Sharon Deflorio- Staying Happy and Motivated as a Business Development Professional

Business development professionals must be agile, creative, and flexible in their work and build ever-lasting client relationships. At the same time, they are their companies’ representatives and should pay attention to their corporate image and grooming. There are lots of meetings, networking, and retention of existing clients involved in their work, involving a lot of stress, deadlines, and traveling. To stay motivated, they should take frequent breaks, and do what they like, for example, pursue a hobby or an interest close to their heart.

Sharon Deflorioan expert in business development 

Sharon Deflorio is from Norwalk, CT. She is an expert in business development known for her fantastic track record in generating qualified leads, building long-lasting client relationships, and being innovative with new ideas to boost the revenue of the organizations she has worked with. She creates strategies for lead generation and ensures they bring positive company results with a focus on exceeding performance targets and increasing revenue. Regarding relationship building, she invokes trust and builds a strong rapport with all her clients to form a value-added bond. Thanks to her experience in the industry for several years, she is an agile, creative, and highly flexible professional. She adapts to the dynamic changes in the industry without any inhibitions.


Pursuing other personal interests in life

Just like her professional life, she also gives equal importance to her personal life. She is actively involved in charitable causes and fundraising for programs that create awareness and puts an end to the social evil of child abuse and neglect. She supports causes linked to research in cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The key to happiness is good and sound health

Professional success alone will not make you happy in life. Besides your professional life, you also have your personal life to take care of. You only spend some time at work, and the remaining time you have on your hands should be devoted to yourself.

Happiness is the state of mind, and when you invest in yourself, you can pamper yourself with the things you love. Besides happiness, you should also focus on your health. Stress and work pressure take a toll on your physical health, and this is where you must invest at least 30 minutes a day in exercise.

Exercise helps you keep the body fit and active round the clock. You can embrace any activity you like, for instance, jogging, swimming, walking, joining a gym, and working out with a personal trainer. If you are not fond of exercise, you can indulge in a sport you love like Sharon Deflorio.

She is a multi-sport athlete who loves swimming, playing tennis, and running at half-marathons. Besides exercise, you should also focus on a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Hydration is essential, so drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Ensure you rest and sleep well to keep the stress hormone cortisol at bay daily!

Kanat Sultanbekov- Four Tips For New Construction Managers To Be Successful In Their Careers

Every construction project manager is responsible for supervising and overseeing the project from start to its end. The professional must ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. When it comes to the duties of the construction manager differ from one company to another. However, their everyday duties entail controlling the budget, team management, and communication with the engineers, architects, and owners. They are accountable for scheduling the work and hiring subcontractors. A manager must ensure the equipment and the materials are delivered to the site in time.

Kanat Sultanbekov– communication and team management skills

Kanat Sultanbekov is an experienced and widely respected construction manager from New York, known for his successful track record of completing his projects in time. He leads proactive teams and effectively aligns strategic planning, operational processes, and project risk assessments. Every project he undertakes is supervised with the optimal safety standards, ensuring tasks are done correctly for the first time without errors.

Construction Project

According to him, if you are a new construction project manager, you should successfully focus on communication and team management. You must have strong organizational skills and a problem-solving attitude to overcome challenges as and when they might surface.

The following are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Planning and scheduling– The construction project can only be completed on time and within a budget. If you plan and schedule time in advance—review plans and the work specifications to understand the scope of the work on-site. Ensure you have sufficient resources to support your project, including tools, workforce, equipment, etc. In case of problems surface, be flexible and make the necessary adjustments to your schedule as needed to suit the project’s demands.

Communication– Every good construction project manager is excellent at the touch, including oral and written. Being proactive is the key; sometimes, a quick text or email is needed to convey your message. There are some instances where you need to communicate to the concerned person face-to-face as well. Your project should have a communication plan as to how information should be shared along with a hierarchy chain so that the right people get the message and no miscommunication occurs in the project.

Tackle one issue at a time– Every construction project will face challenges, and tackling one issue at a time will help you manage conflict and delays. It would help if you exercised discretion to decide which problem needs to be resolved first. Involve your project team when it comes to solving more significant issues as this reduces the downtime in the project.

