Water Dispenser: What To Consider Before You Buy One

Water Dispenser: What To Consider Before You Buy One

Our bodies use water in all the cells, organs, and tissues. It helps regulate body temperature and maintain other functions of the body. Our bodies lose water in different ways. Such as breathing, sweating, and digestion. It is very important to rehydrate and replace water. This is usually done by drinking fluids and eating food containing water. It is important that the water people drink is clean water. This means that there should be no germs or chemicals in the water. Unsafe water is usually treated to become potable.

Most nutritionists recommend that a person drink at least 8 glasses of clean and pure water daily. A regular drinking habit is difficult to maintain. Using a water dispenser that dispenses both hot and cold water will be a big help. There are several factors you should consider when finding the right water dispenser.


You have to determine first if you need an electric or non-electric water dispenser. You can choose between regular water dispensers or an electric model. A regular water dispenser does not dispense hot water. Your choice will usually depend on your personal preference and budget. Another factor to consider is where you want to put your dispenser and what you intend to use it for. There is a freestanding model, a countertop model, and a wall-mounted model. You should check if there is an electrical outlet if you plan to put an electric model.

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You should also consider the amount of water it can hold. It will depend on the number of people a dispenser should serve. A large organization needs a water dispenser with a bigger storage capacity. It should also have a high-purification rate. So it can dispense a regular supply of water to a lot of people. A small common household usually needs a medium-sized water dispenser. It will be enough for daily needs.

Power consumption

Different models have different capabilities. This includes the ability to maintain varying water temperatures. The power consumption of a dispenser becomes higher with colder water. Check out the size and type of the compressor used in a water dispenser. This will let you know about its cooling abilities. A smaller compressor is better if you are in a very cold area. Units dispensing both cold and hot water also consume more power. Compare the cooling and heating capacities of each model.

Child lock

This is a very important safety measure. You must take this into consideration if there will be kids in the area. This is essential in tabletops and freestanding designs with water faucets. Especially if it is within easy reach for small children. A child lock will prevent kids from opening its tap. This will avoid spilling water all over. This will save precious water, as well as time and effort in cleaning up the mess. It will also prevent a kid from getting burned in case they open hot water tap.

It will be easier for you to choose the best water dispenser if you consider those factors. It is a long-term investment so you should take time before you come up with a decision. Big Springs Water Supplier can help you out. They are more than willing to answer your questions about various water dispensers.

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