Soka Gakkai International (sgi)- Transforming Lives with Nichiren Buddhism

There are many followers of Buddhism across the globe however there is one organization that brings these peaceful members together to create a network that extends over 12 billion people. Soka Gakkai International is the name of this diverse community that has been changing lives ever since its inception in 1975 by Daisaku Ikeda.

Soka Gakkai International (sgi)- Teaching members the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism

Soka Gakkai International (sgi) preaches to its members the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra. Nichiren was a prominent Buddhist who spread the teachings of Buddha is 1222 AD. His teachings are based on the fundamental belief that the Buddha lies in everyone. Everyone has the potential and the power to discover the ultimate Buddha in himself or herself. Every person in this world has infinite compassion, wisdom and courage. He or she is able to address all the challenges and hindrances that come in the way with the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism.

 President of Soka Gakkai International

Promoting global peace and compassion

The members of Soka Gakkai International meet at discussion groups that are held regularly in the homes of their members. They practice the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and chant together the powerful mantra Nam Myoho Renge Kho. This mantra is related to the mystic law of cause and effect. Everyone is a part of this mystic law and dances to the rhythm of life. Every member shares his or her experience in these groups and they get the support from other members to address the challenges in life they face. The groups of SGI also focus on global peace and nuclear disarmament. They believe that war is not the ultimate solution to life. There are issues however they can be solved with peace, compassion and wisdom.

Violence and war are not the solution to global conflict

If you take a look at the world today, you will find violence and conflict in nearly every part of the world. The people of the world are being wronged by a few that seek dominance, power and control. The levels of bitterness and terrorism are rising. War is the ultimate solution for these individuals however will it actually bring global peace to people and the world?

The members of Soka Gakkai International (sgi) have the main mission of spreading peace. It is a community of love and compassion. Nuclear weapons do not solve conflicts – they are worsened. The ultimate solution is to look within as deep inside wisdom will guide the way and bring out the true nature of man – love. The members of SGI are preaching the message of love. In the USA, there are over 500 Chapters with over 100 centers in different locations in the nation. Members meet here on a regular basis as they gather to look deep inside and find answers that lead to global peace, love and compassion not only for themselves but for others in the world as well. The community is expanding day by day as more and more are joining the movement to make their lives worthwhile and happy!

Sadigh Gallery – 3 Techniques That Experts Help Determine Whether An Ancient Artifact Is Genuine

The artifacts and relics which experts collect from various archaeological evacuations from around the world help human beings to connect with the past. Historians can only theorize and suggest the cultures of such bygone eras and how people during such time would go about their daily lives. However, the objects archaeologists uncover offer a tangible way of visualizing the evolution of human beings during such centuries and where they came from. This is the reason why collectors of all ages consider the hobby of buying ancient antiquities and artifacts a rewarding passion to pursue even if demand always exceeds supply. Unfortunately, counterfeiters and forgers go out of their way to take advantage of the situation by coming up with convincing replicas of various ancient artifacts to sell to such buyers. In the process, they earn their living by deceiving such individuals.

Sadigh Gallery – 3 techniques that experts use to determine the authenticity of an ancient artifact

Sadigh Gallery is a prominent family-owned art gallery in New York specializing in selling genuine ancient artifacts to general public. The experts say even professionals in this field have a very hard time distinguishing genuine ancient artifact from a fake. However, in recent years these specialists have come up with certain foolproof techniques that can help to determine the authenticity of the ancient artifacts, artworks and relics they find during their evacuations in different part of the world. These are as follows:

Distinguish Original Ancient Artifacts

  1. Use of various form of X-rays

Experts in the field first carry out a thorough investigation that can give them clues to the origin of a particular ancient artifact by analyzing its properties. They try to gain as much information as they can without having to resort to methods that can potentially damage the object. This is the reason why they rely primarily on techniques such as X-ray radiology, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) and optical microscopy. In certain cases, they may even use scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to determine which period the artifact is from. Forgers and counterfeiters have the necessary skills and craftsmanship to create such convincing replicas of such antiquities. However, they inadvertently overlook critical aspects that cannot fool the eyes of an expert.