Time management– Successful project managers have excellent time management skills, so start by writing down the tasks for the day and list them as per their priority. Delegating specific tasks also helps you get the work done in time. Learn to trust and delegate the proper position to competent workers.

According to Kanat Sultanbekovpracticing these four tips go the extra mile in making you a successful project manager. Practice makes you perfect, and always learn from your mistakes to improve the next project!

Green Tea – A Medicine A Cure

Tea comes in beverages and can be consumed as hot or cold. We have variety of tea like black tea, lemon tea, green tea etc. It was originated in china and maximum consumed there. Tea has its own merits and demerits. It can be used as a Stress buster and medicine as well. It helps in reducing blood pressure, weight and other cardio diseases. Read more about this on

Best treatments:

One of the best treatments to reduce weight and other medicinal problems is Green Tea. Green Tea is extracted from Camellia Sinesis often produced throughout Asia. It is basically a flavored tea which helps in reducing weight, acts as a skin care medicine, and reduces depression and other dental conditions. It may help in reducing blood sugar. It contains antioxidant which helps to fight against aging. We can burn calories up to 70 per day. Its content helps in keeping bones strong. Green Tea maintains the ratio of cholesterol which in turn makes body fit. In case of food poisoning, it helps to kill the toxic bacteria produced inside the body. In short, it boosts up our immunity system. During the winter months it is consumed in bulk.

Research and studies:

Research and studies for lowering the cancer rate is still on and proving beneficial also. So depending on the nature, it can be used for our own benefits. It is comparatively costlier than the normal tea. But due to its popularity and merits it is becoming demand of the day.

Paul Favret Gives a General Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry

Known to be one of the biggest industries on the planet in terms of dollar value, the oil and gas sector is truly a global powerhouse. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers across the planet, and generates several billion of dollars per year globally. Paul Favret is among the numerous individuals who have worked in the oil and gas industry for years. Oil and gas companies are quite vital to the economy of several countries, as they often tend to contribute a major sum towards national GDP.

The oil and gas sector is broadly divided into three important areas, upstream, midstream and downstream. The upstream stage comprises of exploration and production or E&P companies. These companies focus on searching the underground and even underwater natural gas fields or crude oil fields, and subsequently drilling exploration wells or even established wells in order to recover oil and gas.

Midstream, on the other hand, entails the storage, processing and transportation of oil and gas. After the resources have been recovered, it has to be properly transported to a refinery. In many cases, these refineries are in a wholly different geographic region than the oil and gas reserves. Midstream companies are the ones responsible for transporting the resources. The transportation might include anything from trucking fleets, pipelines to even tanker ships. Ultimately, there is the downstream stage that refers to the filtering of the raw materials obtained by the upstream companies. Downstream companies specialize in purifying natural gas and refining crude oil, and developing products like jet fuel, heating oil, petrol, lubricants, gasoline, kerosene, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and varying types of petrochemicals.

Gasoline (petrol) and fuel oil are the largest volume of products created by the oil and gas industry. Petroleum essentially is the primary material for several chemical products, including plastics, solvents, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, petrol is critical to several industries and has significant uses around the world. On the other hand, oil is responsible for almost one-third of the energy supply of the world. Hence, it is pretty apparent that the oil and gas industry is important to the stability of the modern economy. Gas and petroleum production and use are fundamental to the quality of life and economic growth. Natural gas and petroleum products account for more than ninety per cent of powered transportation around the world, including planes, trains, ships, cars and even motorcycle. The transportation industry of almost all countries majorly depends on these natural resources.

Paul Favret is a well-known name in the oil, gas, and energy industries, and his experience and expertise make him a good candidate to shed better light on these sectors.  He is known to be the former CEO and founder of Source Energy Partners, a Denver-based E & P company that is focused on high-impact resource opportunities in Colombia (now LaLuna Resources), Europe, and the United States.

