What You Need to Know about Scented Candles

Candles have evolved in terms of usage. They used to be the main source of light before electricity was discovered. Today it has gained a decorative purpose as well. Candles today signify celebrations and romance, soothe one’s senses, accentuate any ceremony, and decorate any home interior. That soft and flickering flames on scented candles can be relaxing, and they lend a particular sense of warmth.

Benefits of Candles

The following are some ways for people to benefit from burning candles:

For Health

Burning candles has health benefits. It provides an atmosphere that is calm and exudes a sense of well-being. If you are overwhelmed by fear or anxiety, burning candles can truly help a lot. The health benefits of candles may be more direct too. Ear candling is used for removing a buildup of earwax. However, you have to be cautious in using other candles like soy wax or paraffin wax which can be harmful to health.

scented candles

For Romance

Make sure that you keep the romance alive with the help of candlelight. You can make your dinner a romantic affair by adding candles to the occasion. Always make sure that you have candles on your nightstand. Whenever you are in for some intimate moments light the candle and turn up the heat. Moments like this can be enhanced with soft lighting coming from candles.

For Meditation and Prayer

Lighting candles during your meditation is a great support to your practice. You can easily follow the visualization and manifestation techniques that include focusing on the candle flame as you send your intentions to the entire universe. Candles are also used when praying.

For Decors

Candles provide a stylish means to add finishing touches to your home. You can choose some candles with subtle colors to add a soft touch to any particular space. You may also go with bright and bold colors if you want to have a strong impact. You can have a spa-like treat by using bathroom candles. Kitchen candles can kill odors in the kitchen where you can gather with friends.

Aside from choosing the type of candle to use, you may also consider the types of wax used for the candles. These include beeswax, paraffin, and soy wax candles. Beeswax candles are natural candles that give off a honey-like fragrance and a warm glow when they are lit. Beeswax candles can be enjoyed in their pure form.

Wicks are also a consideration. Larger candles are known to have multiple wicks. They also have visual and fragrant benefits. A single wick, on the other hand, allows for a simple but equally wonderful appearance. The wick is often made of quality materials like cotton or linen. This is known to emit a strong smell.