What’s brewing this Summer? Find Fresh Craft Beer at these 7 Microbreweries in Delhi/NCR!

The taste of freshly brewed mug of chilled beer on a hot, dreary day is something you would not want to miss. Every note of the freshly brewed beer is enhanced with barley and a distinct oaky aroma. The impeccable taste of the hops as you chug down your choice of ale is a high only beer lover can experience. If you are a beer aficionado, a lager lover in Delhi or NCR, then there’s some good news for you.

The below-listed microbreweries in Delhi/NCR will not only quench your thirst with their freshly brewed beers, but also give you something to look forward to after a long day at work.

7 Degree Brauhaus

Located in the South Point Mall of Gurgaon, 7 Degree Brauhaus takes you on an incredible journey of Bavaria, Germany through its freshly brewed beers. Their specialties are the 7 Degree Lager, 7 Degree Wheat, 7 Degrees Special and 7 Degrees Master’s Brew, all of which have a great depth of flavour.

Vapour Pub and Brewery

A brewery chain in India, Vapour Pub and Brewery is located in Mega Mall, Gurgaon. They specialise in blonde, dark, lite and wheat beer. This place is a favourite among discerning beer drinkers, and rightfully so. If you are not in Delhi/NCR, there are many flights to Delhi from all major cities in India, so make some plans with your local friends and make a visit before the end of summer. If you want to stay for a longer time, you can opt for cheap hotels in New Delhi for a comfortable stay.

Torgauer Brewpub

Torgauer Brewpub is located at Raheja Mall in Gurgaon and is a huge hit with office-goers who like to chug down freshly brewed chilled beer after long, hard day at work. It offers a vibrant varieties of Lager Bier, Weizen Bier, Dark Knight Bier and Land Bier.

Soi 7 Pub and Brewery

One of the few microbreweries in DLF Cyber Hub, the centre of all things hip and happening, Soi 7 serves not only a wide range of craft beers, but also hosts entertainment events all through the week. Its outdoor seating area is another reason why it’s a fan-favourite destination.

Adda by Striker

With a terrace seating, Adda by Striker is another popular pub in Gurgaon that also has a microbrewery of its own. It brews its very own ‘Adda Craft Brew’ in three flavours : Premium, Wheat and Dark and specialises in authentic and astounding Mexican food.

The Brewmaster

Located in Kirti Nagar, The Brewmaster offers a wide range of options, the best of which are Amber Beer (premium beer), Blonde’e Beer (smooth light wheat beer), Brunette Beer (dark ale beer), Cheetah Beer (dry stout ale with coffee flavor) and their signature style Brew Master Brew which changes every week. These come in many sizes; you can choose from British Pint (0.5 litres), Beer Bazooka (3 litres), Pitcher (1.5 litres) and Triton (5 litres).

Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange

Manhattan Brewery & Bar Exchange is more than just beers, there’s gaming, electrifying live music, and a bar exchange where prices of alcohol dip and increase just like the stock market. They specialise in Belgian wheat beer and it’s absolutely amazing.

Don’t wait for the weekend, give your weeknights a reason to be happy, ‘beery’ happy!

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How to Know If the Cheese Is Bad

The cheese is a food derived from milk of different animal we usually consume almost daily. Thanks to its great benefits it is consumed by children, adults and the elderly within a healthy and balanced diet. It can have different textures, depending generally on the type of milk used and the time of healing; each variety has a different shelf life before it ceases to be suitable for consumption.

fresh cheeses

Steps to follow:

1    The first thing you should do is check the expiration date of the product. When you go to the supermarket to buy food, it is important that you look at the expiration date to avoid buying expired products, it is also interesting to plan how much you think you will take to consume a product and acquire food by its expiration date valuing that premise. Some products can be consumed after their expiration date without risks but in the case of cheese it is better not to do so, even if it has a good smell, appearance and taste.

The cheese should always be kept in the refrigerator. According to the Canadian Association for Consumer Education on Food Safety, cheeses that have been exposed to room temperature for more than two hours should not be consumed.

2    Mold, a change in the color, smell or taste of the product are symptoms that the cheese is not in good condition. To avoid problems it is better not to consume it but we can determine some exceptions.

Creamy or processed cheese with mold or changes in its appearance, taste or smell should not be consumed. In contrast, heavier cheeses that have a bit of mold can be eaten if that layer is removed and a little more.

In case of doubt about the expiration date, either because it has disappeared or its original packaging has been removed, guide yourself through your senses. Usually, if you do not know the expiration date but suspect that it has not expired yet, smell, observe and test the product. If it has its usual appearance, smells like always and knows the same way, the product will be in good condition.

3    To keep the fresh cheeses properly, remove their original packaging and place them in a plastic Tupper with airtight seal. At the bottom, put a piece of kitchen paper to absorb the liquids released by the product. Change that paper from time to time so that it does not rot. In addition, depending on the type of cheese, its conservation must be one or the other:

The fresh spreadable cheeses presented in terrine should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed before they oxidize.