Daniel Klibanoff – Use Different Channels of Direct Marketing for Building Your Business

Direct marketing helps you build your business successfully because you can reach out to your customers directly. This type of marketing is different from indirect marketing channels like search engine optimization and online reviews because you do not need middlemen to spread the awareness of your brand. Direct marketing uses three types: emails, internet display ads, and social media marketing.

Daniel Klibanoff – planning your direct marketing campaigns is essential

Leading entrepreneur and direct marketing specialist from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Daniel Klibanoff recommends all businesses to have a good strategy for direct marketing their goods or services to the targeted customer. He has over 38 years of experience and has owned many data companies that today churn out millions of US dollars as revenue.

Channels of direct marketing for you to use for your business

The following are the different channels of direct marketing to promote the products/services of your business-

  1. Social media- It is the most powerful tool of direct marketing in the current era primarily because you are able to reach out to a whole community of online buyers with your product/service. At the same time, you can attract new customers and retain existing ones via interaction. Since 2018, there have been about 55% of online users have bought a product or service after seeing it on a social media page. Besides boosting sales, social media can be extensively deployed to build brand awareness and trust and be an easy platform for you to execute business transactions seamlessly.
  1. Display ads on the Internet- These online ads click to a company’s website, with the latter being charged for every click made so that you can assess the returns on investments. A typical example of the above is the display ads you come across on Facebook with the clear CTA button “Contact Us” for an immediate response. This type of direct marketing is excellent for contacting targeted customers as long as the strategy you embrace is concise and clear to convince them to click on the link within five seconds. As users online become sophisticated, you should be creative with your ads on the Internet to keep pace.
  1. Email marketing- This is a great channel for generating leads and retaining your present customers. Credible software platforms help you to send emails to prospects quickly. Ensure the content of your mail is drafted well to carry your business message strategically to the targeted customer. Ensure your email pitches are concise and short. Mention the offer in the email’s subject line with some enticing words in your chosen sentences. Lastly, encourage the recipient to respond on your phone or email directly.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, this is the age for direct marketing, and as a business, if you are not using it, you will be losing out on a lot of potential customers for your company. This type of marketing is affordable and ideal for all businesses to reach out to their targeted customers and double lead conversions successfully.

Maintain Good Health with The Best CBD Oil Buy Online

Whenever one have some problems with their body they go to the doctor, but some people do not believe in doctors, and so for such people, they need something herbal and that is what hemp oil is for. Nothing is better than oil and this oil is obtained from hemp seed. Best cbd oil buy online is easy andis very good for human body and this has been proved by researches.

Get Released From Your Problems

This oil has been proved by science as the best oil for human being as it contains the biggest number of amino acids and all the essential fatty acids than any other oil. It provides a lot of nutrition for the human body and is very easily digestible. It is very effective for human body because all the nutrition’s are balanced in it and can provide a lot of energy to the human body. And they are not a type of drug but a medicine which is very productive and useful and available in most stores. A big part is edible of the oil which is obtained from this seed. They are the best cure from disease and they can also cure some big diseases too.

Legality Issues and the future

Currently Cannabis is banned in many countries around the world and this makes it difficult to pursue research in it. Since United States legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, the demand for legalization in many countries have picked pace over the years. As more and more research will be undertaken in this field, there are high chances that cannabis will prove to be effective in treating or aiding in many medical disorders.

Rochester’s Personal, Direct, and Powerful Direct Mail

The best way to increase sales is to send targeted direct mail in Henrietta through Allegra. Direct mail is still a viable and successful option as a marketing approach. The fact that print media is trusted means that several studies indicate that up to a 90percent of a total of direct mail is opened. Allegra’s direct mailing services try to take advantage of this by connecting you with the people who matter most to your business. In this article, you can learn more about direct mailing services in Rochester, MN.

Direct Mail Marketing Advantages

Businesses of all sizes prefer Allegra’s direct marketing printing services for the following reasons:

In terms of costs, it’s a good option. Direct mail printing expenses are low, but the return on investment (ROI) is much higher than other marketing methods.