  1. Radiocarbon dating

This is a popular technique a proficient archaeologist uses to determine the authenticity of artifacts and antiquities made of organic materials. It involves breaking up certain irrelevant parts of the object to accurately assess which age its belongs to. When an expert examines a fake artifact with this technique, he/she can easily spot various type of inconsistencies.

  1. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Experts from the scientific community are aware that various types elements found on this planet burn with their own distinct flame. Archaeologists use this principle to determine whether or not the artifacts that come in possession of are fake. They usually burn a certain portion of object to assess the color of the flame it produces. This is gives an indication of elements it contains and whether it belongs to a particular age.

The experts from Sadigh Gallery say the above scientific techniques go a long way in determining whether an ancient artifact is genuine or not. They also advise collectors to buy such items from dealers with a good reputation in the market. This ensure that get value for the money they are spending.

Producing Contemporary Art by Mark Borghi Fine Art Miami

Contemporary art is usually understood as art that’s existing, or art that has been produced lately. As an artwork ages, it is not known as modern-day anymore. It becomes historical.

Generally, art that is produced in the 20th Century onwards are well thought-out to be contemporary art. But it is difficult to grade an artwork as contemporary simply based on time only. What happens if an artwork is created based on prehistoric ideas? Would that art piece be considered as modern art? Hardly!

For an art piece to be extensively documented as contemporary art, modern ideas should be adopted when creating modern art. This has something to do with the fruition of art. Any person who studies the chronological records of art would be able to comprehend how contemporary ideas happen. When creating art, there are a few rudiments that describe that artwork. The technology adopted, the techniques adopted, the medium used, and the notion that is adopted. For instance, modern techniques may include particular brush strokes. Structures are created using single brush strokes. A single painting can be finished in minutes using this method. Due to its swiftness, this method has gained popularity very rapidly. In addition, more and more art pieces are created using highly developed software. Such software can create 2D or 3D digital artwork very promptly and the images are much more distinct than a conventional artwork.

But artists who still wish to stick to conventional painting tools such as canvases or paper still have to pick a medium to work on. As acrylic paints are non-toxic, water-based and fast drying, many artists have made it their selection of paint medium.

According to Mark Borghi Fine Art Miami, what seems to fit into the perception of contemporary art involves speed, simplicity, and convenience.

Producing Contemporary Art by Mark Borghi Fine Art Miami

To a greater extent, people see digital art prints because it is so convenient and fast to turn out artwork on computers. People make out more and more artists turn to fast drying mediums because art pieces can be done faster. That is the fundamental nature of modern art.

As for modern concepts, that can be a little tough to take hold of. That is because it is hard to categorize any idea as contemporary as ideas are subjective and formless. What is contemporary for one may not be so for another. The most expedient way of classifying concepts is to utilize time. For example, any theory that is born in the 20th Century and beyond is classified as modern.

So the subsequent time you are producing modern art, keep these four elements in mind. What methods are you adopting? Are you using any contemporary technology for your creation? What paints will you be utilizing? And ultimately, how contemporary are your concepts? One way of collecting essential information about Mark Borghi Fine Art Miami is to make general research work in the internet. Other sources include magazines, libraries etc. which can give you your required information on art. When you can answer these questions, you have by now answered the question of how modern is your art.

Here are the Ethical Issues Listed by Adam Quirk FBI While Hiring Private Investigators

Solving the cases that reach the court is essential to bring justice, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. At times, the private investigators and attorneys tie up a partnership in accumulating the evidence together and bring a concrete solution to an ongoing case. Being a lawyer, private investigators like Adam Quirk FBI has always their helping hands extended and offer great assistance to all their clients in having any background check, fraud analysis or any specialized research that might be needed. Going by the standards, one can easily understand that anyone cannot turn out to be a private investigator at random, and hence there are special skill sets which is essential to carry out an investigation and come up with a concrete result.

