Is Myopia Can Be Prevented?

Is Myopia Can Be Prevented

Myopia becomes more common. Some people claimed it as an epidemic. Nearsightedness is called myopia, which has increased in population rating of 66% in the US last 30 years. WHO categorizes myopia with the following:

  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Infectious disease
  • Cataract
  • Macular degeneration

These are among the causes of vision impairment and blindness. There are two groups of myopia:

  • Low group. It has up to -6.00 diopters
  • High group. It has greater than 6.00 diopters.

The high or pathological group has a higher potential for blindness, which includes retinal detachment, macular degeneration, color sensitivity, glaucoma, and loss of visual acuity. Myopia becomes widespread that reaches over 70-90% in Singapore and over a million sufferers of vision impairment with high myopia in Japan. The visual condition can’t be corrected with contact lenses and glasses. The clinical myopia management made research dealing with the said visual condition for possible and potential treatment.

Viewpoints about myopia

There are still no accepted treatments for myopia to reverse the structural changes of thinning of the retina and lengthening of the eyeball. The goal of the ophthalmologist, optometrists, and research scientists has gone a long time to understand the factors leading to therapeutic strategies or methods for the said visual condition. Wearing contact lenses and glasses are simply temporary as what you can see to most children. However, the condition gets worse that results in heavier lenses, more blur, and thicker. Combating nearsightedness has been done until today. But, some methods are applied to help the sufferers not making it worse.

Progression of myopia – can it be controlled?

Myopia is a kind of common visual disorder. However, some people asked about myopia treatment, which has been deep research is ongoing. So, still, there is no proven treatment for myopia. The progression of myopia can be controlled, which millions of children have benefited. A few strategies are used for the control of myopia, which is proven effective. There is a recent randomized clinical trial using bifocal spectacles on children controls the progression of myopia.

Rapid myopia – what are the causes?

More parents wondered about the causes of rapid myopia, especially to the children. You may see a lot of kids today wearing glasses and some of them removed contact lenses and keep it. Yes, it is expected since wearing this eyewear feels uncomfortable. So, by removing these pieces of stuff, their myopia rapidly increases. The eye ailment condition is no longer new since many children are suffering from the said eye vision problem. Of course, it feels uncomfortable to wear those contact lenses and eyeglasses. So, it is advised to obey the suggested potential treatment to manage myopia. Rapid myopia is very possible, which parents should advise and guide their children all the time.

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