Common Ways to Boost Mobile Signal Strength

signal booster

A name flashes on the screen of your mobile, and a smile appears on your face because the caller is someone very dear to you, but suddenly, you see just one signal strength bar, and every one your joy disappears immediately. Has it ever happened to you? If yes, you are in dire got to know the ways which may make your telephone receive stronger signal strength at your home. Here are some unusual but highly effective methods to spice up cell phone booster.

Utilize Tesla Coils and Tape

Take a piece of Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit, and tie it to the external antenna of your phone with the assistance of some tape. It helps to cell phone booster strength received by your phone. However, this feature is possible as long as you will find the external cell phone booster on the phone.

Put Paper Clips to figure

Here comes the foremost hassle-free way to enhance the signal strength received by your telephone. Paper clips are readily available anywhere. You only need to place it within the external antenna of your phone. But you want to take care while doing that, as improper use of those clips can cause scratches on the screen or body.

signal booster

Pick Your Discarded radio aerial

No, we are not cracking a joke here; the trick works. All you have got to try to do is to require a copper wire and connect your mobile phone’s external antenna to a radio aerial. If you continue to do not believe it, you will watch testimonial videos posted on YouTube that guarantee excellent results from the technique. Make it again by soldering two cans and fasten it to your phone’s external antenna using some copper wire. It will surely take a while, but the results would be amazing.

Create an additional Antenna and Never Let Signal Bars Go Below

Drained batteries need more power to look for cell phone booster. That is why keeping your phone always charged is often an honest way of keeping connectivity issues to the minimum. Confirm the battery of your phone is charged a minimum of to 2 bars all the time. Whenever you discover it draining beyond that time, start loading it. You will also invest during a good quality cell phone booster to enjoy sound signal strength in your home, office, or car.

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