However, hiring the private investigators is not so easy, and hence there are ethical complications involved while hiring the investigators. Before hiring any professional investigator, there are specific codes of conduct which needs to be carried out, and also the professional responsibilities need to be known. These private investigators are expected to put in some effort so that you get a complete track over those individuals whom you suspect and ensure that they perform according to some regulations.

But when the lawyers and professional private investigators like Adam Quirk FBI are being hired, there is a complete unison, and hence knowing how they work in a synchronized manner. And the fact that these two persona work for the better benefits of their clients, allow them to give a combined effort. Both work to look at each other’s back. While the private investigators ensure that not a single ground is left open, the lawyers make sure that these investigators follow every rule of the State. Even though the duties and limitations are set in front of them, they use the best of their knowledge and experience to come out with the best result possible.

Common Problems That Adam Quirk FBI Believes One Might Face With Investigators

While these lawyers and investigators work together, it is essential for the lawyers to understand the entire process through which the investigators work. Right from carrying the basic ground search to gathering the evidence, every process needs to be carried out complying with the law of State. So it is essential that the lawyers and investigators have a fair chance of communication and speak about the case in details.

If the investigator carries out with his search and process much before the lawyer has written down the legal process, there might be discrepancies. Also if the lawyers come with the limitations even without knowing how the investigator thinks of the progress of the case, both will only come across each other’s path which might be a significant hindrance. Hence, knowing the process of operation and carrying out the investigative process is what the primary concern should be.

Some Essential Tips for Applying for Canadian Visa

Shifting to some other country had always been a challenging task for the migrants. There are many things which you need to take while the entire process goes on. Even a slight mistake will make the processing very late and this may land you in problem while moving to another country. But there are many top immigration consultants for Canada who will help you in the entire processing. There are lots of rules and regulations which you need to follow while you are all set for the immigration. If the processing is done in the right way it hardly takes 2-3 weeks to get the visa in your hand.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada these are few things that you need to know and keep in your mind:

  1. Check your eligibility- Eligibility is the something which matters a lot when it comes getting a migration visa to Canada. Without proper eligibility you will not be able to fill the form meant for migration. Try finding out first of all which kind of visa you are trying to apply for. It also depends on the origin of the applicant. The application of visa completely depends on the government norms. You should first of all find the criteria of your country.
  1. Research- Try of know as much as possible about what all is required during the entire process so that you could be prepared beforehand. All the research work has to be completed few days before you apply for the migration so it you do not land in problem. Last minute hassle will make things go wrong. If you want to research on the entire process you should look for the tips and rules published last year in terms of immigration consultancy.
  1. Prepare all the documents- Before applying for immigration you should first of all be prepared with all the required documents. They will be you first form of support in the new country you are migrating to. Make sure that you have filled all the details carefully if not this may land you into problem. Even if a single document is missing you may land into problem when you reach there.
  1. Keep checking the website daily- Once you have applied through immigration consultancy to need to keep checking the website about the notifications about your application. In case if miss any of the notification you may face some problem in the time of application. Checking the website daily will keep you updated about your form application. Depending on the country the website keeps on changing the notifications. They come up with very good opportunities for the one seeking for migration to Canada.

Top migration consultants for Canada turns out to be very helpful for those who are seeing for migration to Canada. They have always their candidates in their best possible ways. Consulting them can make you migration much simple and easy. Their services are quite reliable and convenient. They are like a guiding light for those who are planning for migration.