It’s all about you. Customization possibilities are available for direct mail publishing companies to make each message seem unique.

Involvement of all of the senses. To offer your audience anything to cling to, direct mail is a good option for you.

In addition, it’s pretty adaptable. Direct mail and internet marketing may work together seamlessly, making the results easy to track. The efficacy of any direct mail initiative may be measured in several ways.

The Allegra Direct Mail Approach

Allegra is indeed a one-stop shop for direct mail services. Every step along the way, we’ll be there to assist you with your direct mail initiatives. Create eye-catching graphics that stand out during the mail, and we’ll provide you with targeted mailing lists. Custom-printed envelopes and postcards for direct mail may be quickly produced using our cutting-edge printing technology. Our mailing services are guaranteed to fulfill your delivery dates.

Customizable Landing Pages: Measure Your Campaign’s Success with Them

Streamline your practical online marketing efforts by linking the two together. Personalized landing pages are increasingly crucial in direct mail operations (PURLs).

When was the last time you got mail or an email dedicated to a “valued customer”? An indifferent sales pitch that doesn’t even bother learning your name in hopes of securing your business isn’t precisely motivating. With this in mind, personalized landing pages are used.

Know Where To Shop Kratom Online

Most of the people know that Kratom is highly beneficial natural supplement for the human health. Also, they know that it is safe and secure for the regular use. Furthermore, people know that where to shop kratom online without compromising the quality. But, most of the people do not know the fact that Kratom can be consumed in multiple ways which make it a portable natural supplement. Here are a few most common ways to eat the Kratom without losing the benefits of its natural chemicals.


The leaves of the Kratom are safe and secure for the direct intake. Hence, it is possible for the people to consume the leaves of the Kratom directly. In fact, it would be fine to chew 5-6 Kratom leaves after washing it in the running water for a second or two to ensure the removal of dust from its surface. The natural juice will reach the stomach for direct digestion.


There are many Kratom products in the market that are in the form of the powder. The powder can be mixed in the water or in the salad to taste. It works as a fine supplement and adds flavor to the food. Make sure that Kratom powder is consumed as prescribed.

Above all, it is the correct dose and time of Kratom intake that mater, instead of form of intake. Make sure that right quantity of the thai kratom reaches your stomach for final digestion. Although, there are no reports of the side effects of overdose, it would be better to stay on the safe side.

Duct Cleaning Brampton and Its Impact on the Quality of Air

Carrying out duct cleaning Brampton is undoubtedly very beneficial to your house. It helps to lower the energy bills, eliminates odors as well as helps to keep a clean and healthy home environment. Duct cleaning is also known to improve the quality of air inside the house. It does this by ensuring that air contaminants like mold, pollen, and dust are not present inside the duct.

Breathing clean air is very essential to living a healthy life. Certain components present in the air duct can pollute the air lowering its quality. The following are the ways in which duct cleaning Brampton improves the quality of air in the house;

  1. It Eliminates Dust And Other Air Pollutants

The first way in which carrying out air duct cleaning Brampton improves the quality of air is because removes dust and other air contaminants. There are so many components that could be found inside a dirty air duct. They include;

  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco residue
  • Organic components especially from the kitchen
  • Chemical components from cleaning products

All these components mix with the air passing through and can be recirculated in the house. The air is therefore contaminated and is harmful to your health once inhaled. A combination of all these components could be very toxic even to the pets that you keep in the house. Some of these dirt components even get stuck on the air duct clogging it completely.

Ensuring that the air duct is clean all the time helps to maintain the quality of the air you breathe in the house. Once all these air pollutants are removed, the air is clean and is not harmful to you or even your pets. It is therefore right to say that the elimination of dust and other air pollutants improves the quality of air.

  1. It Reduces Allergies

Dirty and clogged air ducts can contribute to the rise of allergies in the house. Components like dust, mold powder and pollen which are usually found inside the duct are major causes of allergies. They usually mix with the air that is flowing through the duct and they end up being redistributed all over the house.

