style. If you are a fashion lover, you must be happy about this comes back. Denims can get a little boring but with these acid Bleach jeans, you can actually take pleasure in wearing these different patterned and styled jeans. As compared to the 80’s style, today they are more refined and chic, which makes them more relevant. You can club these jeans with a white pullover with a regular pair of shoes.


Try out these styles and make some changes with your wardrobe. Deep down males are also just as fashionable as females. So explore your style and step out of your comfort zone. These 5 types of denim are must-have in your wardrobe this season. You can also experiment with Dungarees if you feel a little daring, as you will never find anything more stylish and comfortable than them.  The best part about jeans is that you can wear them with anything from your casual to formal attires. Comfort and style go hand in hand so keep that in mind and you are able to confidently walk in style wherever you go.