Important Lessons you Learn from Lord Krishna’s Teachings

The lord Krishna is an eighth form (avtaar) of Lord Vishnu who is worshiped with a lot of devotion not only in India, but across the world. Everybody is aware of the most religious spiritual book, i.e. the Bhagwad Gita that discusses the teachings of Lord Krishna for the whole universe. This book has not only been read by Indians, but is also very popular in other countries as it depicts the universal truths in a beautiful manner. Gita is a part of Mahabharata that was written by a sage named as Ved Vyasa. When the fight of Mahabharata was going on between the Kaurav and Pandav brothers, Arjun one of the Pandav’s brothers lost hope, then Lord Krishna gave him “Gita Gyan” that is also mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita Shlokas. So, there are many lessons for life that you can get to learn from this religious book.

Some of the important life lessons that you can learn from the Lord Krishna’s teachings:

  1. Stay away from thoughts of mine or yours and small or Big:

The teaching of Lord Krishna says that there is nothing like small or big in this world that can create any difference. Everything is materialistic that makes a person greedy and selfish. We stay busy in collecting materialistic things for ourselves that are not going to stay with us after death. So, it is good to get rid of such evil thoughts that keep us in tensions or stress.

  1. Expectations keep coming and going every second:

It is a fact that your expectations might be coming and going every second, i.e. every second, you desire for something new. These expectations insist people to do evil actions. But a human being should not be disappointed by such expectations and should enjoy the show of life. So, one should not fall in the chain of expectations or desires.

  1. Everything happens for good:

Lord Krishna teaching says that a human being should not feel bad about what happened in past and should not worry for future in advance. A human being needs not to worry about the things that have gone away and things that are coming in the future, he only needs to enjoy with what is happening at present.

  1. Devote yourself to Lord Krishna:

We all are aware of the fact that people stay with us till the time we do good for them. If we forget to do good for them, they stop caring for us, but Krishna stays always with us no matter we remember Krishna in our thoughts or not. So, devote yourself to Krishna and you can never be troubled by grief or stress.

  1. Came to this world empty handed and would leave empty handed:

We have come into this world empty handed and we would leave this world empty handed. We have got everything here after birth and we would everything here only. So, one should be satisfied with everything they have and should not be greedy.

The Bhagwad Gita Shloka discusses the teachings of Lord Krishna that always helps a human being to uplift in life and brings positive vibes in the life of a human being. Lord Krishna teachings are a path to the spiritualism that can transform the life of a human being.


Go through these incredible Teddy Day gift ideas to make them cuddle you like never before!

Now that the Valentine season is just around the corner, a lot of the couples are busy deciding the perfect gift for their partner. Although there are certain universal options of gifts to be given around this time of the year, opting for something surprising and unconventional, would only add on to the fun and excitement of the whole season. So before you begin planning on valentine’s gift, you need to know about other gifts that are given in the week before the valentine’s. We will help you with some of the best Teddy day gifts ideas that will make your partner cuddle you more than the teddy itself.

