Four important tips to keep your nails healthy when applying nail polish


Women will kill if someone messes with their nails. Women devoted a lot of time and effort just too perfectly polish and paint their nails with their favorite Manicuras for they believe it adds more beauty and elegance to their appearance.

Well, it is a confidence booster indeed, and women have their own preferred style and colors that they use to paint their nails. However, because of the excessive use of different nail polishes and colors, they are low key creating damage to their nails.

Before you even apply nail polish to your nails, you should be familiar with the products you are using, and what are the pros and cons that come along with it because, in the end, you might be the one who will suffer. To give you some tips, keep reading this post.

  1. Excessive use of nail polish damages your nail bed– It may be impossible to think; however, it is completely true. It may disappoint you to see your nails that have no fresh coat of manicure; however, your regular visit to your preferred nail salon can lead to weakening your nail beds. According to medical experts, the thick coat of the gel polish does not allow your nail beds or your cuticles to breathe comfortably. And getting that applied routinely, and also a regular polish can dehydrate your nails and can thin out your nail’s plate.Manicuras
  2. It negatively affects your nail’s health-As with regular manicuring, gel polishes can peel off and lift eventually. If this happens, the water can seep under the gel and the polish locks in the moisture of your nails which causes bacteria and fungus to multiply underneath it according to medical experts.There are some cases that it may cause an infection that is why you should remember that it is completely important for you not to pick at your manicure if it already lifts because there are layers that can come off of it which further thins your nail plate.
  1. Do not use UV light to dry it off– In order to treat and dry your gel-polish quickly, it is best to use ultraviolet light, however, these lights are also responsible for harmful Ultraviolet radiation exposure which risks your skin of developing skin cancer in the long run. Your nails simply cannot spend a lot of time under the ultraviolet lamp at your nail salon, and frequent visits there could entirely ruin your overall health in the long run.
  2. Do not use nail polish made from strong chemicals– A lot of women prefer to purchase a nail polish that stays on their nail for a long time. They prefer the ones that are tough to remove. However, these types of nail polish are usually made from strong chemicals that can cause damage. It would be preferred for you to use natural ingredients because you would not want yourself to suffer in the end.

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