You can begin to have symptoms like mild headaches, sneezing, and even watery eyes. Failure to have your air duct cleaned continues the spread of these pollutants and can even lead to serious breathing illnesses like asthma. The allergies develop as a result of inhaling contaminated air or touching dusty surfaces.

Duct Cleaning Brampton and Its Impact on the Quality of Air

Once you carry out duct cleaning Brampton in your home dust is no longer deposited on the surfaces and neither is the air contaminated. This greatly reduces the risk of developing allergies while inside the house. Therefore, the decrease in allergy problems is proof that the quality of air is improved when the air ducts are properly cleaned.

  1. Duct Cleaning Brampton Removes Odors

If you begin to notice that there is a bad smell coming from your air duct, it should be time that you have it cleaned. Bad smells from the air duct could be caused by several factors. The combination of particles like dust, mold, tobacco, chemicals, and organic components can produce odors. This can cause you a lot of discomforts when enjoying your peace at home.

Another factor that can cause a bad smell is dead rodents and insects. When your air duct is dirty, it attracts insects and rodents who love to feed on the inside. Their droppings could be one cause of the bad smell. If the insects and rodents accidentally die inside the duct, their rotting bodies produce a very bad smell.

Proper cleaning of the air duct helps to eliminate possible insect and rodent hideouts. This means that neither the dirt, the droppings nor the dead rodents will produce bad smells. Odors will no longer come from the inside of your air duct. The fact doing air duct cleaning Brampton helps to eliminate bad smells in the house, means that a clean air duct boosts the air quality.

Dr. Curtis Cripe Speaks on The Potential Future of Bio-Engineering for The Medical Industry

Bio-engineering is a generic term that has several meanings depending on where the subject is applied. Bio-engineers are widely-sought after today for their innovative and problem-resolving skills. They could be developing innovative technologies for biotech organizations, making devices for the treatment or diagnosis at clinics and other healthcare units, or designing healthcare apps for smartphones. In short, the future for bio-engineers is bright as they are in huge demand for their knowledge and skills today!

Dr. Curtis Cripe – Where is bio-engineering heading today?

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the CEO and Founder of the NTL Group Inc, located in Scottsdale, USA. He completed his Ph.D. and founded The Crossroads Institute, where clinical experts in seven states optimized patented neurodevelopment approaches to help patients recover from anxiety and addiction or simply enhance their cognitive or intellect abilities.

Promises great potential in the future

Bio-Engineering for The Medical Industry

In his opinion, bioengineering has the great potential to go a long way across the world today. However, it significantly contributes to personalized interventions and predictive diagnosis for many diseases. For instance, there are diagnostic tests that use blood samples to measure three separate biomarkers for colon cancer or cardiac risk.

Likewise, DNA analysis can be deployed to point out certain genetic variants linked to a disease or illness. At the same time, there are multiple brain imaging techniques to tell whether a person has Alzheimer’s Disease or ADHD. Now, the question is, are these measurements helpful to the medical community if they do not have a therapeutic alternative to accompany them for addressing the cause?

Creative thinking is the solution to modern issues

The above question needs deep creative thinking from experts in bio-engineering with a mission to aid doctors and patients to derive improved results from the conventional diagnosis they are used to. The above technologies need a deep understanding of how the human brain works, which was why more experts participated in President Barrack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative. Everyone knows the brain has several parts; however, more pieces are required to see the final picture.

Questions to ask

Here, salient questions should be asked, like what are the existing problems and what are the gaps that exist? When you have these questions ready, you can focus on finding innovative solutions to meet human needs. This approach helps bio-engineers develop creative technologies to offer immediate value to problems left unaddressed in the past. Again, these innovative solutions can promote people’s quality of life, creating vast opportunities in the process. This approach makes every bio-engineering project extremely attractive to investors, customers, and clients in the future.

According to Dr. Curtis Cripe, the possibilities in bio-engineering have no limits, and there is a lot to explore in this field. He adds that students in the subject should pursue their studies seriously so they can later pursue their dream careers successfully. All they need is a clear vision so that they can acquire the training and skills needed to become inspiring leaders in bio-engineering soon!