teddy day gifts

  1. Kissing Teddies – Don’t keep your teddy day gifts to simple teddy bears; choose one with a hint of romance or naughtiness. These kissing teddies will surely impress your partner and make them feel that you truly care for them. By giving such sweet and meaningful gifts, you will only make your love more obvious and make them fall for you even harder.
  2. Hugging Teddies – If you do not want to go for kissing teddies, which make your feelings too obvious, you also have the option of hugging teddies. These are as cute as all other teddies you will come across, to be considered as teddy day gifts. These teddies can make your partner feel the warmth of your hug, every time they see these hugging teddies you so thoughtfully gave them. So go give these teddies, and steal a warm hug as well.
  3. Cycling Teddies – Two very cute teddies riding a bicycle is truly one of the cutest teddy day gifts you can give to your partner. If you are the one who gets to spend a lot of time with your partner, you can give this teddy to act as a reminder for all those moments you have spent together. Every time they miss you, one look at these teddy bear will make them feel closer to you.
  4. Cute Red Teddy Bear – Red is the color of this season, so a simple red teddy would be one of the best teddy day gifts to be given on this teddy day to make your partner feel loved. These cute teddies will make them melt in your arms and cuddle you like never before. Make the most of this day to cuddle them all you want. So hurry u and order one right now!
  5. Teddy Bouquet – If there is one gift that is made particularly for this occasion and works best as teddy day gifts, it is the teddy bouquet. This is too cute to not be liked by anyone. If you want your partner to cuddle you like never before, this should be your choice for the perfect gift. You can find this online, packed in a royal blue cardboard box, and is made with artificial flowers. This will most definitely be one of the best and most relevant things you can gift them on the occasion of Teddy day.
  6. Multicolored Teddy Bear – You can opt for giving your partner two simple multi colored teddy bears, you can also pair them with a greeting a card or a cute key chain. One of such package is available is online, with pink and brown teddy bear, along with a greeting card as well as a key chain. This can be the greatest teddy day gifts for your partner especially if you are too busy to go and look for a gift offline.
  7. Heart Chocolate Teddy Bear – This is one of the best 2 in 1 gifts for teddy day. This one is a teddy bear with a special holder for a heart shaped chocolate. So this teddy along with a heart shaped chocolate can form the best teddy day gifts for your partner. And since it is available in red color, it would make your love all the more obvious. So buy this one without much delay, and make sure you accompany it with a heart shaped chocolate.
  8. Pen Stand Teddy Bear with Sandwich Greeting card – This is definitely one of the most innovative and unconventional gifts to be given this teddy day. The highlight of this gift package is not just the teddy bear, but also the greeting card which has been created in the style of a sandwich. If this is your choice for teddy day gifts, you are certainly going to win over to your partner. Make sure you hold them tightly in your arms to get the best cuddle ever.

Teddy day gifts do not have to be very basic and reduced to just teddy bears. You can always opt for pairing them with something else, like a greeting card. And even if you do opt for giving just a teddy bear, opt for something that is not very basic and mundane. There are lots of interesting options available today, which one can choose from. Make the most of these options and select something that is not only loved by your partner, but you as well. A gift should be the one which not only the recipient, but the sender can also be proud of. So make use of the suggestions above and select the best gift for your partner.

Perfect Home Relocation with Packers and Movers Delhi NCR

Moving is always most difficult job to achieve amongst all things, particularly when you are relocating in a distant city or some new area. But that’s not an end, as there are multiple tasks to be accomplished even after a successful move. If you have recently shifted to the new place, where you have absolutely no clue what so ever about things to do after a move, below mentioned important guidelines will assist you to choose priorities after relocation.

  1. Check Kitchen Appliances First

The moment boxes start getting unpacked by the team of Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR, you should first check if your daily use kitchen appliances like stove, mixer grinder, refrigerator, juicer and others are in perfect working condition like before. There is chance of some damage and on time attentiveness will make you illegible to claim for any damage or scratch.

  1. Check Furniture Along with Other Luggage

You are also advised to individually check each moved item, if everything is in perfect shape. Check thoroughly if no scratch or damage has taken place while moving them. You should also compare moved items with the inventory list if nothing has lost or left behind. You need to do it on first priority, otherwise later claims on insurance company may not be reimbursed.

  1. Installing All Utilities Properly

You should check if all necessary utilities are reinstated properly by your moving company. Even if they confirmit, there is no harm to check personally once. You will need them on daily basis, so it is advisable to be absolutely sure. You should also check if shower tabs, water and electricity supply are in proper course. You would never expect your first day in a new home without basic needs like electricity or water supply. Check if all the doors and windows are having easy movements and are having proper lock systems, especially main door locks, as you have shifted with all your treasures.

  1. Check Your New Territory

If you have shifted to a far distance or a new city, then you may not be conscious about the territory around. Check if daily using paraphernalia is available nearby. You would need things like fruits, vegetables, groceries, milk products etc. on daily basis. If you have small kids and pets, then properly check about compound boundaries, if everything is properly fenced without any loop hole. This is necessary for safety measurements.

