WPO: What is it and How to Improve the Performance of your Website?

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The performance of a web page is essential to attract the public and improve the experience of your users; Much is known today about SEO, but little is said about WPO. Visit “Digitalmarketing” to get more information about WPO.

Do you know what WPO is? There are many advantages of this type of optimization, so here I tell you what it is about and how it improves the performance of your website.

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Although it is related to SEO, it is not exactly SEO, but rather I would say that it is a set of techniques that Webmasters apply to make your page work better, in terms of speed and user experience.

Obviously, improving web performance has many other benefits, and that’s why I wanted to share my knowledge about it.

Today people are happy with applying SEO to their business, and I applaud this! But I think you can go further.

The voice searches, local searches and searches through mobile devices are ruling the world of search engines and can not be left behind.

Well, since you have to face this reality, we must understand that nobody wants to wait 10 seconds or more for a page to load, or are you so patient? Because I do not! And I know that most people are not either.

These loading speed problems have to do something with the performance of your website, so it is there where you have to do mechanical work to improve the results, how do you do it?

That is what I will reveal to you in this post, at the same time that I urge you to ask us for an analysis of your website to see if there are problems in it, and start solving them! We have maintenance and improvement services for web pages, and we take care of improving the performance of your website.

Meanwhile, I show you what WPO is and why it offers so many benefits to your online business.

What is WPO?

WPO or Web Performance Optimization is a series of techniques that are applied to make your web page load faster and can be displayed in less time in the user’s web browser.

WPO is not SEO as such, but it is a methodology that focuses on optimizing the performance of web pages.

Some people do not understand this concept well, which is not new by the way, and what they do is that they include it within “doing SEO”.

But it is important to treat it differently and give it priority, since the competition on the internet is great and, by achieving an optimal download speed, customer loyalty, a good search engine ranking and more traffic are ensured.

This methodology focuses on optimizing the performance of web pages.

Simply put, WPO focuses on everything you need to measure the performance of your website, test, compare, propose solutions and perform maneuvers to make the page perform efficiently.

Why is Improving The WPO So Important?

WPO is as important as doing SEO. I will start this paragraph with this statement, as it is expected that in a short time WPO will be as relevant in industry as SEO is today.

That said, WPO helps you to be in tune with search engines, as there are many efforts made by them to make web page owners understand that they need to improve their loading speed.

Google reported that one of the most relevant metrics to rank a web page is its loading speed, so those that take a long time to load will be sent to the SERP (search engine results page) oblivion pit.

Therefore, if you want to appear in the first options that Google throws when someone searches for something related to your niche, an optimal loading speed will help you to  do so.

Optimal loading speed will help you to get more traffic, which translates to more sales, more readers, more satisfied customers, a better reputation and a stronger brand.

The average wait time a person is willing to spend to load a page is said to be just 3 seconds, yes we live in a world of impatient people! If this time is exceeded, the person will load another page and, probably, will never return.

If you have a website that has improved its performance, you will notice that your audience will be more open to transact on it, as they feel comfortable and will have no problem spending more time on your page.

Another advantage of improving WPO is that it reduces the amount of bandwidth that is consumed per request received on the server which translates into a more scalable web page.

Just for you to take accounts: if an e-commerce like Amazon, for example, reported that it lost 1% of annual income because its page took 100 ms to load, it got down to work to improve WPO.

Despite your reputation, the trust you have gained in people, and your reach as a brand is important too!

 So what do you think can happen to startups that ignore web performance? They will go bankrupt!

Internet users are impatient. They will go with the one who opens the door for them first, so it’s time to bet on WPO.

How To Improve WPO And Web Performance?

Have you understood the importance of WPO? I am sure you already want to improve it on your website! Especially if you are wondering how to do free SEO. So it is time to show you what are the best techniques to achieve it and how they should be applied.

Do Not Upload Audio And Video Files To Your WordPress

Well, it is not that you do not upload audio and video files to WordPress, but that you do not upload them directly because this type of file is very heavy and will slow down your website, as well as it could get you into trouble with your hosting, because you are abusing the width of band.

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it allows you to insert videos automatically with only the URL, and you can also consider hosting for multimedia files such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Dailymotion and Vimeo among others.

Replaces Vector Graphics

Another technique that will help to improve the performance of your website is to replace vector graphics with graphics in raster format regardless of how many pixels they are.

Optimize Images

Images are very important on any website, as they attract more readers and make texts more readable. That said, you must understand that if you want to improve the loading speed of your website, then you cannot upload images left and right regardless of their format, but you have to optimize them.

Optimizing means that you will not upload very heavy images, but you will edit and compress them, trying not to deteriorate their quality, obviously.

The larger and heavier images are, the longer they take to load. In general, it is customary to load images in JPEG and PNG formats.

You can see more tips on our article, which we published some time, with 20 SEO tips for images.

Conclusion: WPO is The Key Piece To Optimize Your Website

WPO may not be a familiar option to you until before reading this post; Perhaps, you were only focused on SEO and marketing, and you were even considering investing or hiring in an advertising management company in Google Ads.

But I invite you to consider all the advantages of Web Performance Optimization and wait for the harvest.

If you focus on WPO techniques, you will improve the speed of your website and this will make you gain more traffic, improve your online presence and will help you to achieve higher profits.

WPO can be the missing piece of your puzzle to have a 100% optimized website and sit back to reap the rewards of it. Do you try to tell me?

I hope you can share this post on social networks and thus help many others who do not know how to conquer search engines and keep their users happy.

Below I will leave you a form, which you can fill out to send us your questions and comments. And soon you will hear from us. It will be a pleasure to help you!

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