The four most common motoring offenses in the UK that you have to know

The four most common motoring offenses in the UK that you have to know

Motoring offenses are a very common road occurrence and also one of the most common road hazards for people who are always on the move. According to motoring solicitors, the majority of people who committed motoring offenses said it was all unintentional; nevertheless, they shall face the punishment according to the law.

However, even in a lot of cases where disqualification is usually mandatory, a reduction of the length that will be spent on the time of being disqualified can put these people back to their normal lives earlier than they can otherwise.

Sometimes a motoring offense can only be a minor case, while there are some instances that it can be very serious and can potentially result in severe consequences. If you ever received a notice of an intended prosecution of you have been contacted by the authority or the law enforcers about the advice for you on the best course of action that you have to take, it would be best for you to contact a motoring solicitor that can help you in this tough situation.

If you are not that aware of the offenses that you have committed, maybe this post can help you identify the most common motoring offenses on the road according to the best motoring solicitors in the UK.

  1. Speeding– This is considered as the most common driving offense in the roads of the United Kingdom. By doing so, you usually earn a £100 fine along with three penalty points that will be reflected upon your license. There are guidelines that suggest drivers are prosecuted when they exceeded the speed limit of around 10-percent plus four-kilometers; however, police are not required to be that rigid to this policy. However, you should not assume that you have this ten-percent as a leeway to over speed because for safety reasons, you should not exceed your speed limit.
  2. Using mobile behind the wheel– This driving or motoring offense comes with a heftier fine of £200 roadside fines as police continue to crack down people who are used to using their mobiles behind the wheel knowing that this is very dangerous. This alone can deduct six penalty points upon your name. You will also be required to go to the court that can lead to a driving ban and another fine that racks up to £1,000. This also includes using your mobile while sitting in traffic. This, however, does not apply when you use your mobile in a hands-free device, meaning you are using your mobile on Bluetooth mode.
  3. Careless driving– Also known as driving without the due care and the due attention, can cover numerous offenses which comes with a £100 and a three-point penalty for this single offense while a disqualification and a £2,500 fine depending on the severity of the situation.
  4. Dangerous driving– The more severe act of careless driving and is classified as an aggressive way to overtake and speed up on the road which endangers other motorists and the passengers. This motoring offense alone can be dealt with the Magistrate’s Court of the Crown Court which depends on the severity of the situation. If the driver is found guilty, he or she could face a driving ban and on top of that, is up to 14 years in prison.
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