Top essentials in the home of a newly-wed couple

If you are a newlywed couple, you would realize what it means to have a bedroom of your dreams. The maximum time that a couple spends with each other is within the bedroom. So, there are certain things that you would need in a newlywed couple’s room. Renting is also in these days, you can rent furniture in Bangalore. These are some of the things that you would want to keep in a newlywed couple’s bedroom that will totally make your room a lot more personalized and worthy.

So, these are the essentials that a newlywed would need in the room.

A cozy bed

Well, there is nothing that beats a cozy bed as the ultimate comforter. In fact, post your wedding, the importance of bed increases manifold as it is the evenings when the couples get to talk to each other about their day and spend time with each other as the day is usually spent completing the professional commitments. You can also get Beds for rent per day in Bangalore. So, make sure that you invest in a cozy and comfortable bed.

A photograph

This is another essential that you would need to have in your bedroom, you should have a big couple picture of yours that is not just a great decor item but will also increase the personal touch of your room that is mandatory. You can keep that picture of yours towards the entry in your room.


Curtains are really important in a bedroom, they would totally change the way your bedroom looks. You can add curtains in your bedroom keeping in mind the color palette of your room.

Bedside drawers

You might not realize the importance of bedside drawers but once you have them in your life, there is no looking back, these are absolutely essential, to keep a picture frame, alarm clock, water glass. The function of bedside drawers is something that you simply cannot compromise on.

 A functional wardrobe

You can never underestimate the importance of a wardrobe. There is nothing that a wardrobe cannot fit in for you. You totally need a wardrobe with a lot of sections and drawers that will fit everything that you want in them.

Expert tips:

  1. We would advise you to keep the television away from the bedroom.
  2. Try keeping unisex colors in the room like lavender instead of blue or pink.
  3. Try adding a cozy seating place in the bedroom where you too can spend some time sitting in.
  4. Try sticking to a color palette while choosing things for your bedroom.
  5. The rug
  6. A rug can totally uplift the look of your bedroom as you might not realize its importance for now but it is really important n decor as well.
  7. Try to add some romantic elements in your room to spice up the mood.

So, these are the essentials that you totally need to have in your bedroom if you are a newlywed couple. We hope you incorporate these tips to make your room a lot more amazing.

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