The soft cheeses Brie or Camembert type should be stored in the refrigerator in their own vessels, as well they are preserved.

The hard cheese wrap in plastic wrap and leave in the fridge.

As we give you more tips on how to preserve the cheese.

4    The fresh cheese can be taken directly from the fridge but, in the case of other types of cheese, it is better to let it temper an hour before consuming them. The flavor of the cheese is much more intense and that way we will be able to appreciate in an optimal way the qualities of the product.

If we have forgotten to temper the cheese, we can give it a microwave touch a few seconds. You should never let it melt, just remove the cold from the fridge.

Now you know how to differentiate when the cheese is bad and when it is not , how to keep it and how to consume it, so you can enjoy a healthy and natural food that you should not miss in your diet, take advantage!

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Beat the traffic woes and long queues with Indian food delivery services

The kingdom of dreams is housed in the IT city of Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram. It has numerous IT parks and entertainment parks as well. The population and pollution woes are never ending when one wants to dine out with family and friends. A city which lives the culture of “work hard and party harder”, best utilizes the Indian food delivery services. It becomes a distant idea to start from home in the evening, make plans to have a get together and then discuss upon the menu, wait for at least forty five minutes and then finally satiate the burning desire for food. In such a scenario the wisest option is to order food online. Gurgaon offers a variety of options ranging from Thai to Lebanese to Indian menus.

Indian food deliveryservices have gained immense popularity and have made the restaurants and food hubs the best 3AM friends. The reason for this is obvious, young blood prefers a hustle free lifestyle. They want to enjoy Chinese Noodles from a Chinese food specialist like Mainland China, but want to escape the traffic woes and waiting queues. The ease of placing an order for food online in Gurgaon, has made it more prevalent and the obvious choice. Also the focus on quality service and quick delivery by the food vendors has added a cherry on the cake. Not, to forget how online orders for food are now clubbed with movie tickets or a visit to some entertainment park.

Indian food delivery

The zeal to celebrate life a little more and strong believe in YOLO (You Only Live Once) philosophy, has made the young working professionals top rating customers who opt to order food online in Gurgaon. Moreover, they are accustomed to make random plans for parties or get together. Be it old friends reunion or celebration of childhood memories, the best option is to order a favorite pizza from the nearest Italian Outlet and have the gossips, dance, music and much more at the comfort of home with no track of time. Also if some people choose to booze a little more than normal, then they can be taken care of. Contrary to going out to some late night pub and then caught by the traffic police for driving being drunk, this is a better and safer option. Also the enjoyment can be doubled with some prior arrangements for the party lighting and sitting arrangements.

It is important to mention here that, despite the fact Gurgaon has one of the best malls like ambience mall, DLF mall, etc. the popularity of online food is unaffected. It is the tourists or people new in Gurgaon, who visit these places. The people who call Gurgaon their home, prefer to beat the long waiting hours on road with the easy option of ordering food online. To add to the worth of money, being spend there are sites like Zomato, which provide honest ratings and reviews from real customers. This helps in making better food choices for a special perfect evening.

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What to Do in the U Street Corridor

You’ve just arrived in Washington DC, and you’re now wondering where you want to go. You’ve already visited the White House and Lincoln Memorial, and you’ve already been to the National Museum of Natural History. It’s still a few days before your return trip back home, where should your feet lead you next?

Have you heard about the U Street Corridor? It’s one of the metropolis’ most vibrant places filled with history, food to eat, and places to go. The area dates back to the 1870s, it was the center of the city’s African-American community. Back in the early 20th century, the location was even dubbed as the “Black Broadway” because of its many black cultures. Even Duke Ellington called the neighborhood his home. Read on to know some of the top spots in U Street that you should definitely check out.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Do you fancy a spicy treat that’ll sizzle your senses to its core? Then you have to try out the yummy treats served at Ben’s Chili Bowl. This restaurant first opened its doors back in the year 1958. Even though it’s been decades since it started, the owners of the place continue to refurbish and remodel the place to keep up with the times. This family-owned restaurant even has some famous customers found on their list, include Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis.


One U st bar that you should definitely visit is Gibson, but it’s not your typical modern-day bar that you might initially imagine. Head inside and fill your head with the sounds of dub bossa nova. You can even watch hipsters at play during some nights. The location might be difficult to locate, especially if you’re new to the area. Start your search by looking for an unobtrusive doorbell that’s just right next to Marvin. Once you’re inside, you can savor your palate with the best cocktails the city has to offer.


Do you fancy filling your closets with a new wardrobe from Washington? Then you’d best head to the Treasury. This is a shop specifically made for the stylish individual. Head inside, and you’ll find an incredible array of hat, handbags, footwear, and clothes. It’s a treasure trove for those who love the vintage look. You can even head to the second floor to marvel at the recast vintage jewelry on display.

Take note that this list is by no means extensive because there’s a bunch of other things that you can see, do, and experience while you’re on U Street. The only thing left to do is to experience all of it for yourself.

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