Know About the Importance of Respiratory Masks – Their Types and Uses

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Personal protective equipment like respirators have become essential due to the outbreak of pandemic disease COVID-19. Health care experts are suggesting using this equipment to defend ourselves from the spread of the deadly disease.

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Significance of respiratory face masks

There is no exact information about how COVID-19 transmits, but scientists are pretty confident that same as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middles East Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus will also spread through the contact of respiratory droplets like cough and sneeze.

Harmful particles in air causes air pollution that means more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. This may lead to increased inefficient coordination, increased heartbeat, and impaired thinking. If you stay in dangerous environment, all these issues will cause severe injury or even death.

Respiratory face masks act as barriers against airborne harmful particles and protects from the virus transmission. These devices are considered to be as life-saving options that are used by soldiers, industrial workers, and general public.

You can find a wide variety of respiratory face masks in the market from disposable to reusable masks. The one like KN95 are regarded as the most popular PPE’s.

Different types of respiratory face masks

Respirators are broadly divided into 2 types. They are:

Air-purifying respirators

These masks are made with special filter material that stops air pollutants entering into lungs of wearer. These devices are not only effective but also affordable too. Generally, they are worn by professionals, public, law enforcement officers, and soldiers.

The common type of air purifying masks is N95 and KN95. Surgical masks used by healthcare providers also included in same category.

Air-supplied respirators

These masks will supply cleaned air by outside source. Compared to air-purifying masks air-supplied one’s are safer, but the main limitation is they require an extra source that shortens the device probability and range. These are usually worn by drivers, military personnel, researchers, scientists and explorers.

These air-supplied masks are again divided into different subsections. You can use different type of respiratory face masks that filter different type of containments. You can also find full-face masks that are more protective, but less used due to their maintenance and difficulty in cleaning.

Uses of respirators     

  • If respirators are worn properly, they will protect you from the transmission of harmful particles expelled from the infected person.
  • Also, they act as physical barrier in protecting you from sprays, splashes, and contact of contaminated hands. Before wearing respirators, know clearly how you have to wear it.

There is a shortage of PPE’s in U.S., so many small-scale businesses and other companies are trying hard to supply enough PPE for the people.

There are many online vendors who sells high-quality face mask, choose the best one and order respiratory face masks for you, your family, and friends to fight against the pandemic disease, COVID-19.

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