Best Long Hair Styling Tips

thick bread isn’t out of the question as well. Complete the look by curling the lower stands loosely.

If you are the proud owner of a long, lustrous mean, you are probably quite attached to it already. After all, caring and maintaining long hair takes a lot of effort and time. This is precisely why you’ll also want to ensure that you are styling your long hair in ways, too, that help those locks look glorious, beautiful, and chic.

To help you in your ordeal, we have compiled a list of the different hairstyle tips you can implement for this very purpose.

Channel your sweet, girly vibe with a flower braid

Often, you want to let the fabulousness of your long hair to show but at the same time, would want to have a little element that makes the end look refreshing and pretty. This is exactly what this tip can help you achieve.

Make a small ponytail right over one year, choose whatever side you are most comfortable in, braid the hair and then twist it ensuring that the end finish is neat. Not only is this hairstyle pretty but it is also quite functional and can be done rather quickly. You can do this when you go out for brunch or have a girls night out.

Tie your hair in a voluminous, elaborate bun updo

If you are lucky to have both thick and long voluminous hair, this hairstyling tip could not have been more perfect for you. If you have straight hair, start with curling your hair towards the ends but remember to leave the upper portion straight. In the case of curly hair, use a hair straightener to straighten the hair first and then curl the ends.

You need the straight hair for the front side of the head and parting while the girls will go up in the big, messy bun and a couple of free-owing strands towards the back. Finish by tying the hair loosely in a low-budget. Don’t forget to secure it properly using a couple of bobby pins.

If you feel that you don’t have volume, you can always add some using hair extensions for this purpose. You can use clip in hair extensions if you have some at home or get it from a professional hairstylist.

Take out a front flick and then do a tucked braid towards the back

You may already be aware that a front flick can instantly make you look more charming giving you a girl-next-door look. To add a bit more drama, you can work a back tucked braid.

On one side of your hair, after making a braid, Tackett behind the back of your head. Again, use bobby pins to secure it. You can also style the portion of your hair into light waves using a curler. The other option would be to put on hair clips that are embellished towards the side of your head.

Go the traditional way by opting for beachy waves

Nearly all celebrities and socialites opt for beach waves as this hairstyle is simply stunning and what is the time to suit our righty of occasions. Whether you want to go out to a wedding, purchase apparel from the mall, or have dinner in a posh, five-star restaurant – beach waves can come to your rescue. It works even well in case of formal occasions such as meetings or day-to-day operations.

Use a hair straightener or curler to replicate beach waves to your hair. But before you start, work some hair product into your hair so that the shape isn’t lost. For adding more pizazz to the end look, you can also make a braided crown in addition to a waterfall braid to make it look more voluminous and appealing.

Take out a front flick and then do a tucked braid towards the back

Make multiple braids at one side for a quick fix

We have such a busy lifestyle with pending deadlines, meetings, and just plain existence. It’s no wonder that you would want a hairstyle that can be done in a jiffy but at the same time makes you look uber stylish. Nothing defines style and simplicity better than multiple braids.

Braid the head across the top portion of your head after creating a deep side sweep. You can make the finish either messy or neat depending on the mood or occasion as well as making the braid thick or thin. In fact, getting a combination of thin braids and thick bread isn’t out of the question as well. Complete the look by curling the lower stands loosely.

Just simply go natural curly or straight

If, naturally, your head is a head full of glorious and messy corkscrew curls, consider going au de natural. To make sure that the hair looks sophisticated all day long, apply some light hold hair product onto the curls that add volume in case you have fine hair.

If you have hair that is silky, sleek, and straight, you really don’t need to do much besides simply shampooing, conditioning and blow-drying.

Go classic by creating a formal chignon

The chignon is a hairstyle that has been tried and tested throughout the years and is a safe bet for nearly all occasions – formal or informal.

Twist the plan sections of your hair just above the ear line and then proceed to create sections towards the left downside while simultaneously making loose loops. You don’t need to use a lot of bobby pins or hair pins to secure the sections and loops just to make sure that the chignon looks more messy instead of looking rigid. This will help you get a modern touch without looking unapproachable.

There you go! These were the different ways in which you can style your long hair making you instantly stand out without much effort from your side – well, if the tip you choose to follow involves less work, of course. In addition to style your hair, don’t forget to ensure that you are also properly maintaining and nourishing your hair.

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