Why should people prefer giving red packets?

According to Chinese culture, red is considered to be auspicious and well wishing greeting. Thus red packet is the biggest blessing people receive from their friends, relatives or elders. This represents the blessing and fortune that those people bestow to others. The red packet was meant to be given by elders to their youngest as a symbol of blessing. Later, it has been formed as the moment to share happiness and youngsters too started giving their parents and grandparents red packet. This means the moment of happiness sharing and this makes people have lot more blessing from their elders even if you receive or bestow. The way of giving ang bao has changed over time and it is also made corporate functionality of providing it as a greeting for any special occasion or festival. For a corporate, to provide red packet means a lot in their branding. This means, they have to be particular about each of their works and design over the packet. The tailor made design service Singapore are taken towards certain level and handled better along certain category. The design over the packet can be customized well and handled better along the feasts.

  • The process of giving and receiving the Ang Bao has few principles. Those principles should be considered within respectable operation and as a sign of greeting to the blessing. Thus few facts to follow with red packet exchange are
  • Ang Bao means the money kept inside the packet and it should end with even number. Thus odd number is not considered auspicious and it is mostly preferred for funerals. Also, according to people, good things come in pairs and so people prefer even numbers as the auspicious number count.
  • The number should not include 4. Since the number refers to death, it will not count as greeting for the people.
  • To enclose Ang Bao, mostly new notes are preferable. It is a tradition to give new notes over old ones.
  • According to Chinese mythology, red packets are given by married adults and the gestures is projected as the form of blessing and well wishing over the auspicious start over.
  • The amount to be enclosed is based on the giver preference and it is not restricted to any certain amount. The amount should be in even ending and it should not have 4 in the number.

Apart from all these things, people have to prefer customised ang bao Singapore which will have greater impact among most of the people. Along with ang bao, greeting words influence people bigger. Few of the greeting words that can be used while giving the red packets are

  • Cai Yuan Gun Gun – May wealth come puring in
  • Xin Xiang Shi Cheng – May all your wishes come true
  • Gong Xi Fa Cai – Wish you wealth and prosperity
  • Shi Ye Fa Da – May your career to take off
  • Shen Ti Jian Kang – Wish you good health

Prefer customized red packet and start spreading love with pure heart.

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