Bruce Weber Photographer Tips for Capturing Better Fashion Photographs

Bruce Weber Photographer

Bruce Weber is an ace fashion photographer, author, and filmmaker from the USA. He is widely popular for his fashion campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Revlon, Gianni Versace, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch, and his print advertisement work for the Rolling Stone magazines Vanity Fair, GQ, and Vogue. He currently lives in Miami, Florida, and is known for his iconic depiction of the male body in his photographs in the 1980s that redefined the conception of masculinity.

Bruce Weber photographer tips on making fashion photographs stand out

Fashion photography focuses not only on the clothes of the fashion designer but also on the model. The photography can convey a significant message, tell a story or simply express the mood of the model at that moment. When it comes to taking the best fashion photographs, he suggests you avoid mixing lights.

A tip from Bruce Weber Photographer is to not mix daylight and strobe light during the shoot. In case you require extra light, you should rely on a strobe or constant artificial lights if the shoot is inside a closed space. If it is possible for you to shoot in the daylight, you should go ahead with it and if you really want to enhance the light of the photograph, use a reflector instead. In case you need extra light, you should use a strobe or constant artificial lights. Always use one kind of light source but never mix the two of them.

Make the studio dark first before shooting photographs

 If you want to create an environment in the studio, you should make the space dark first. Make it as dark as you can. The daylight should not interfere with the shoot. You should use a strobe light to focus on the model and ensure you use a pilot lamp to check shadows and highlights.

Ring lights and softboxes

You can also use a ring light if you are shooting for beauty products in a fashion shoot. They can highlight the model’s makeup or the product being used better. Softboxes, light reflectors, and photograph umbrellas can be used. They are a very helpful technique to play with the light’s direction as well as the distance between the light and the model. For soft lights, position softboxes close to your model.

Standard reflectors should be used for harder lights so that harsh shadows are not cast on the model. If the softbox is too big, the light emitted from the box should be softer. If the area is small, the light that comes out of the reflector will appear harsh.

This is another Bruce Weber Photographer tip you should keep in mind during fashion shoots. If you deploy this technique, the colors you get in real life are the same as the ones you get on screen and in print. The white balance is important when you are moving to a new location.

The above are just some simple tips for you to remember during fashion shoots. They make the photographs stand out and help you to outstanding images for your campaigns.

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