Evan Dombroski- Essential Photography Tips for Autumn

nature photography in black and white?

Autumn gives you an extensive range of photographic opportunities, especially for those who love colorful scenery pictures. The landscape has many hues, which is why it is regarded as one of the most favorite seasons of several photographs.

Evan Dombroski- how can you capture beautiful images of Autumn

Evan Dombroski is a nature photographer from New York who is fond of capturing wildlife, landscapes, and urban green spaces. According to him, when it comes to autumn photography, the days are often dull, so it is here that you should take advantage of the sunrise and sunset to capture great pictures.

Autumn is the ideal time to capture pictures as the colors are very vibrant. The following are some tips to help you make the best photographs during this season-

Plan the trip: The journey starts when the leaves on the trees begin to shed their leaves. The landscape will always light up when the sun stays low during sunrise and sunset. This gives rise to a picturesque glow and enhances the atmosphere. So, you can plan to go on a trail where you have plenty of trees that give you the scope to capture several colors of the season.

nature photography in black and white?

Capture the elements of water-Remember water elements during Fall have a unique appeal of their own. The most significant advantage of water is its ability to reflect light on the surroundings that you capture. So, do not forget to capture these elements when it comes to your photography collection for the season.

Fog and overcast: Autumn is a season where you do not have sunlight every day. This does not mean that you cannot have good photographs. The light here is ideal, especially during the hours of sunrise and sunset. You can take pictures on fog and overcast days as well. When it comes to nature photography, capturing woods, streams and rivers are the best subjects for autumn photography on foggy and cloudy days.

Look out for natural frames: You should look for trees, branches, leaves, and other natural elements that can be a frame for your key subject. In this way, you can emphasize the critical matter of the photograph while having a beautiful frame of nature around it.

Avoid direct sunlight: You should never shoot the subject under direct sunlight when you take photographs during autumn. This will hamper capturing a good image as many hard shadows will spoil the final picture.

According to Evan Dombroski, the final tip for autumn photography is to look out for details. It would help if you took the time to scout for even the tiny details that will enhance the appeal of your image. When it comes to the camera you use, you don’t need to have a sophisticated device to capture the image you want. Remember the basics of photography and in case you are new, take time to learn them from an experienced professional. This knowledge will help you enhance the subject even if you are shooting with your Smartphone camera.

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