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When it comes to matters about domestic assaults, courts do not take them lightly. In fact, dismissing such charges is challenging even when the accusing party is willing to drop them. The court understands that casualties can be coerced to drop them through threats from the accused. That is why Ernst Ashurov advises you to get the best domestic assault lawyers Toronto in case you find yourself in this situation.

If your loved one has been charged you with this offense, speak to domestic assault lawyers Toronto who specializes in this area. If you delay in getting legal advice, the court can get you put in a custody with bail conditions that are restrictive.

  1. What Count as a Domestic Assault?

When an assault occurs between people that live together as a family, those that are in a relationship or dating, it counts as domestic assault. In instances it occurs:

  • A directive is given to the Police to make the arrest.
  • The accused is removed from the home.
  • The accused is taken away from the other party.

You may consult your domestic assault lawyers Toronto for more information concerning domestic assault.

  1. Penalty for Domestic Assault

Among the penalties you can receive for domestic assault include:

  • Bail conditions under restriction
  • Jail
  • Fines
  • Restriction from returning home
  1. Domestic Assault Arrests

After responding to a domestic assault, the police look for evidence. If it is available, they take the accused with them and put them in custody. The extent of the crime does not matter. These assaults include:

  • Words or threats
  • Assaulting the other person physically
  • Implying harm physically and threatening the other person
  • Gestures and acts that imply an assault.


  1. The Police Lay Domestic Assault Charge

Depending on the amount of information the Police have about the assault, the Police lay charges. The information can come from witnesses or observable physical abuses.

Once the matter is in the Police’s hands, the victim cannot withdraw charges. They continue investigating and get to the root of the accusation.

  1. Factors that Affect Domestic Assault Charges

Once there is a domestic assault case in court, there are several factors the crown attorney put to consideration:

  • The seriousness of nature of the assault
  • Whether the accused has a history of police involvement
  • Whether the accused has a history of domestic assaults
  • Background information of the accused
  • The accused’s actions after the assault
  • The victim’s wishes
  1. Having an Experienced Lawyer

As the accused, you always remain innocent until the judge rules otherwise. During this period, you can decide how you want your ruling to be.

One way is by investing in experienced domestic assault lawyers Toronto. Such lawyers should be able to defend you from the accusation and ensure you receive a better ruling.

Experienced domestic assault lawyers Toronto understand how the system works. They are always fighting for their reputation. So, you can be sure they will give you their best services to protect their name and the type of feedback you leave them.

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