Do You Think GDAX Is Safe To Use?

GDAX Is Safe To Use

Safety is the matter of importance in any exchange – and what we know, GDAX appears to be taking it quite seriously. This platform has many measures in place to secure the exchange from any types of the security breach. Here are a few controls that they have got:

  • GDAX platform has 2 factor authentications that prevent any kind of unauthorized access to the user accounts.
  • GDAX stores their user wallet details and keys privately by using AES–256 encryption.
  • This platform stores over 98% of the user funds on cold storage to lower any danger of hacking.
  • All transactions happening over this platform pass over encrypted SSL.

Away from other security measures, which are in place, there is the looming risk to lose some money in a way or other. For this reason, this platform has also partnered with the FDIC Insurance company to make sure users’ funds are accessible to them in an unlikely event of the hacking attack.

Opinion of Public

Public opinion about this platform will help to unveil deep-rooted matters than what GDAX reviews will reveal. Public is made up of the current and past users of this platform; therefore, it means that you will get a little idea about how this platform operated earlier and performs at present.


In recent past, this platform encountered certain issue with the Ethereum trade. Apparently, this platform faced a glitch, which affected Ethereum assets; some users of this platform discovered that the Ethereum balances were reduced temporarily by some regular margins.


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