  1. Contact Insurance Company

You need to get your new home insured from any damage or natural disaster with immediate effect. This is very important as you have invested your life savings to buy this home, so just can’t compromise when it comes to the safety of it. Check online the best available option and call them to get best deal.

  1. Find a school for Children

Two basic provisionsat the new home is a new job and a school for children. These two requirements should have been checked well in advanced before even planning a move. However, if you missed it by chance, then do it as first priority. Get your kids registered in a good school and coaching classes around the area.

  1. Get Friendly with Neighbours

Even if you have recently shifted, try to maintain fix schedule for going to a garden around for a daily walk. This way you will get connected to new people around. This will also help in get to know them better way. Start taking part in social activities like some Yoga camp or Community seminars.

Neighbours are considered as the best relatives in every good and bad, as they are the first one to come forward to help.You will be dealing with them every day so develop loving relationship with them. Try to know them by having interactive dialogues. Take informative help from them to get yourself settled better way. Try to go for walk with them daily and such healthy neighbourhood is always helpful to established happy relations.

Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR

  1. Keep Emergency Contact List Handy

It is crucial to have a list of local numbers, which one always require in emergency situations. It is something which is needed at the time when you are in urgent requirement and cannot afford to find them.

  1. Get a Proper Receipt of Move

If you have hired a professional moving solutions , then after completion of the moving contract, they would offer you a receipt, if not then you should ask for one. Keep all documents and receipts of the move in a proper file at some safe place.

  1. Manage Your Bank

Once you settle in the new home, find a good bank around and open an account. If you already have accounts in the same bank but in different branch, then better you apply for transfer. It is always beneficial to have bank account in nearby branch. You should also update your new postal address in old bank for better postal transactions.

  1. Change the Postal Address

You need to change postal address at some important places like licence, insurance claim, office, telephone diary etc. Whether you are moving within city or outside, your postal address will always be different, which requires to be updated as a priority.

  1. Doctor for You and Your Pet

No one likes to change family doctor, however, if you moved far from your old location, then you are left with no option but to switch to some expert doctor for your family and pets around new location. You may also take help from your neighbours in this matter. This is one of the most crucial need which cannot be negotiated at any cost.


Buy Legal Steroids to Avoid Complications

Due to the increasing demand for performance enhancing drugs it has become quite difficult for authorized manufacturers to provide adequate supply. This has led to the growth of a parallel underground market which imitates the effects of these components to satisfy the growing need of the market. However, potential users should try to avoid any such source as it might lead to severe legal complications arising from dealing with such substance and opt only for those dealers who are licensed and authorized to market such product.

Safe follow-up of steroid cycles

Taking proper safeguard measures is the key to generating the desired impact from the use of performance enhancing components and this should be the concern of every individual irrespective of the purpose of use. While anabolic components are considered to be one of the safest with low-risk therapeutic benefits, there are certain prominent health risks associated with the improper use of these substances. There are five basic considerations which should be kept in mind while making use of such substance. It is highly recommended that individuals below the age of 24 years should refrain from the use of such substance unless otherwise prescribed by a physician.

Every user must take up testosterone as the very first anabolic component in their cycle and should also be incorporated subsequently in every cycle they follow. The cycle length should be kept as short as possible unless otherwise required. The steroid cycle must be initiated with the lowest effective dose and then gradually increased for higher gains. Not more than two anabolic compounds should be stacked during a given cycle unless the user is an experienced professional. Anabolic substances are neither lethal nor safe as stipulated by most people in the steroid community. However, you are liable to strict penalties if you get caught buying them in places where there is a legal restriction.

