Top Things To Consider When Creating An Online Course

Creating An Online Course

In order to Sell online courses from your own website you need to consider a few things while creating online course content.

In this article, I’ll tell you the top four ways to build an audience for your online courses and nurture them.

Build a community to spark engagement

Online communities have been emerging for a while now. Understandably, it has the power to bring people together. People from different walks of like could come together under one umbrella for a common shared purpose.

If you can connect your online course through a community, it will boost the morale of your learners, enable knowledge-sharing, as well as open the door to new ideas.

If you have a common platform where you and your learners can interact with each other, you will be able to nurture your community. A virtual space which can work as a classroom setup would encourage the students. They can ask their questions, connect with other learners, share their improvements and grow. You can also use Spayee which has in-built discussion forums.  This would help in community-powered learning.

We encourage building a community because it gives a space to share experiences, bring in new ideas & fresh insights to the table. Not just that, it’s a great way to increase the credibility of your courses.

Create accountability to encourage follow-through

Check Wikipedia Page about the Education industry.  One of the biggest problems with most of the online courses is that once the course is sold, they don’t encourage learners to grow farther. Hence, if you want your courses to stand out, reach out to students beyond the course purchase. Take follow-ups. If your course module includes scheduled live classes, quizzes & assignments, your learners would be hooked.

Education industry

If you are selling courses using the online course platform like Spayee, all of these content types are supported.

You can even integrate Zoom & Vimeo with your online course platform. Here are a few things that you can do to create accountability within the students:

  • Scheduled weekly/ monthly live classes.
  • Sending reminders through push notifications & emails.
  • Giving online assignments & quizzes.
  • Conducting online live tests.

Doing this would add a powerful additional incentive to get ahead with. Sometimes, highly engaged learners lead to course success. Doing it will also help them get rid of procrastination & provide value.

Share knowledge to continually improve

Imagine purchasing an online course which is getting revised. Along with your learners, you as an educator are evolving and learning things as well. Keep sharing new findings of case studies with your learners. You can revise the existing module, send them emails or keep them updated through the discussion forums.

That’s when the first point comes handy. Creating a community of engaged individuals would provide a common knowledge-sharing forum. You can build your own online course platform via Spayee to maintain & provide a forum within the course app.

In order to sell online courses from your own website effectively, you’ll need to provide your students that knowledge-sharing platform. By joining the community, they’ll be able to get involved with the experience right from the outset.

Create Mobile-Friendly Courses

Today everyone is spending so much of their time online. Your learners would be more engaged in your courses if you make them mobile-friendly. It’s essential for ensuring that they stay involved in it. You can also upsell them your high ticket courses. You are the attraction of your community. Make it lively around your brand. This will make sure you are at the forefront of your students’ minds.

Doing it will decrease the chances of them abandoning your courses and succeeding in it. This approach is quite effective in the subscription model or membership sites.

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