Ram Chary Everi –Brand Identity for Companies and Their Importance

Brand identityis the collection of visual components that companies create to representtheir core values, mission, and ideas to the customers. It encompasses all the corporations’ activities to portray and distinguish themselves from their competitors. These include building up a brand image for their products, highlighting their business ethos, andhow they communicate with their targeted audience. The corporate enterprises then incorporate these visual elements in the graphic design of theirbusiness logos, brand name, taglines, wordmarks, and typefaces. Proper brand identification enables the companies to shape their customers’ perceptions about the brand products they sell in the market.

Ram Chary Everi – Why do companies need a credible brand identity?

Ram Chary Everi is a well-known graphic designer and photographer from Bostonwith many years of valuable experience under his belt. He is a fine arts graduate and an alumnus of Boston University. Currently, he specializes in designing a diverse range of printed business materials for companies and covers their corporate events. He travels to the Northeastern region to get on a boat and fish for good tuna during his spare time. He acknowledges that fishing can be competitive, but it is also refreshing. He is an ardent supporterof Oceana. It is a non-profit organization educating the city’s citizens to become good stewards of the State of Massachusetts through webinars.

Ram Chary Everi 

According to him, companies need a strong brand identity to establish a vast customer base in the market.Through persuasive marketing campaigns, these corporations can even convince these prospective customers to become loyal followers of their brand products. It enables the organizations to portray their distinct corporate personality, values, and brand image to their targeted audience convincingly. It takes the companies one step closer to viable brand recognition and customer trust for the products they sell in the market. The corporate enterprises can then notice a steady increase in sales revenue and profits over time. Then, they can gain a competitive edge over their close competitors.

How can companies build a credible brand image for their business?

Companies need to adopt the following tips to build a credible brand identity for their businesses:

  • Analyze their targeted audience, their core values, tastes, and preferences,
  • Monitor how their competitors are promoting their products in the market,
  • Identify the visual elements that reflect their corporate ideas and values in their brand,
  • Come up with persuasive marketing messages to communicate with the customers,
  • Avoid unscrupulous marketing practices which can harm customers, and
  • Track the performance of their brand identification campaigns regularly.

According to Ram Chary Everi, developing a solid and consistent brand identity enables companies to build their reputation in the market. It helps to shape the perception the corporate enterprises’ target audience has about their businesses and even influences their purchasing decisions.These prospective customers view the corporations as capable of making high-quality, durable products that they need at reasonable prices. It helps them to determine how the companies are different from their close competitors in the market. The companies can build viable brand recognition and customer loyalty for their products.