Adding Diamonds to your Silver Jewellery Collection

Jewellery for women specially is not just an addition to their ensemble but a symbol of femininity, affluence and a fashion element. It reflects the minute details about the wearer’s personality. And when it comes to fashion element, nothing makes a statement like fine metals. And one such enticing metal is Silver, which is known for its timeless charm and the quality of complementing all outfits.

Silver has absolutely no competition as ornaments made of gold, diamond, polki, and kundan cannot be worn everywhere, on all occasions. But silver is one metal that you can wear to work as well as special events like weddings. Silver jewellery has no limitations of wearing rules like gold is for day-time functions and Diamonds are for night functions.

How to accentuate your silver jewellery?

There are various ways by which you can accentuate your silver jewellery like by making it a dual-metal ornament, by adding gems to it, etc. What we suggest to be the most enticing option of all is adding dazzling diamonds. Diamonds are available in a wide spectrum of quality. Diamonds come in different sizes, carats, colours, cuts, and prices. You can choose to go for one that fits your requirements. It also gives you the freedom to choose the designs as you can either go for multiple diamond stud embellishment in your silver jewellery or choose a single diamond stone as a centre of attraction.

How difficult is it to add diamonds to silver jewellery?

Once you decide to elevate the charm of your silver jewellery by adding diamonds, then the next step is to know how practical it is pertaining to the design and nature of your ornament. When we talk about settings, the skill needed to add diamonds to silver ornament is the same as gold, platinum, or any other metal. What you need to keep in mind is that silver is more malleable and not as dense as gold or platinum, which can affect the way you work on the setting. Settings like prong and flush are more vulnerable to bending. Thus, it needs thicker stock and your jewellery piece to be rigid, especially for ornaments that might have to take a bit of abuse like a silver diamond ring.

Is it worth the price?

We know that no matter how much you love the dazzling jewellery, price always remains a constraint. Especially when you add sparkling diamonds to it. Thus, you must be wondering that investing your money in adding diamonds to your sterling silver jewellery is worth it or not. Let us tell you that the combination of silver and diamonds is unconventional as well as highly fashionable. If you want to create a style statement with a jewellery piece that is fashion-forward, then go for the combination of sterling silver and diamonds. You can consider investing in a classic piece like silver diamond necklace, silver diamond bracelet, or silver diamond ring to turn heads with statement jewellery.