12 Sexy blouse designs for top-notch hits

Today’s beauty standards are varied and open to multiple desks. But what made a large change in the Beauty Industry was the emerging trend of incorporating beautiful and sexy blouse designs alongside ethnic sarees. Not only in Bollywood movies but also in real life clothing.

  1. Backless Blouse designs

To be honest this is kept as the very first name for a reason. Backless ones are one of the best sexy blouse designs found in the Indian market. It emerged probably during the time of early 2000s and the last decade. The main aspect of this is laid out at the back of the sexy blouse designs.

Mostly, a beautiful cut around the back of the blouse. These designs have a separate fanbase all together. Classified tied backs, or buttoned up on the top. Sexy blouse designs are just what one needs as a fashion enthusiast; so backless ones are the right weapon for it.

  1. Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Though we agree or not, sleeveless is undoubtedly belonging to the category of sexy blouse designs and stunning when you wear it with a matching saree. When it comes to sleeveless blouses, there is no dearth of designs. As it is summer so it’s high time to revamp your wardrobe and add some super stunning traditional and contemporary attire. Women want to be drool-worthy in whatever events or functions they appear.

One of the best ways to quickly achieve a drop-dead gorgeous appearance is by adding sleeveless blouses in your wardrobe. There are different types of sleeveless blouse designs that can always go for a standing collar, floral prints, with a back keyhole, V neck, boat neck, etc to give a diva look. 

  1. Fullsleeve Blouse Designs

Sexy blouse designs are available in multiple shapes and sizes which are also found to be having long sleeves too. Yes, not just sleeveless but full sleeve blouse designs are widely available in the fashion Industry.

  1. Boatneck Blouse Designs

The uncut raw edges make up the boat-shaped neckline and if you keep the material sheer, you will surely walk with a bold statement. This is a kind of blouse design that will leave everyone awestruck with a hint of feminine charm and grace. You can pair up this blouse design with a plain chiffon saree in a contrasting color like black, yellow, or maroon.

  1. Off-Shoulder Blouse Designs

This is more like a crop top, but since 2014 off-shoulder became a top hit in the fashion industry. So, designers started incorporating it into the world of ethnic wears and traditional assortments. The blouse looks extremely patterned and beautiful drape with a pretty good saree.

  1. Collared Blouse Designs

Known for being the most professional approach in formal wear, collars make ethnic clothes cool too. Collared sexy blouse designs, usually have no buttons but flared deep v-necks or beautiful backless ones.

Sometimes, these designs are having buttons as well, but assorted in such a way that the first three buttons are left open to enhance the beauty of a saree and accessory. That is how these are made into sexy blouse designs.

  1. V-shaped Blouse Designs

The main emphasis of these sexy blouse designs is the neckline, which is cut deep like a V into the torso of a top.

  1. Tassel Blouse Designs

Tassel work on a blouse is very much on trend these days.  With this blouse design go with lower back Dori with multicolor tassels and a banarasi lehenga which is surely the latest and trendy blouse design now. You can keep your saree blouse design transparent at the back then the blouse with sequins and mini tassels is a great inspiration. 

  1. Round back Blouse designs

The back or the front of these designs are shaped around. Simple, elegant as well as classy. The thing which makes it one of the sexy blouse designs is the depth and size of the cut on the front and back.

  1. String tie blouse designs

This is a further explanation of backless sexy blouse designs. Backless designs which are quite a bit deep, or have a large opening are often joint together with the help of tassel strings or bands tied together.

  1. Pot sleeve Blouse Designs

Known for being a popular blouse design from the eighteenth and nineteenth-century Bengal. Usually, after women started wearing blouse alongside saree, Bridal Jewellery this was the most popular form of the blouse.

But suddenly in recent years, people started wearing this sort of sleeves on a daily basis. Pot sleeves are a huge part of the major brands making sexy blouse designs. The carnival of fashion dwells upon either on the neck or the sleeve. This is an absolute hit for the sleeve hench.

  1. Embroidered Blouse Designs

Not a big mash when it is about the design itself. But these as known be sexy blouse designs for the material with which these are made of. Embroidered on the sleeve, back, or the front part of the design.

These decorations are encrusted all over the material of the cloth at times. With accuracy on the material, like silk and georgette. The purpose of this is to make the blouse look rich and beautiful with just a simple and plain saree.

Sexy blouse designs may come in many forms which might not sound any way cool to the listener. But today’s designers know how to make the most out of a beautiful ethnic tradition of India to a hot mess of sexy blouse designs.