Why Restaurants are Using Paper Coffee Cups?

Custom Paper Coffee Cups

Almost the people love to drink coffee. Coffeehouses and cafes are great businesses anywhere. There is an estimated $48 billion in the retail value of the American coffee market. Based on one current statistic, there’s an average of 1.64 cups per day of the consumers that drink coffee. And many of the cups used are bought from restaurants or coffee shops that prefer to used custom paper coffee cups.

To achieve this demand, eateries and cafes have to keep a stock of wholesale paper coffee cups. There are also available wooden coffee stirrers, coffee accessories, and lids for customers on the go.

 Characteristics of paper cups used in restaurants:

  • Compared with glass bottles, paper cups has a light quality and are free from breakage.
  • Low cost and saving circulation cost.
  • It has a great appearance and the decorating and printing are easy to realize.
  • To enhance the protection function, it can be merged with a variety of materials. It can be mixed with plastic, aluminum foil, and other materials. This is to avoid deterioration of the contents.
  • The utility model has a good light-shielding performance, taste. And the aroma of the inner packing.
  • The closing and opening are convenient, easy to handle, and easy to recover.

Nowadays, wholesale paper coffee cups still provide a lot of useful qualities.

Custom Paper Coffee Cups

Paper Coffee Cup Type:

            There is a broad variety of disposable paper coffee cups available for you to personalize. Starting in a plain white single-wall cup that is food for cold drinks yet needs a sleeve for hot drinks. To a black kraft double-wall insulated cup with amazing heat retention.  There’s a cup that surely suits your needs. They also offer eco-friendly and bio-degradable options.

Usually, the quantity and cup type will affect available colors, lead times, and pricing. Most customers select the custom double wall cup so a cup sleeve will not be needed. These cups feel well-made, upscale, and hold their temperature better.

Main Reasons Why Restaurants are using Coffee Cups:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • One of the main benefits of restaurants and cafes, why they use paper coffee cups, is the benefit they can provide to the planet. One of the great causes of pollutants in the ocean and millions of tons of plastic waste. That is in landfills every year is plastic waste. Paper cups are eco-friendly since they’re created from resources that are renewable and biodegradable.
  • Portability and Convenience
  • It is convenient to carry and use paper to-go cups. They are very lightweight that makes them useful for people on the go. They are more affordable for restaurants and cafes when bought in great quantities. Since they are compact, they don’t need whole storage space. Paper cups do have great functions where sustenance is served to a lot of people.
  • Custom Printed Cups are a great investment in your brand
  • Custom printed cups with an identifiable logo are a perfect marketing tool. Since other people in the public areas and on the street will see the logos. And will recall your brand.

These are just a few of the great benefits why most restaurants and cafes patronize using paper cups.

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