Brief note on suction pump and pressure pump

The pumps for garden irrigation or for an independent water supply the Reece’s irrigation supplies for the garden house are not only differentiated by their structure, but also by their location:

Submersible pumps / submersible pressure pumps

Submersible pumps are equipped with a motor and are lowered into deep wells or shafts on ropes. While the suction pump is being installed on the ground, hang the submersible pumps directly in the water . Although you could use submersible pumps for irrigation, most manufacturers recommend submersible pressure pumps . These submersible pumps produce more pressure than conventional ones, the purpose of which is usually drainage instead of irrigation.

With submersible pressure pumps you can also operate sprinklers or an irrigation system that most submersible pumps are no longer capable of. Good submersible pumps have a float. This device is advantageous when the water level is very low and there is a risk that the submersible pump could run empty.

If you have an extensive or automatic irrigation system and a well as a water resource, a submersible pressure pump is recommended. If you want to pump your rainwater from the cistern into a rain barrel instead, you can also use a submersible pump.

Garden pump suction pump

Suction pumps are usually equipped with a motor and are called garden pumps for the sake of simplicity  . A distinction can be made between current-dependent and current-independent pumps. Power-dependent models connect directly to the power grid. Electricity-independent models run on petrol or diesel and are ideal for locations where there is no power socket at hand.

Most garden pumps and submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps or belong to one of their subgroups – impeller or jet pumps. Modern piston pumps, on the other hand, are very rare in garden irrigation. In search of a suitable pump, you are more likely to come across centrifugal pumps on offer.

Since submersible pumps have to endure in the water, they are built in such a way that the electrical components are protected. The motor is in an etxra housing and the power connections are also secured again. High-quality submersible pumps are made of rustproof stainless steel and robust plastic. For all electrical devices that are used outside the home, and especially electrical devices in the water, you should therefore pay attention to the degree of protection. Complete protection against contact with foreign bodies and permanent immersion  is recommended for submersible pumps.

A domestic waterworks is particularly worthwhile for pumping process water for activities in the garden house or in your own home. A domestic waterworks is equipped with a pressure switch as standard, so that the domestic waterworks is activated as soon as the water level in the device drops to a certain level. In contrast to a garden pump, a HWW has a water tank. The device needs this to fulfill its function. Because the domestic waterworks consists of a pump and two chambers. The water is in one and compressed air in the other. The chambers are separated by a membrane. If the water level in the water chamber drops, the gas expands the membrane in this direction.