Making a purchase online

Athletes and professionals who opt to choose for the anabolic androgenic components have a lot to choose from as they are frequently available in the pharmacies, local gym centers and drug stores. However, most of them require the authorization from a professional medical practitioner to legally purchase them from the market since these are mostly available for treatment of physical ailments. This has resulted in increasing number of people opting for the online source to purchase these components to avoid the hassles and complications associated with purchasing them from over the counter.

While most of the stores marketing these products on online forums are legally authorized to do so possessing license for the same some sell it as a health supplement and you will have to face strict penalties if you get caught buying them. While most countries allow steroids to be legally purchased and sold in the market but places like the US and Canada put a legal restriction upon such transaction. The penalties associated with online purchase are even stricter if the source from where it is purchased or the destination to where it is shipped is legally prohibited from doing so.

5 Wedding Rituals a Candid Photographer in Chandigarh Must Capture

The big fat Punjabi weddings are usually full of fun and frolic. As a wedding photographer, you are expected to shoot all the important rituals of a marriage function along with light candid backstage moments, which the busy couple may miss. Think about that voluptuous aunt dancing on ‘Baby doll’ or the secret eye-contact between future couples – you must not miss any of these gems.

While your eye for candid photography will always hunt for casual moments, you need to be equally sharp in capturing the details of important rituals. Hence, it will be wise to note down the ceremonies beforehand so that you don’t miss anything. Here is a list of those all important ceremonies which your Chandigarh client would insist you to shoot:

Roka: This is the unofficial engagement ceremony in Punjabi weddings which happen at the bride’s place. ‘Roka’ literally means to stop and signifies that the search of a prospective groom for this girl is over. During Roka, a group of relatives, including the elderly of the family, come to the bride’s house to bless her along with a variety of goodies like clothing, jewelry, sweets, and cash. This ceremony, however, doesn’t require the groom to be present.

Sagai: Sagai is the official engagement which usually happens a week before the wedding. In a traditional arranged marriage setup, this is the first instance when the couple meets each other. The groom-to-be is greeted by the bride’s father who applies a ‘tilak’ on his forehead. The groom also gets cash and other valuables from his would-be father-in-law.  On the other hand, the bride experiences ‘chunni’ ceremony where her future mother-in-law drapes her with a red/pink decorative veil. Often, she is given precious jewelry as a token of blessings along with. These rituals are followed by the formal exchange of rings. However, in some cases, a ring ceremony never happens at all.

Chura: Chura is the traditional red and cream bangles worn by newly married women in most of the north Indian states. In Punjab, the set of chura is given to the bride by her maternal uncle after the same are touched by the well-wishers present. The bride is not allowed to even see her chura until her wedding day and can wear them once she is fully ready to embark on a new beginning. Once she is adorned with the churas, a traditional ornament called kalira is tied to one of her bangles in each hand by her near ones.

candid wedding photographer

Jago: Apart from sangeet, ‘Jago’ is another occasion which gives the relatives of the couple plenty of chances to sing, dance and make merry. This happens on the night before the wedding day. Copper and brass pitchers are beautifully decorated with earthen lamps and carried over the head by the couple’s maternal aunt. The couple’s folks, along with the vessel, go to their neighbors’ houses and invite them to the festivities.

Pani bharna: While all the previous rituals are solemnized before the wedding, this last one happens once the newlyweds return to the groom’s house. This is essentially a welcome ritual for the bride in her new house. The groom’s mother puts mustard oil on both sides of the entrance before the newlyweds arrive. Once the bride comes out of the vehicle, her mother-in-law does seven cycles of aarti with a pitcher full of water and pretends to drink from the same after each round. The new bride stops her every time and only allows her to drink after the completion of the seventh round. After this, the bride enters the house by overturning a rice filled pitcher with her right toe and leaves her footmarks behind as she walks with her lac-dyed feet – a precious moment a candid wedding photographer in Chandigarh must capture.

So, if you are going to shoot a wedding in Chandigarh, do not miss any of these above rituals. While these may not be as important as the main wedding, they surely add to the emotional quotient of the entire do.