Insights from Thompson Catering and Special Events

Thompson Catering, a leading name in the catering industry, continuously strives to exceed expectations by understanding and adapting to evolving consumer preferences. In this comprehensive data report, we delve into the intricate patterns of beverage consumption trends observed across a diverse range of events catered by Thompson Catering and Special Events over the past year. By dissecting these trends, we aim to offer valuable insights that not only shed light on consumer behavior but also inform strategic decisions for future catering endeavors.


To conduct this analysis, we meticulously gathered data from a sample of 100 events catered by Thompson Catering and Special Events spanning from January 2023 to December 2023. Our data collection methods included thorough event records, post-event surveys, and direct observations by our seasoned catering staff. This comprehensive approach ensured the acquisition of accurate and representative data reflecting actual beverage consumption patterns and guest preferences.

Key Findings:

Preference for Craft Cocktails: Our analysis unearthed a discernible shift in consumer preferences towards craft cocktails over conventional mixed drinks. Impressively, signature cocktails curated by Thompson Catering’s esteemed mixologists accounted for a substantial 45% of all beverage orders, underscoring a burgeoning demand for unique and artisanal libations.

Rise in Wine Consumption: Wine emerged as the undisputed frontrunner in alcoholic beverage preferences, with a notable inclination towards red wine, closely followed by white wine selections. Noteworthy was the preference for premium wine options, particularly evident during formal dining events and weddings, where guests displayed a penchant for sophistication and refinement.

Shift Towards Local and Seasonal Ingredients: Events featuring cocktails crafted from locally sourced and seasonally inspired ingredients garnered exceptional feedback and demonstrated higher consumption rates. Guests expressed appreciation for the fresh, vibrant flavors infused into cocktails and mocktails, reflecting an overarching trend towards sustainability and a connection to the local environment.

Diverse Beverage Packages: Thompson Catering’s comprehensive range of beverage packages, catering to diverse preferences from craft beer enthusiasts to connoisseurs of premium spirits, resonated deeply with event attendees. The flexibility to customize beverage offerings according to the thematic nuances of each event empowered clients to curate memorable experiences that aligned seamlessly with their vision and guest preferences.

Thompson Catering and Special Events

Focus on Sustainability: Events featuring eco-conscious beverage options, including organic wines and sustainable spirits, elicited overwhelmingly positive responses from environmentally conscious guests. Thompson Catering’s steadfast commitment to sustainability, evident in both beverage choices and packaging materials, emerged as a distinguishing factor contributing to heightened guest satisfaction and brand affinity.


The comprehensive analysis of beverage consumption trends at Thompson Catering and Special Events reveals a dynamic landscape characterized by a growing preference for craft cocktails, premium wine selections, and sustainable beverage options. Armed with these invaluable insights, Thompson Catering is poised to continue its trajectory of culinary innovation and guest-centric service delivery, ensuring that each event is imbued with unparalleled sophistication and delight, one sip at a time.