A futuristic view about advanced technologies

The advanced technologies are always received well by the people but the performance, advantages and the disadvantages of the advanced technology is known only when people uses it in daily life. Otherwise any advanced technology that is not used in everyday life is not much known to the people and even people don’t want to consider it. The technology world is always ready to amaze the people with their inventions how it is useful for their daily life matters a lot for the people. In fact mostly people want to have the advanced technology that takes their place and do all the needed things for them.  We can say that technology always makes a small or a big impact in the lives of the people and in the society.

List of advanced technology that will rule from this year

Artificial Intelligence

It is believed by the technical people and those who could sense the impact of the advanced technologies in our society, that artificial intelligence will rule the natural intelligence of the people in this generation. The people who trust devices and equipments will follow the artificial intelligence devices that will make the works easy and save the time but the people who use it should trust and use their natural intelligence also. The artificial intelligence devices and machines will receive the input as per the ambience and give the output based on that which will be most probably accurate. One of the examples of artificial intelligence in the recent technology is Google now by Google.

Advanced materials

The best and appreciative thing is that the advanced technology will help the people by bringing the advanced materials like recyclable plastics that can be used in the mobile cases and other devices. There is no harm in using it since they are recyclable and the example of advanced material is thermo plastic which is recyclable and can be reused. Gorilla glass over the mobile phones is also the advanced material used by consumers every day.

Smart objects

This going  to be really challenging and amazing that the camera, mobile phones, alarm clock and devices, music players, wifi devices and many other devices will become smart devices that will behave like a personal assistant to us. They just obey our words and operate according to that and we don’t need to operate it using our hand. People use these kinds of advanced devices in their home, office and when they drive. Just by receiving the commands it gives the needed output which is really amazing.

Bio security

This is going to be installed in all the places, the finger prints of the person and the eye sight of the person will be scanned and the complete details of the person and anything related to his work or project will be saved in the database. All the needed details will be taken only if the person is available. This ensures a tight form of security to avoid data theft and hacking in various aspects.

Thus the advanced technologies provide advantages and it has already started to rule but there are notable disadvantages too.